Kennedy the Chaos Tiger


Kennedy looks very similar to Mac, in which he has a Spanish-esque skin tone, bangless hair that droops down on the sides of his head, the build of a tiger, and a monkey-like tail. However, Kennedy's eyes are grey and are separate and not conjoined, the shags on the side of his head point upward, and his tail is more organized, with a slightly fixed posture.

Kennedy likes to wear cyan, fingerless gloves that Scarlet gave him because she thought that they'd make him look "cool." He has rather long black pants which he wears a LOT. He also wears a black, buttoned jacket that has a purple short-sleeve shirt underneath.


Kennedy is basically sane Mackenzie. He thinks things rationally instead of charging head-on. His calmness can turn into aggravation when annoyed, but he keeps his temper under control. At least, he tries. Sometimes he freaks out, but that's only when he's dealing with folks so annoying, he kinda has to.

Anyways, like Mac, he tries to be the best person he can be, almost always giving 100% in what he does. He is also compassionate, and he tries to be nice to pretty much everyone he meets. Even though he's very old, he still addresses strangers with the utmost respect.

Kennedy can take an emotional beating. He will not cry if ten bullies just keep on pounding - he'll simply glance at them and continue with his day. To him, bullies are just fools who make fun of others because they have nothing better to do in their lives.

As he was trapped inside the Master Emerald, he saw just what humanity was like - some people are so scared, scared to defend themselves. Because of this insight, he steps in whenever he sees anyone in trouble - even if they're people he hates. He can be seen as the calm big brother figure for many people.

He thinks that life is an amazing thing, to live freely without limits. He often dreams about thoughts or the future because the concept of living is just so fascinating to him.

Kennedy has one strength that is more than just kindness; common sense. He thinks things through, noticing possible effects, and then he does whatever he is trying to do. This is one of the main differences between him and Mac.

Of course, when there are strengths, there must be weaknesses also. Here are some of them that are very notable.

Kennedy isn't too nice, but he has some trouble letting people down (unless they're Mac, Scarlet, or Schnee, who he'll tell the truth in a second). He has some trouble stopping people from making stupid decisions when he knows that he should stop them, unless it's so dangerous he can't help himself. Because of this, he prefers to go solo on things - he believes that while others are important, at times, they'll just weigh him down.

Kennedy is pretty cocky. Not so high that he's obnoxious, but high enough that he still thinks he's pretty good at things to at least think he's in the Top 10. While this doesn't affect his mindset too much, it can get him into trouble with other people who have this flaw.

He is also very charismatic and influential, able to persuade people to join a cause with good manners. He'll ask anyone if they would like a drink like a butler even if he isn't in a job as one, say "Sir" and "Miss" as seen above, and even sacrifice his own time just to help someone. He believes tat to do good in the world and to make up for past sins, you have to be the best person you can be, for you can either leave a bad mark on the world, or make Mobius remember the tiger who always tried to help.

The reason Kennedy is so set on helping people is not only because he feels bad about his destruction as Konton. When Hikari, the positive Chaos Energy, was used to transform heroes and villains alike into super forms are to teleport them through space-time, Hikari learned more about their character - usually, their heroism. Because of that, Hikari was always wanted his own chance to contribute to helping the world, and because Hikari is a part of Kennedy, it transfers to him. All Kennedy wants is a perfect world, where he feels like he truly made a difference.

When reminded about Konton, however, Kennedy gets pissed off immediately. Like, even mentioning the green terror will cause Kennedy to completely shut down and become a lot more moody. He doesn't like being reminded of the one who got him into so much trouble; even though he's put it behind him, he'll send a gloomy aura if you remind him.

Kennedy, when he has nothing to do, will not be the one to strike up a conversation. If he's bored, the first thought that comes to his mind is to read a book or exercise, not to go hang out with his friends. Due to this, he is easily seen as the second-to-most "quiet one" of the cast, with the only person in front of him being Alexia the Hedgehog.

He is usually very patient with other people, but if annoyed to a large extent... just don't get near him, or else he'll give you the lecture of the decade. However, this doesn't happen a lot because of his willingness to give people a chance to see how stupid they're being.


Konton Chaos

Kennedy... wasn't always Kennedy. Before he was the energy of the Master Emerald in a spiritual/physical form - Konton, the King of Chaos, who was soon going to bring doom to this world.

At least, once he got freed. Inside him, two spirits were battling it out - one of them, Hikari, the positive energy, wanted to keep Konton inside the Master Emerald because he liked Mobius and didn't want it to be kablooied. Roxas, the negative energy, wanted to be set free and destroy this planet. They were both created due to the energy that people used when using any type of Emerald - Hikari, the positive energy, goes to them, while Roxas stayed and grew with every use.

Roxas kept growing, and Hikari stayed in the same spot, allowing Roxas to eventually be able to overpower Hikari. One day... Roxas won. It took millions of years, but he won. Konton was free from his chains, and with Roxas in control, he set out to wreak havoc on the worthless rock of a planet he was on.

Mackenzie and co. (Scarlet, Alexia, Terra, Team Sonic, and Team Dark) found out about Konton as soon as he was on the news. They had to figure out a way to stop him - but how?

Mac, being the hot-headed Bengal he is, decided to charge on through. The others, not wanting him to be killed, followed. But even with their combined efforts, Konton was too powerful. No one could stop him. The planet was doomed-

Wait. Mackenzie fired a blast of his pure life energy at Konton as a last resort, forever changing the King of Chaos. Due to the pure life force energy that was blasted at Konton fusing with him and pushing out some of the negative energy, his form was altered into a clothes-less version of the pic above, and before any comments were made, he passed out.


When he woke up, Aqua and Terra convinced everyone to go to their Wild Wind Village. After an absurd amount of Healing Elemental Rings (credit to Smash from the SFW) were used, Konton was awake. The only thing was... he wasn't Konton.

It turns out, with Tails doing some math, that the life energy Mac put into Konton was just enough to knock one of the energy beings out - and luckily, the being that was out and banished inside the Master Emerald with almost no chance of escaping... was Roxas.

After hearing all of this, Konton, now infused with Mac's energy and Hikari's goodness, decided to take on a new leaf. He apologized for his destruction of the town, embarrassed. He told all of them his story and about Hikari. Mac, the most intent listener of the story, decided to take Konton under his leaf. He named Konton "Kennedy McLeod" (because Mackenzie means "son of Kenneth," which means "handsome," and Kennedy means "ugly head" and McLeod means "ugly") and saw him as someone he could morph into another him.

As Mac was teaching him things about modern culture (not like Hikari knew nothing about the planet), Kennedy started to morph into more than just a "counterpart" or a "copy." He was his own person - not Mackenzie, the jokster electrokinetic, not Konton, the Chaos Menace whose only emotion was destruction, not Hikari, who would have been a boring character, and definitely not Roxas - Kennedy! Kennedy decided that he wanted to change from himself, wanting to do two things - one being making up for his past sins, and the other helping those who couldn't help themselves. Hikari was saddened by all of the people in the world with dark intentions and the will to hurt people, and Kennedy was determined to stop them.

Kennedy went on to be a crime-stopping hero... even if it meant hurting the one person who changed him, Mackenzie Hartley, who was a vigilante/criminal.

A Harsh Punishment - Mac and Luna's Rematch!

When Fate Plays a Game of Volleyball


Cut forward three months. Kennedy has a rep as the town crime-stopper. He hasn't been awarded medals; no, he hasn't been heroic for long enough, and it'll take a year for him to make up for what he did as Konton. He's made some friends; Scarlet, Alexia, Terra - they're all cool with him for the most part. Everything is fine! What could possibly go wrong?

One night, Kennedy was sleeping in Mac's Hartley Mansions. There was a voice calling out to him - telling him to come. Kennedy couldn't get sleep that night, not with that voice in his head. After ten minutes, he was tired of it, and went to the kitchen to get some milk.

That's when he felt his power being revoked, and his soul being pulled away. What was a normal house setting turned into a portal between worlds - or should I say, Zones. After five minutes of being halfway through the portal, he was suddenly sucked into this "void" and spit up into a different Zone - The Prime Zone.

Yes, the one that he lives in wasn't The Prime Zone - instead, it was a branching off of the Prime Zone called the Lamak Zone. It turns out that the voice in his head was the Chaos Force, the multiversal connection to the Chaos Emeralds and such. He told Kennedy that he could take his town-saving reputation to a whole new level - saving different Zones, completely different universes, from certain doom. Kennedy decided to explore the Prime Zone; everything was neat. And then he got a message from the Chaos Force saying that a Zone was in danger; and without Kennedy's output, he was sent flying off again.

Here he was, in a different universe; one where Luna was the supreme being, torturing Kennedy's friends - strange thing was, Kennedy didn't even exist in this Zone. (In fact, he didn't exist in any other Zones Kennedy was devastated by this outcome and decided to take her out - which he did with low difficulty. The Chaos Force explained to him that different Zones had different levels of strength; this one was weak to a pathetic level. Kennedy understood what he had to do, telling the Chaos Force that he understood what they were talking about. An amused Chaos Force granted him the power to travel through Zones, and with that, Kennedy was sent back home.

Kennedy didn't tell anyone else about his newfound power; they'd all want to go with him, which wasn't acceptable. He decided to keep his Zone-traveling abilities a secret, which was made easy, because while he went to different universes, the time in the Lamak Zone was frozen, according to the Chaos Force. With this in mind, Kennedy set out to do good in all the Zones. He just... also had to make sure that he didn't mess any of them up.

An Apocalyptic Attempt

Kennedy was traveling through Zones. He learned how to get through them; the Chaos Force no longer just threw him into one whenever it desired. This convinced Kennedy to take his evil-stopping dreams to a whole 'nother level; he know wouldn't just be saving the Lamak Zone... no, he would try and protect all of them.

He had tried to stop villainy in most of the dimensions; there were some he had yet to visit, such as Medieval Mobius, Light Mobius, and Dark Mobius. He was just about to go enter for an application for the Zone Cops until he got a sharp energy signal from the Chaos Mobius. Wondering what it was, he traveled through barriers to find out.

When he finally reached Chaos Mobius, he was... devastated. So much carnage, so much disaster... he wanted to end all of it. With this mindset in his head, he set out to find the core of this unruly trouble. It didn't take him long to find "The Flame" - however, when he saw the people it was dangering, he set them as his first priority. He teleported anyone he could find (but not Jana's poor partner; he didn't see him) to a shield he created to protect anyone he found. He was disappointed that he couldn't save everyone, but he had done what he could.

When attempting to save Jana-Su, he noticed something. She seemed to be especially depressed - though it didn't take him long to figure out why. The body of Tasma Invone was just near, and it was not active. She seemed to want to fight "The Flame" for its trouble - thus, she was reluctant when Kennedy told her to come with him. She cursed "The Flame" and vowed to take revenge before unwillingly going with Kennedy.

Now that the civilians were safe, Kennedy only had one problem; "The Flame." It turned out there were still some civilians she was planning to kill nearby. Not willing to give up, Kennedy engaged "The Flame" in a grueling battle. After the fight, Kennedy found himself tired, but "The Flame" still has fight in it. Knowing he has fighting a losing battle, he uses an energy bomb as a distraction, and the explosion blocked "The Flame's" sight. When she could see again, Kennedy and the dangered civilians were gone. "The Flame" would've continued its pursuit, but too exhausted from the fight, it decided to lay low.

For a while, this was all Kennedy had done for Chaos Mobius. Not even giving anyone his name, he popped the bubble shield prtecting everyone so that they could find a hideout and left. Though he thought his work was done, this would soon come back to him the next time he came back to Gaia City; including an interaction with Jana-Su after Jana-Su Origins.


Because half of Kennedy is made out of Chaos Energy, he is naturally someone who can manipulate it. Whenever he manifests it, he takes some of it out of his own defense and uses it to battle. However, it is possible to override it - if he uses too much energy, his defense goes down, and either he gets a lot weaker (as seen in The Curse of Day in his battle against Mac) or his defense resembles on of a normal human's. He can recharge by resting or being near a power source, but it would take him about fifteen minutes to regain a quarter of his normal energy output.

Kennedy also has the ability to sense energy n a near-precognitive way. If he sens you trying to put all of your effort into one attack, he's going to know that and put all of his effort into defending. Sensing energy also allows him to teleport - we'll get to that later. However, there are too major flaws to this ability also - one, if his opponent's energy output is too much, he can't sense it, and two, he relies on it far too much. It is very easy to psyche Kennedy out with an attack if you trick his senses.

Kennedy has an ability that naturally comes with Chaos Energy - being able to stop or manipulate time or space. He is able to distort it in several ways - one, he can use it to teleport a maximum of abut three cities far, but doing that leaves him weak (as seen in TCoD), so he prefer to use short bursts of teleportation to confuse his opponent - two, he can use this to control both his own and others' gravity... to an extent, he can control his weight and mass and he can lift people a maximum of two meters off the ground - or three, he can use it for telepathy and being able to speak with someone through their mind. However, all of these use up some of his energy output so he cannot use two in conjunction.

Next, Kennedy can shapeshift... to a very limited extent. He hasn't been in his physical form for too long - as of now, he can only turn his arm into objects, and even then, he only knows how to turn it into one. Still, instead of trying to create many different forms of shapeshifting, Kennedy focuses on this one aspect - he can create his arm into an extendable purple energy blade. However, it is pure energy, and if you are able to overpower it, it will disappear from Kennedy's energy output.

Finally, a flaw/advantage Kennedy has is being able to control, how much energy he releases at once. No matter how much he may look it, Kennedy does not have complete control of his energy output - his "base" form (for simplicity) is only about 50% control. If he lowers his control, then his pupils, aura and attacks become green, and though he becomes a lot stronger (depending on how much energy he has to release in the first place), his defense truly suffers, and if you are able to land a string of attacks on him, you will most likely win. Lowering control is very risky, for another reason - if he allows himself to turn some of his neutral energy into negative Chaos Energy, then he shall have some of his former self, Konton in him, resembling a dark form. This makes Zero Energy Control Kennedy pretty much a completely different person.

But where there is darkness, there is also light - if Kennedy gains more control over his energy output (and it is noticeably more difficult to gain than lose control) than he gains a purple aura and he gets a general stat boost. This is more akin to a super form, even though Kennedy would be stronger if he lost energy.

Then, there is all of this "my existence is chained" crap he has to deal with. If Mac dies and his life force is completely erased, Kennedy dies - at least, the Mac part of him is separated from him and it traps Hikari in the Master Emerald again. However, if someone somehow got to destroy the Chaos Force - That would cause the Hikari side of him to die, trapping the Mac side in Mac's mind. If both happen, he's dead. Like, dead for real. No way of bringing him back. You could also completely obliterate his particles to kill him, but not many people can do that.

Now, here's a counter-strength - Kennedy has a small healing factor. He can shrug off being stabbed in the heart, take ten shots to the brain, and regenerate a lost limb in three minutes, tops. However, as a counter-strength-counter, his healing factor can be overtaxed, causing him to heal much more slowly - or, in lethal cases, not at all.


Kennedy is a decently skilled hunter, and though he isn't the best, it doesn't matter all too much because he isn't an active hunter. Hunting is made easier for him because he has this "energy-sight" where everything he sees is neon green or white and he can see the energy flows in the air. This "energy-sensing" ability allows him to find trails of things. (Because of this, Kennedy can usually retrieve things he lost.)

Kennedy is fairly intelligent more of the time, using his wits to formulate plans and put them into action. He is very adaptable, and he can master things within a relatively short amount of time (for example, if he had three hours each day, he could learn Spanish in three months). However, one thing he lacks is the ability to be encouraging to people who aren't his friends - this is seen in Depths of Dimensions, where when Medusa unleashes an outburst of how morality isn't black and white, Kennedy doesn't know how to console her.


Kennedy, after Mac taught him how to (with multiple faceplams being facepalmed), learned how to ride Extreme Gear. He's pretty good, too - his first races were terrible, but he started getting better, with his highest placing being second - and when he's not second nowadays, he's either fifth, fourth, or third.

Kennedy's reaction speed is crazy fast, being able to react to things very quickly by reading movements. This allows him to have very fast movements, and being able to counter attacks. Energy-sensing also assists with this ability.


Ignite (Sword Art Online)

Represents his relationship with Jana-Su.

Crossing Field (SAO; NateWantsToBattle)

It shows how he feels about his past.

Monochrome Memory (Seth's Theme)

It has a feel to it that represents Kennedy.



Friends and Allies

Nothing as of late, but eventually, Kennedy will meet Sonic and his friends and possibly become friends with them. As of now, though he's heard of them, he has no idea what they're really like.

Foes and Rivals

  • Dr. Eggman & his robots and Kennedy

Kennedy sees Eggman as a foolish threat. Robotizing all the citizens of Mobius isn't something he likes about Robotnik. Everytime the Doctor starts something, Kennedy works his hardest to shut it down. Too bad Eggman never quits... oh well. More beatings from Kennedy for him.


Friends and Allies

When Mac first introduced Ken to the great big world, Kennedy had a feeling Mac was going to try to mold him, so he openly tried to avoid Mac. This would create slight feelings of doubt between the two of them, and as time went on, Kennedy and Mac... didn't get along so great. In the beginning, Kennedy truly wondered if he was nothing but a carbon copy who didn't even deserve to be in the position he was in, and adding Mac onto all of that just made it a whole lot more difficult for him to move past these feelings. However, when Mac was busy confronting Luna, Kennedy could see that he wasn't all jokes and jerkiness - he also cared for people and things he believed him, and Ken had to give him credit for that. After the battle against Luna, the two were able to form a neutral bond.

In The Curse of Day, Mac takes Kennedy on an emotional rollercoaster, especially when he threatens to kill some of Kennedy's teammates, for he knew Mac would really do it if he had wanted to... and even moreso when Mac knocked out Alexia. Kennedy was wondering if that Mac he saw - the one who could actually be a, yet troubled, good person - was fake, but Mac revealed to him that the whole time, he just wanted to make up for his incompetence, and placing Kennedy in a situation he might not have wanted to be in. Kennedy was glad to see Mac had finally strayed away from the murderous sociopath attitude, and though he had unorthodox ways of communicating it, he knew Mac cared about him... and he did the same.

Even currently, the two commonly have their arguments and squabbles, with their conflicting personalities often causing them to fight. But still, the duo has a couple of good amount of happy moments they've shared, and they intend to have more as time goes on.

  • Schnee the Hedgehog

Kennedy likes Schnee's happy and excitable persona, for he knows that Schnee will always bring entertainment into the mix. The two contrast with each other a lot, and though they are both intelligent, they use their intelligence in different ways, which makes them closer, somehow. Schnee also trusts Kennedy enough to reveal her insecurities, such as her being afraid of not being special or if she was just weird, and Kennedy knows that he will try his best to help Schnee and allow her to move past these former feelings of fear.

Kennedy and Alexia go together like bread and butter, for they compliment each other very well. Alexia is a shy child, and honestly, she's a big softie, and Kennedy's protective older sibling-esque nature makes him feel the need to always be there for her. His care for Alexia is reciprocated, for Alexia also puts her own trust in Kennedy, and together, they often make it through their problems together.

These two have a lot of similarities that allow them to get along splendidly - them being mature and disciplined older sibling figures to the group causes them to have a good relationship. They work together well, and Kennedy will often help out with the village, knowing the burden of protecting something that you care about oh-so-much. They also share some hobbies, such as tennis - they actively play together. Kennedy's relationship with Alexia also helps.

When Kennedy had been reverted from Konton, Scarlet practically babysat him, refreshing his knowledge of the world and such. However, Kennedy would eventually become his own person, and he noticed that Scarlet didn't quite know what to make of him. As he truly got to know more about these people, however, he felt like he was able to connect with them more, especially Scarlet. The two are like siblings, showing a lot of care for each other even if they have quite different personas. Nevertheless, Scarlet will always show up when Kennedy needs help, and vice versa.

Kennedy and White can get along together pretty well. Even if they aren't together so much, they still manage to get along. Plus, Kennedy's friendship with Schnee inevitably means that he's going to be seeing White sometimes, and both of them are fine with that.

Tina has the air about her that seems to naturally want Kennedy to show her comfort... but she has to remind him constantly that she's not a kid, and - more importantly - he's not her dad. Despite this disconnection, the two have a pretty good relationship, as they are some of the more calm people of the large group. Kennedy knows Tina wishes everything would be normal, and he tries to show up for when things get strange.

Foes and Rivals

Kennedy truly is disgusted by Luna's behavior. The idea of killing was enough to put him off - one of the qualities about Mac and Scarlet that annoyed him. But when he was just the energy of the Chaos Force, he remembered Shadow, and his journey to defeat Black Doom... and how Black Doom and his species had such disregard for life, even if it was new. This fueled Kennedy to want to defeat Luna even more, and why he was so determined to help Mac stop what he thought was, and pretty much is, a monster.


"Perfection. I like it." -Achieving a S-Rank

"Good enough for me, I suppose." -Achieving an A-Rank

"It's better than nothing, which isn't saying much." -Achieving a B-Rank

"Hmph. I must do better the next time." -Achieving a C-Rank

"This was... not expected of me...." -Achieving a D-Rank

"Bah, this is worthless! How can this be?!" -Achieving an E-Rank

"People who make fun of you are like fire. A small amount you can just put out. If it grows stronger, you need more force. But if it eventually blazes so bright, you can't put it out yourself... that's when your friends, the firefighters, come to help you." -Kennedy's inspirational quote

"I am not a toy to be used. I am not a robot to be programmed. My name is Kennedy McLeod, and if I want to do something, no one will stop me. Especially not you!" -Kennedy responding to Luna asking if he wants to be her servant if she spares his life