Liam Monteiro is the adoptional son of Dave and Zooey Monteiro. He is an 8 year old Mobian fox.


Liam was born in Station Square as the only child of two unnamed foxes. When he was five, Liam saw his parents being murdered in front of him by Joe Chill (The same guy who killed Batman's parents.), and was sent to an orphanage. After spending 3 years at the orphanage, Liam was adopted by Dave and Zooey Monteiro, who were looking to adopt a child because Zooey couldn't have any more children after giving birth to their son Benjamin. Benjamin, or Blade, as he called himself, was deeply depressed because of the Future Freedom Fighters rejecting him and vowed to get revenge on the member who caused the rejection. Liam reluctantly agreed to help Blade and the two traveled to 3236 to carry out the plan, but failed. Liam, along with a friendly bartender then managed to motivate Blade to try a different way of becoming a hero. At the end of Liam and Blade: Superstar Saga, Liam settled in 2016 with his big brother Blade. They currently work as Heroes for Hire.

Powers and abilities

Psychokinesis - Liam uses this power to find out things about his enemies and exploit these weaknesses. He also uses it to uncover an enemy's location, making them easier to find.


Liam is quite the opposite of Blade, because Liam is nervous, shy and quiet, although he doesn't appear to be in RP's. Liam is also reluctant when accepting a dangerous mission, afraid something bad might happen to him. Despite this, he can often gather up courage to help out his friends and family. Liam is also fun loving, as he enjoys playing at playgrounds and in ball pits.


  1. Liam is interested in politics, and would like to be a politician one day.


Liam Monteiro

Liam's Hero for Hire outfit