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Date of birth:July 4th



Good at:Stealth

Bad at:Being a leader

Attire:Blue shirt, white gloves, sliver gray pants, blue shoes

Likes:Hanging out with friends, gems, coconut milk

Dislikes:Being away from friends, kids, bugs, being caught

Team:Team moonlight

Weapons:Two steel daggers

Friends:Sonic and Rogue

Foes:Shadow and Amy

Bio:July was born on the 4th of july where her family left her alone to go to their town's party for the 4th of july, while crawling around confused, July found a jar with some weird pink scent in it that her family had kept, she opened it to smell it, and it changed her energy from normal to psychic, a few years later, she was training with Rogue and Sonic, she later was able to join Team moonlight


Psychic moon:July grabs her foe and flys up into the sky, she then fires 5 balls of psychic energy and then knocks her foe down back to the ground with a punch powered up by psychic energy in her body

Sonic crash:July kicks her foe in the jaw, stunning them, then she clones herself with her psychic powers, and the foe has only 6 seconds to think before July and her clones fire needles made from psychic


July's current rank in team moonlight is a gem hunter, she also guards their base