Jordy the Hedgehog

"I am a hedgehog who is ready for everything!" - Jordy's catchprase

Jordy the Hedgehog is a yellow hedgehog with blue polka-dotted fur. A party animal with a hazy past, he's easy to befriend but difficult to open up.


Jordy is a golden-furred hedgehog. His fur is covered in bright blue polka dots. His muzzle, ears, arms and belly are light tan, while his eyes are a bright blue. He wears white gloves.

As a child, his muzzle, belly, arms and ears were a much brighter color due to his country upbringing, and his more recent city life has led to his tan fading to a peachy-tan hue. His spots, however, have deepened with age, going from a pale cyan to an intense ultramarine.


When Jordy was a child, he was frequently bullied by his older brothers Jack and Jacques, leading to tension between him and his family. However, this strife was cut short by a mysterious 'Dark Dude' arriving and murdering Jordy's parents and siblings, leaving only the young hedgehog alive. Frightened and alone, Jordy left home and is now searching for remnants of his past in the nearby town, while trying to enjoy his new surroundings and friends.


Jordy is a happy, positive person who tries to keep a bright outlook. He is fast-thinking and fast-moving, afraid of slowing down or staying in one place for too long due to his traumatic experience: for this reason, he parties constantly to keep his anxieties at bay. He's friendly and outgoing.


Due to his friendly nature, Jordy has many good friends - but he is not without enemies.

Friends and Allies

  • Slash the Hedgehog: Jordy's best and first friend. Another party animal, Slash cares about Jordy, girls, and having a good time!
  • Nite the Hedgehog: Once Jordy's crush, they are now dating steadily.
  • Crystal the Hedgehog
  • Edger the Hedgehog
  • Haiden the Hedgehog


  • James the Hedgehog: Father, deceased.
  • Sophia the Echidna: Mother, deceased.
  • Jack: Older brother, deceased.
  • Jaques: Older brother, deceased. Jordy's relationship with his brothers was difficult, as they bullied him ceaselessly, but he occasionally still misses them.


Dark Dude

At seven years old, Jordy faced the mysterious figure known only as Dark Dude. Although Jordy evaded the villain's grasp and escaped, Dark Dude implanted a chip beneath Jordy's fur. This chip forces Jordy to transform into his powerful Dark Stripes form when he is angry - a destructive machine with little control over his actions. Ten years later, the chip still works, but Jordy has learned to mostly control his temper to keep his darker side at bay.

Young Joy and Jordy meeting.



Joy is Jordy's adoptive sister, and his only remaining family. They are very close friends, and Jordy feels comfortable enough around Joy to both be emotionally vulnerable or extremely silly. The two often have fun together, sometimes at the worst opportunities!

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