Leila is the little sister of Princess Cleocactra, Niovah, and King Comet. She is a lot younger then her siblings, being 5. Her idol is Espio The Chameleon, ever since he saved her life. Leila has also shown to have a friendship with Carly the Cat in Sonic Riders: Space Travel (A fan-fiction) along with Annie the Rabbit in Team Carly (Named after Carly, as she is the oldest in the team). She hasn't fully developed her fire powers, and can only burn people. She has shown to be very encouraging and fast.

Name: Leila
Speices: Hedgehog

Age: 5

Gender: Female

Alingment: Good

Ability type: Spped

Theme:[ Raining Sunshine by Miranda Cosgrove (Shared with Team Marine) ]

First appearence: Sonic Super Heroes

Other appereances:

Sonic Riders: Space Travel

Sonic Super Heroes

Sonic Snow Blast

Sonic's Sport Resort.

Team Chaotix's Adventures.

Appearences (Media):

(Note: All the games and Medias are completely fictional)