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Lapis the Cat
First appearance End of All
Appearances End of All
Biographical Overview
Name Lapis Grant
Age 17
Birthday October 12
Birthplace Duchy of Carinthia, Cyrene Confederation
Physical description
Species Cat
Gender Female
Height 3'3
Weight 64 lbs.
Fur/feather/scale colour Reddish-brown
Eye colour Blue
Attire Academy uniform, accessories, and her glasses.
Alignment and character traits
Alignment Good
Favourite food Strawberry Milkshake
Likes Milkshakes, her home, studying, sparring, showing off, taking walks, and smut.
Relatives Arminger the Cat (father)

Luna the Cat

Friends Truth, Gemini, Soul, among others as well.
Neutral N/A
Enemies Wrath the Wolf
Skills and powers Blade Stances

"It seems that Archduke Bavar thinks highly of your group and so he wishes for me to join your group. If you would allow me to do so, I promise to do my best. Oh, forgive me. My name is Lapis Grant, a pleasure!"

Lapis the Cat is a 17 year old girl who is enrolled in the Goslar Military Academy in the hopes of becoming a renowned hero in Cyrene. She joined Truth's group to defeat Wrath and to stop the flooding of demons into the world. She and Truth would eventually develop feelings for each other.

Concept and Creation

Lapis was created on October 10, 2016 because SuperKamiEspeon felt that he was lacking in female Sonic Fan Characters although that was true because he only has 2. Why am I typing in the third-person? So, I decided to make a character who has tough, arrogant, but with a kind heart. I pulled inspiration from Queen and Rem from Final Fantasy Type -0. Her glasses came from Queen while her clothes where somewhat inspired from Rem's cadet outfit.

For her personality, I really didn't base it off anyone. I just went with a slightly arrogant, geeky kind of character who can be kind with close friends. I really wanted to express her passion for academic success because that's what I'm striving for. Plus, it doesn't hurt to have a character whose academic level is known.



Lapis is an intelligent girl that is a stickler for the rules. Due to her goal of becoming the best within the academy, Lapis spends a lot of time studying and becomes a nervous wreck if she were to slightly bend rules of any kind. She is also very competetive and confident in her abilities as she believes that her dedication to becoming the best will always pay off. Despite this, she enjoys being in the company of others and wishes to make new friends when the opportunity arises.

A little known thing when it comes to Lapis is that she can be quite the degenerate. She hides numerous books depicting romance between a pair of men and often finds herself fantasizing about certain scenarios. Lapis does her best to not let this secret out.


Lapis is a reddish-brown feline who stands at 3'3 and has purple hair. The young cat has blue eyes and the tip of her tail is also blue. She is often seen wearing the female Ace Academy uniform which consists of a black top with red and yellow. A white shirt with short sleeves, a black bow, black gloves, a plaid skirt(which is red and black), white thigh high socks, and black shoes. Lapis adorns her uniform with two gray belts, non-prescription glasses, and lastly a big blue bow for her hair.

Powers and Abilities

Lapis is skilled in using light, one-handed swords and has studied four stances that have their own benefits and weaknesses. She can switch between the stances depending on the situation and is able to quickly develop a fighting strategy even under pressure.

  • Equilibrium: This stance has average strength speed, and defense. It is meant to be a balance of the other stances as it has no clear weaknesses, but also no overwhelming strengths.
  • Rush: A stance that primarily focuses on attacking quickly and being able easily dodge attacks. While she may attack quickly, those attacks are weaker than normal and her ability to take hits isn't as good.
  • Sentinel: This stance is mainly used for defense. Attacks are slower and dodging isn't very reliable, but Lapis is able to block strong attacks.
  • Warrior: The Warrior stance is all about offense. Attacks become significantly stronger while her movement is a little slower but not as much as in sentinel. Also attacks easily stagger foes.


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