Nick Names:Kim,Kimi,KoKo(all names were made by red)

Full Name: KimiKo Myashi(My-oshi) is how its pronounced


Love Interest:Red the hedgehog

Likes:Skateboading,texting, going on mission with red, being a complete pest to get red to buy her things.....

Family:Diana the hedgehog(mother)

Powers:Lighting and a tai chi(hand to hand combat)

Favorites Activities:Hanging with Red


Kimiko met Red during a walk in the forest, he zoomed past running from one of eggmans robots starled kimiko stared at the gigantic bot, red: who noticed her about to be trampled dashed back and carried her safely to a to the underground entrence to the knothole village: home of the the freedom fighters. There she met sonic,sally,surge,burst, and the others...As she progressed from a regular helper she was moved up to a leader, and whenever she was assigned a missin she requested red to help.He did help and from time to time he would reject her and go on a date with honey.She devolped a crush on him and uses her charm to get thing out of red...Red doesn't mind and actually might feel the same way, but becuase of honey he can't. Kimiko notices the way he lookes at her from time to time and knows that he does like because they almost shared a kiss once...