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Zion the Hedgehog is a Sonic fan character created and owned by Kevster823. [1] He is classified as character #1 based on the owner's character list.


Zion (previously known as Kevin) was first created in 2007 as "Project X3NO" as a fan character. Kevster823 was in development at the time when he was making him a Sonic-like character but with a different, minor change to him. He was suppose to be an hybrid of a hedgehog and a wolf species, but it was later scrapped. He didn't make his debut until 2009 where he was revealed in Facebook. His first design was a sonic lookalike that had the same fur color but with a black highlight on top of his head. Everything else was similar; same quills, tail, spine, and scuffs as Sonic. His shoes were the same including the buckles on the side and the white strap across the top, but the base of his shoes was black instead of red. He had black and white scuffs on his arms and legs, he had black fingerless gloves, and he had a red shirt and blue pants. He kept that design until Kevster's birthday on August 23rd, 2012, where he went threw a major redesign with his fur being light blue with white detail on the end of his quills, spines, and tail, and white detail on top of his ears, his eyes color were purple, and he had 3 black bangs. He also had new attire by wearing a purple shirt, blue jeans, white and purple shoes, and a spike bracelet. On January 31st 2019, as part of his 10th year anniversary in the community, he went threw a huge change to give him a more "edgy" look. His changes were making his fur color dark turquoise and blue highlight (near the end of his quills only), his top and 2 side quills curve upwards and his middle and 2 of his bottom quills curve downwards, a new attire that removes of his shirts and pants to sport now a sleeveless vest, new shoes and gloves. The only thing he retained from his 2012 to 2018 design was his purple eyes and he species.

Kevster823 revealed Zion the Hedgehog’s new revamped design in June 2nd, 2020. It features him with new bangs, 7 quills including cowlick spikes, and a new attire, while retaining his signature purple eyes and his dark turquoise fur with blue highlights. The owner of the character announced that his revamped backstory is currently in the works and he said that as part of his changed backstory, Kevin will no longer use a sword and a gun as his main weapon of choice. On July 5th 2021, Kevster823 announced that he will be renamed to Zion as a result of a confusion of the character being his personal sona.



Living the normal life and near death situation

Zion was born in Station Square living with his mother Leah and his father Noah (who’s the main villain of his story). His mother is a social worker and she too protective over her son, Zion looks up to her as he wants to be successful just like her. His father Noah is part of a military with an evil and crazy mind as his plan was to conquer Station Square. He sees his father as heartless and not caring about anyone but himself. Zion lived in a normal life as a Mobian by going to school, hanging out with friends, etc. As time moved on with him being in high school, Leah was not in the best of terms with her husband Noah ever with his sick and evil side of him ever since joining the military. His plan was to rule Station Square, and in order to do that, he’ll need to forced Zion to join the military after high school, have a mishap moment that gets him completely injured, use him as an experiment and then use him to get the mission’s done for the military to have the keys to the city. Leah didn’t knew at the time as she was struggling on funds at the time being and she was doing her job as a social worker and making sure nothing bad happens to Zion due to her being over protective of him.

Zion finished high school at age 18 and he was prepared to go to college, until his father Noah forced him to join the military with her mother having no choice but to do so (again she didn’t knew at the time). After a few months since joining the Military, Zion didn’t know what to do in the situation in which it lead him to have depression and feeling homesick as he doesn’t enjoy it whatsoever. During a mission at a local warehouse where they’re researching of the robotic system, the warehouse exploded and Zion wasn’t far from the explosion as he went airborne and landed on the ground hard, resulting him placed into a coma and having multiple of critical injuries such as a left broken arm, internal bleeding, etc. He was placed in the hospital with his mother deciding to spend the funds to keep him alive or he will be permanently dead, but after finding out Noah’s plans to use his son as an experiment, Leah filed a divorce to keep Zion safe to prevent any harm from his father and payed the funds to obtain the custody of her son as she’s now responsible to taking care of him and keep him safe from any danger that occurs until he’s fully 100 percent after a year of rehab.

After Leah’s full custody of Zion, Noah was angry and didn’t know want to do. Valerie the Porcupine, who immediately supports Noah, appears with Death the Hedgehog as she wants to insists in helping Noah rule the city completely, in which Noah accepts it. They made multiple versions of Zion as a robot as their guard/henchmen, an Artificial version of Zion (which was made by Valerie) and Metal Zion (Noah’s main creation) to obey Noah’s orders. They went to complete the tasks that the Military have been working on for a couple years and they successful reach that course. Noah was given the keys to the Station Square. During his procession, he revealed that he was mastermind of explosion of the warehouse a year ago that caused the injuries to his son, leaving millions of citizens shocked. Now being the ruler of the city, he made every city citizen his slaves and had duplicate versions of robot Zion’s as his guards to defend him and prevent anyone from ruining his success. Even tho Noah now rules station square, he still feels that having his son around with him will benefit him a lot more as a ruler. So he sends Mecha Zion and Artificial Zion to invite him to his court.

Road to a full recovery, and an unexpected invitation

Zion, now at age 20 and almost at full recovery, noticed that his father has full control of the city and he was confused on what was happening. Leah told Zion everything about his father and obsession with him ever since Zion was young, she also told him that he was the mastermind of that warehouse explosion and he did that in order to snatch him and make him a robotic figure to follow his orders. Zion was completely shocked and now completely angry as he wants to go to him and gets his rightful revenge, but Leah stopped him as she doesn’t want him to go there since its dangerous and his injuries are fully healed. Metal Zion and Artificial Zion burst into the scene as Zion was shock to his two counterparts look exactly like him and goes into his fighting stances, instead of two robotic figures fighting against him, they gave Zion an invitation to come to Noah’s court to see him, in which he accepts. After Artificial Zion and Metal Zion left the scene, his mother was completely devastated knowing that his son life is completely in danger and begs him to not do it, but Zion stops her and explains to her that she understands her concerns and she loves her for taking care of him, but he doesn’t want to see his so called father taking over a city he was born, and he’s willing to take the risk to stop him and have everything back to normal. Leah understands his son and decides to let him do so telling to be careful and defeat him, with Zion now taking off to his father court.

Zion arrives to his father court at the borderline in Station Square and he sees so many duplicate versions of him guarding the place as he starts to feel something is suspicious and also thinking that his father is way overly obsessed with him. Noah sees his son and welcomes him to his court as he then shows him the place with so many duplicates robot version of Zion and explains how he ruled the city and wanted to build an army of robots to be the next big thing in the world. Noah introduced Valerie and Death to Zion as he knew what was about to happen afterwards. Noah makes a offer for Zion if he wants to join him to reign supreme of his domination in station square, or he’ll act like his mother and suffer for the rest of his life like when he was in a coma. He was surrounded by robots as a way to not escape or he’ll suffer death, the brave hedgehog said he already made his decision and he uses his ice powers to destroy the bots. His father, now disappointed by his actions, retreats to his lab base as Zion was fighting and destroying the robots. Valerie uses his electric powers to show and weaken him before she could finish the job for Noah. As she was about to end him, Zion’s friends and his mother arrived in the scene to defend and back him up as he was recovering from Valerie’s attack, her mother ask him if he sure he wants to avenge himself and her for what his father done, Zion nods and goes to the lab base to chase after Noah, with Leah wishing him to be careful.

A comfort of someone’s lost heart, encountering his father again

As Zion was about to approach to his fathers lab base, he was once again approached by Valerie and now with Death by her side. Zion fights both of the two figures in a two on one battle, he was able shake Valerie off until he looked at Death straight at his eyes and noticed that he was suffering inside as begins to question him with Death saying that is none of his business and feels fine. Death charges at him and the both hedgehog’s fought. Death was immediately beat by Zion as he helped him up with the black devil hedgehog confused on why he helped him, Zion says he knows he’s suffering inside with Death lying to him saying that he’s not hurt deep down, and he was only doing this for greater good. Death began to feel sadden and he accepts his help. Death looked at him saying he was doing this for his daughter Ryann for the right reason with Zion saying being with someone who used and manipulate him was not the answer to his good ways as he says that with the experience he went threw with his mother, he also pointed out that his daughter Ryann wouldn’t not want you to be this way since he’s been going threw alot. As Zion gave Death an option saying if he wants to be free or continue to be Valerie’s puppet, both hedgehog’s were circled by the robots as Valerie ordered Death to kill Zion. Death had a change of heart and he turns on Valerie by fighting off all the robots surrounding him, Zion helped him at the process. Valerie shocked by what Death has done, charges at Death, only Death to counter her by slamming Valerie to the wall. He looks at Zion and thanks him for setting him free and tells him to go fulfill his promise or it’s too late, Zion nod and goes to his father lab.

Zion meets Noah in the lab as he saw Noah with what suppose to be look like the chaos emeralds according to his eyes. Noah tells him that these are the mystic gemstones which they are power gemstones from another dimension that uses god like powers with unlimited energy. Noah uses some of the power to go into his super form called Super Noah. He warns Zion to not fight him as he tosses them stones towards him, he offers one last time for him to join him so they could rule Station Square together, Zion declines his offer and tells him he would rather suffer him for ruining his life.  He uses the stones also to transform to his own form call Super Zion as he stares down at his father. He said to Noah that he longer consider Noah as his father as the father and son hedgehogs start to fight.

The ultimate battle between father and son

Zion uses his ice powers to go for a attack and he manages to get Noah a few times, but he starts to lose fatigue and his father took advantage and starts to hit him with powerful attacks with Zion falling to the ground. Noah starts to trash talk him and making fun of him, his friends and his mother. Zion starts having flashback of his past and the things his father was trying to do to him and begins to get angry as he feels his body start to evolved with rage and insanity as he starts to transform into Bloodlust Zion, a powerful super form he has. His father was stunned to see that his was able to evolved from main form to a powerful form, something that was extremely rare among his family bloodline. He begins to laugh knowing that Zion won’t be able to contain a form like that and starts going for the attack, but Zion’s quickness surprised Noah as Zion’s takes the first hit Noah.


Zion's 2nd design (2012 to 2018)

Zion is a thin anthropomorphic hedgehog with dark turquoise fur that covers most of his body (with Miami Blue highlights on 6 of his quills), peach skin that covers his arms, muzzle and front torso, and purple eyes. He has 7 quills in which 5 of them are curved up and 2 curved down while having 4 cowlick-like spikes that sticks out between his middle and lower quills, he has two spines protruding from his back behind his shoulders, 4 bangs, fang like an actual hedgehog, and a short tail.

Zion’s 2019 3.0 design

For his 3.0 attire he used in 2019, he had a black and blue vest, black fingerless gloves with two blue diamond on the back of each gloves (the right diamond on his right glove is used to choose one of his powers and the left diamond on his left glove is used to detect and test his DNA and blood from the scar he has) and blue bracelet on the wrist area (they are removeable, but he rarely removes them), black sneakers with grey cuffs around the ankles, gray soles with a blue like gem in front and a blue trapezoid core on the back of the shoe, and silver straps across the top of his shoes. The two diamonds on his gloves, the blue bracelet on his wrist area, and the blue core on the back of his shoes glows blue.

His current 3.5 outfit, he wears a new vest that’s grey and white with two white and gold pullover strings, a fingerless gloves that’s charcoal black and white with yellow rings on both of his wrist to be used to absorb energy from it, and a new pair of high-top shoes that are charcoal black, grey, gold, and white.

Powers and abilities

Like Sonic and Shadow, Zion can perform the Spin Attack, a technique where he curls into a concussive ball or cutting disk and directs himself at his targets. With it, Zion can shred or burrow through just about any substance given enough speed and perform moves like the Spin Dash, Homing Attack, and Rolling Combo, though the last one requires the aid of one of his friends who also has the Spin Attack. Even though this move is for offensive and speed enhancement, he'll only use it for timing and a punishment.

Zion has ice powers that came from his mother Leah the Hedgehog and he’s able to use them as projectiles, a defensive tactic, and any form of weapons like an axe, sword, hatchet, etc. He could use them to slide by making a huge trail of ice that could go from point A to point B. He could make that trail of ice up to 2 inches long.

Zion has yellows rings on his wrist that he could absorb energy from it to boost up his speed and power. He could use this in his normal form or while as Super Kevin and Bloodlust Kevin.




Super Zion

Super Kevin

By using all seven Chaos Emeralds, Zion can enter a Super State, transforming him into Super Zion. Easily his most frequent transformation, Super Zion is Zion’s ultimate form. As Super Zion, all of his abilities far surpass his normal ones. He is also able to fly and is nearly invulnerable. Just like Super Sonic, his transformation consumes a lot of energy, but the big difference is he able to maintain it for as long as he wants. When transformed into Super Zion, Zion’s dark turquoise fur turns into a bright cyan color with his golden stripes on his quills, and his peach skin remains the same. Additionally, his purple eyes becomes magenta and his quills turn upward. He also possesses a golden aura that varies in size and can be anything from smooth to flame-like in shape. His aura also sometimes displays either faint sparkles, electrical sparks, and light blue snow flakes to represent his ices powers, additionally he breaths cold air since his entire body is cold.

Bloodlust Zion

Bloodlust Zion

While active as Super Zion, Zion can evolved into his uncontrolled rage state by becoming Bloodlust Zion. It is used when Zion gets angry and uses all of his energy to begin the transformation. As Bloodlust Zion, all of his abilities surpasses his Super Zion form, thus making him 10x's more powerful. Just like Super Zion, he is able to fly at high speed and is nearly invulnerable. He becomes more aggressive and his voices is deepen to a serious tone. Bloodlust Zion’s only weakness is his time of usages as he's able to maintain it for 3 minutes before turning back into Super Zion and he lacks mobility due how much he can control it. When transformed into Bloodlust Zion, Zion’s gold color fur turns into a light purple color and his peach skin turns into a tan. His purple eyes returns from his normal form, but now supports white pupils instead of black and his quills turn upward. He also possesses a bright purple aura that varies in size and can be anything from smooth to flame-like in shape. His aura also sometimes displays either faint sparkles or electrical sparks.


Ireland the Hedgehog

Kevin (aka Zion) with his girlfriend Ireland

"You mean a lot to me, and I’m here to be by your side forever!”

(Zion after accepting Ireland as his girlfriend)

Zion and Ireland first meet in Soleanna when Zion left Station Square to find a new home all over the world. He landed at the port in New City with the Tornado (a plane that was used by Tails in Sonic Adventure 1) when it had mechanical issues. He went to the workshop where Ireland and her older sister Aysia own to ask for help. Ireland goes with Zion at New Port to investigate the plane and said would take weeks to get it repaired, in which resulted Zion to stay in Soleanna once the plane is fix. After the inspection, they went on a friend date going shopping, eating food, etc. They started to develop romantic feelings for each other as they learned about each other, but Ireland was too shy to confess her feelings towards him as she had a fear that he might not be interested in her. Aysia started to notice that her sister was acting weird after her date with Zion. Ireland began to show her jealous side as she thinks her sister was hitting on her, while Aysia was trying to tease Zion to really figure her sister out. Aysia takes Zion out for a walk as Ireland was working on fixing the Tornado. She asks Zion questions as she takes him to north east of Soleanna, one of the questions she asked him is about his feelings towards Ireland. Zion said with all his honesty that he has a huge crush on Ireland when they were on a date the first day he arrived, but he fears (just like Ireland) that she may not be either interested in him or she not into relationships. Aysia hugs him and said that she will everything she can to get her to win his heart.

A week later, Zion’s plane was finished and finally repaired as he’s ready to take off. As soon as Zion was about to leave, Ireland with tears in her eyes, confesses her feelings towards Zion. Zion was shocked and he also revealed his feelings towards Ireland by him kissing her passionately. A surprised Ireland ask him if he wants to be in a love relationship with her, Zionsmiles and agrees to start a love relationship with her and decides to stay at Soleanna as his new home. As of now they’re currently married and living together in Soleanna with 3 kids (Dela, Faye, and Leo) together, while they’ll have two more that are twins on the way. Zion treats Ireland as his queen, and when he goes on an adventure and his wife needs him, he’ll be there for her.

Leah the Hedgehog


Noah the Hedgehog


Aysia the Hedgehog


Valerie The Porcupine


Death the Hedgehog



  • Ireland the Hedgehog (his girlfriend)
  • Aysia the Hedgehog (his girlfriend's sister/sister-in-law)
  • Leah the Hedgehog (his mother)
  • Melissa the Hedgehog (friends/has huge crush on Zion)
  • Angelica the Hedgecat (friends)
  • Andrew the Hedgehog (friends)
  • Suki the Hedgehog (friends)
  • Melody the Dog (sidekick and close sister/has huge crush on Zion secretly)
  • Sasha the Hedgehog (friends/close sister)
  • Cyan the Porcupine (friends)
  • Shino The Wolf (best friends/close brothers)
  • Team Blade



  • Noah the Hedgehog
  • Eggman Empire
    • Dr. Eggman
    • Metal Sonic
    • Badniks
    • Orbot
    • Cubot
  • Valerie's Rulers

Comic and Gaming Appearances

World of Light (Comic Series)

Zion is scheduled to appear in the World of light comic along with other characters, that Kevster823 owns, in order to stop Galeem and his spirit army's to take over the world. It's currently unknown what role he will portrayed in the comic.

Dawn of the Equinox

Zion is scheduled to appear in Dawn of the Equinox (A fan made comic) as a member of Team Blade. He will work alongside Kibo the Wolf and team leader Kennedy the Chaos Tiger in order to save the world from Dr. Eggman and his allies. Before the story takes place, Zion was found unconscious and on the verge of death in a nearly collapsed temple that Aegis, a legendary hero, and her student Kibo were exploring. Aegis brought him home, nursed him back to health, and allowed him to train alongside Kibo.


Zion The Hedgehog's first design, aka the Facebook look according to the owner, received a mixed reaction for the design where people calling it "a nice personality but a lazy design". In DeviantArt, he still received a mixed reaction on his Bio and personality, but his design met with extreme negative reactions and responds by calling him "Sonic recolor", "Carbon Copy Sonic", etc. He received a major redesigned in Aug 2012, his 1.0 and 1.5 facelift design was received positive reception. On January 31st, 2019, as part of his 10th year since his debut into the community, Zion's 2.0 design was revealed and it was praised and received critical acclaim along with his backstory from the community and art websites. He received positive responses from famous sonic artists such AuntyMoira aka PurityTF1, Mistyvns aka GreyBullet by saying “Zion has a great design” & "his best design ever".


"Sometimes I wonder... why does she like me that much?"

(Referencing on why Melissa likes him a ton)


  • Zion is the first OC character and currently the main mascot to the owner Kevster823
    • He also becomes the oldest in terms of creation and debut
  • Zion has many references for his personality, attire, etc.
    • Zion’s hatred for Eggplants resembles of Neptune from Hyperdimenison Neptunia
    • He is voice by Steve Blum, who is well known for voicing Tank Dempsey from Call Of Duty Zombies, Sun Zero from Mortal Kombat, and many more
    • The color of his highlights and attire called “Miami Blue” resembles to a German car manufacturer Porsche, in which is one of the color options for their selective cars
    • Zion’s ice powers and abilities he could do, resembles to Sub Zero from the Mortal Kombat series
    • The yellow rings on his wrist resembles to the Sonic the Hedgehog series where you collect rings.
  • Among Kevster's OCs, Zion is the 1st character to get married and have kids
    • He currently has 6 kids, 6 from his current girlfriend and wife Ireland.
  • On the 1st teaser image on Kevster's twitter, he mention his first design the "Facebook Era" look
    • This is most likely due to starting his career a year later by joining DeviantArt and FurAffinty
  • Zion's nickname Project X3NO was name during the time where he was created back in 2007.
  • According to Kevster823, Zion’s creation was mainly inspired from Purity the Hedgehog and Venus The Hedgehog.
  • Zion is the only character to have a different eye color in his Super Transformation
  • Some of the fan arts of Kevin 3.0 design shows him with 5 bangs instead of 6
    • This most likely due to Artist are used to draw OC's with 5 bangs
    • Kevster823 confirms that Zion has 6 bangs due to the rarity of OC's having more that 5 bangs.
    • As of now with his 3.5 design, he now has 4 bangs instead of 6
  • Zion is the only character that had a name change.
    • His previous name was Kevin