Kiara is the fun-loving Mobian lion and mechanic of Team Courage. She has had a crush on Leon for as long as she can remember, and she knows that Leon feels the same (Because he confessed it).

About Kiara

Name: Kiara

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Species: Mobian/Lion

Alingment: Good

Ability type: Speed

Main enemy: Tasha the Lion (Older sister)


Kiara, never actually having a mother (Because she died shortly after her birth) was looked after by her father. When he left to go to war (When Kiara was 9), Tasha, her older sister looked after her (Although Tasha was only 13). Kiara believed that Tasha would be by her side. Although when she turned 13, Tasha abandoned her in the night - and Kiara believed that she had gone off with someone else. Kiara was livid because they vowed to stay at eachothers side.

Meeting the Team

While Kiara was walking around, rejected by the entire world, she discovered a tatted old 4 seated spaceship saying "Team Courage" on the side. She decided to get out her trusty tools and fixed it up - before giving it a bit of a clean and added a faster engine. She was discovered by Dark. Kiara being afraid, she ran but Dark caught up with her - he said that he liked what she did with the plane and invited her to join the team. That was when she met Leon. Leon was the first to fall in love, and Kiara shortly after. He confessed his love before his death (They didn't see eachother until he was bought back to life.