Neo is a cybernetically enhanced Hedgehog.


Neo is a black hedgehog with dark green streaks in his fur, his gloves appear to be made of metal.

You usually can't see any of that however because he is covered in metal armor, aside from his head.




Cybernetics: His cybernectics grant him numerous advantages, enhanced speed, enhanced strength, and most of all durability, not to mention his hands can switch to cannons that can shoot fireballs, plasma beams, radiation bombs. He also has a jetpack disguised as a backpack.


Overdrive: All of Neo's stats are increased tenfold but his appearance doesn't really change.

Supernova: Neo becomes covered in red armor which is as hot as magma... mainly because it is made of magma. His stats are increased 10 times more then his Overdrive form.


Water: He is mostly made from robotic parts, but they aren't waterproof. (The reason why will be told in the backstory when I put that in.)

Energy Supply: Neo has a battery, you know that one REALLY annoying battery that dies right at the good part, so he uses a Chaos Emerald to keep it charged but if he loses his emerald then his battery will only last for about two hours. Even if it does run out, he won't die his mechanical parts will just deactivate basically making him powerless.

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