Kaxol the dwarf Water buffalo

Too lazy to draw o-o

Name: Kaxol

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Species: Tamaraw (Dwarf water buffalo)

Personality: Quiet, Calm, Protective

Family: they were killed (the reason why he's protective)

Ability Type: Power

Powers: can control water(also ice)

Fur Color: Light Brown

Hair Color: Light blue

Attire: White jacket with small blue markings, black shirt, Black gloves, torn blue jeans, Blue and white sneakers, blue goggles

Allignment: Good

Likes: Quiet, Being alone, the color blue, the light

Dislikes: seeing people being killed, tortured, etc., The dark, dark blue

Favorite song: Titanium by David guetta and Sia (also theme song)

Kaxol by Greeny ^^

Facts: his name means blue in Hebrew

Created by: Spikethe Fox