Life at Mobius Arts.


Burst the Fox:Owner,Hannah and Blake's dad.


Cafe Workers:

Flora:Head of kitchen.

Nathan :Register guy.

Harvey :Chef.

Jennette :Chef.

Melissa:Dish Washer.


Guidance Counsler:Marcus the Echidna,Guidance Counsler for kids:Dash the Echidna-Hog.


Melody Poprock:Singing and Dancing Instructor.

Cassa:Art Instructor.

Alara:Acting Instructor.

Rosalia the Ferret:Make-Up and Clothing Design Instructor.

Substitute Instructor:Surge the Lion.

Ruby "crimson" prower :Tech Work Instructor.

and,Charlotte:Poetry through the Stars Instructor




Lauren the Bat












Janelle .














Gerald the Gerbil.

Benjamin the Gerbil.














Extra Classes Students:









Guest Stars:

Felicia the Bat,Sonic the Hedgehog,Amy Rose,Tallie the Cat,Nevada the Hedgehog. Red the hedgehog

The Show.

Season 1.Theme Song of the Show:Work of Art by Demi Lovato..

Season 1.

Episode 1:The Fun Starts.

We start with Hannah and Blake arriving at Mobius Arts.They got out of the cab and stared."Whoa,this is it?"Blake asked."Looks like it."Hannah replied.

They continued staring,they couldn't believe their dad owned this school.They walked in and were instantly surrounded by the other students.:Hi,i'm Felvin."A bat told them."Hi,we're."Hannah started."We know,i'm Racquett."A fox told them.

Then they saw a hedgehog across the hall."Whose that?"Blake asked."Oh,that's Debby."A fox said."She's kind of the queen bee,by the way,i'm Radar."The fox answered.

"Hi."Hannah said."And they are Kalin,Cari,Josh,and,Lizzie."Felvin told Hannah and Blake pointing to a dog,a fox,another fox,and,a hedgehog."Well,it's nice to meet you,but we have to go."Hannah told them.She and Blake left.Then the bell rang.

We switch to Hannah's POV.I walked into my Photography Practice Class.I saw a lot of people,but who really caught my eyes was a Ice colored hedgehog.I sat in my seat.The hedgehog came over."Oh hi,have we met before?"I asked him.

"Yeah,3 years ago."He answered.I had a flashback.I was on the balcony on my family's mansion."Great,I just learned that me and Blake have a vampire for a dad,it's bad enough mom didn't tell me."I told myself.Then I heard someone coming toward me.

"Who's there?"I asked pulling out my jewel."Calm down."A hedgehog told me."Who are you?"I asked."I'm Cold."He answered.Just then I came to my senses."Cold?"I asked."Yeah."He replied.

Just then our teacher:Cassa came in."Ok,for our 1st lesson is a 2-person photography project,you must pick a partner and take pictures,whichever team does the best gets to blow off their next class with me.

"Cassa told us.Almost instantly Cold rushed over to me."Would you like to."I started."Sure."He said."Great,I have my camera."I told him.Then an echidna girl walked over to us.

"Smile."She told us.She took a picture of me and Cold."Perfect our class couple."She said."Wait,what?"I asked.She left."That girl."Cold said.Then the bell rang.I headed to my Choir Class.

When I walked in I saw Cold,Cari,Josh,Lizzie,a red hedgehog,and,my friend Tom."Hannah?"Tom asked me."Oh hi,Cold can I talk you?"I asked Cold."What?"He asked.

"Listen about that class couple thing."I started."Don't worry about it."He replied.Then the red hedgehog appeared."Hi,i'm Flame."He told me.Then the bell rang and we took our seats and our teacher,Melody came in.

Now we switch to Lizzie's POV.I leaned to talk to Tom."We should take this rumor about Hannah and Cold being a couple to the next level."I told him."No thanks."Tom said."Fine,i'll stay out of it."I lied.After class the bell rang.

Now we switch to Cold's POV.I headed to my Play and Movies Class.When I walked in,I saw Radar,Emily,Alex,Jules,Flame,Hannah,Blake,and,Debby.

"How weird is that we got the same class 3 times in a row?"Hannah asked me."Yeah,it's like one of us found the others schedule and signed up for their classes."I said.Hannah's brow raised."Never mind."I replied.Then Alara came in.

We switch to Debby's POV."Look at miss perfect,thinking she's popular just because her dad owns this place."Debby thought."Hey pay attention."Jules told me.

We're gonna switch and stay on Hannah's POV for the rest of the episode.After class I went to my Sequins,Buttons,Chains,and,Lace class.I saw Cold,Flame,and,a young girl fox."Hi,Hannah i'm Zoe."The girl told me.

"So,I hear we have one of my favorite teachers this year."Flame told me.Then she walked in,Rosalia."Ok,take your seats."Rosalia told us.We took our seats."Ok,your first assignment is to pick an outfit to design but it has to have either,Sequins,Buttons,Chains,and,Lace."Rosalia told us.

After I looked around,I chose a skirt and a nice chain.After class,I walked up to Cold."Hey."He told me.I leaned toward him."What are you doing?"He asked me.I kissed him."Stop,I need some time to think."Cold told me.He ran off.I headed to lunch.

After eating,I went to my last class,Improv Acting.I ran into Kalin spilling coffee on him."I'm so sorry."I told him.I started rubbing Then Debby walked in."Dude,stop."She told me."I'm sorry."I said.I sat in my chair."I saw you flirting with Kalin."A girl fox told me."I wasn't I."I started."I know,i'm Tina."She replied

.Then Alara arrived,"Ok,we're going to begin this semester with alphabet improv,Hannah choose your 3 actors."Alara told us."I choose Debby,Kalin,and,Cold."I said."Ok now we need a setting."Alara said."The beach."Tina said.

"Now,for our letter to start with."Alara said."W."Flame told her."Now,begin."Alara said."What a great beach."I said."X-Ray."Kalin said."Cool."Cold said."Sit down."Alara told Cold.Cold sat down."Yikes,cold water."Debby said."Zebra,there's a zebra in the water."I screamed.

"Actually,it's a Spanish zebra."Kalin pointed out."Bushy."Debby said."Cucumbers are tasty."I replied."Don't drink the water."Kalin laughed."Easy."Debby told him.

"Forest cake is good."I said."Gypsy cookies."Debby told Kalin."Hula time."I said."Just shut up."Debby yelled.

"Go sit down."Alara told Debby.Debby sat down angry."Igloo's are cool."I told Kalin."Jello."He replied."Kiss me."I said.Debby's chair gave away."Let's."Kalin told me.We kissed."Man,I love this school."I said.The bell rang and I went to my dorm and went to sleep.

Episode 2:We're Going to the Mall.

We start with Lizzie's POV.I got up.I was excited since last week,we found out about the play we're gonna do at the end of the semester.I walked to the cafe.When I got to the register."Ok,one weekend special."The register guy,Nathan told me.After I ate my food,I decided to head to the Acting Classroom.There was Cold,Josh,Tom,Kalin,and,Cari."Hey guys."I told them."So any news?"Kalin asked."Well."Tom started.

We switch to Tom's POV."Well,I'm going to be out of school to film a movie."I told them.Then Hannah walked in.Hannah stared at Cold."Anyway,tell us about the movie."Cold said."It's about a girl who goes to a music summer camp,the best part is the whole cast plays movie versions of themselves."I explained.

Now we switch to Cold's POV."We need to get to the mall to score tickets for the Jane Maine concert next week."I told the others."Well,my dad's said we can borrow the plane."Hannah told us.On the way to the mall.Hannah and Drew went to the back of the plane.

Now we switch to Drew's POV."Ok,about writing a song for your brother's birthday,tell me somethings you like about him."I told Hannah."He's crazy,but I love him."Hannah replied."Have you told him lately?"I asked her."No."Hannah replied."Let's see what we got so far."I said.I grabbed my keyboard and played it."You might be crazy,have I told you lately that I love you."I sung."Wow."Hannah said."Attention we'll be arriving at the mall in 10 minutes."The captain said.10 minutes later.

Now we switch to Cari's POV.I was walking through the mall,still wondering why I go to Mobius Arts when I ran into a girl."Oh,i'm so sorry."The girl said.I didn't say anything.Then Josh walked up to us.He looked at the girl."Felicia."He said."Josh?"Felicia asked.They talked.I stared at Felicia jealous."

Before we go any farther with this,let's check in on Cold and Tom,we'll be switching to Cold's POV."So,I hear you like a certain girl."Tom told me teasing."No."I replied."Admit it."Tom told me."Drop it,or you'll be frozen."I said."No."Tom said."So,are you gonna ask her out?"Tom asked me."If I do will you shut it?"I asked him."I might consider it."Tom replied.

We go to normal POV.Later a stage was built and Hannah,Lizzie,and,Felicia walked on-stage."Here's a song for Blake."Hannah said.Drew pressed a button on his keyboard.Music played."I don't wanna make a scene,I don't wanna let you down.Trying to do my own thing,and i'm starting to figure it out.That it's all right keep it together where ever we go.And it's alright oh well whatever.Everybody needs to know.You might be crazy.Have I told you lately.That I love you.Your the only reason that I'm not afraid to fly."Hannah sung."While she was singing,Cold stared."And it's crazy.

That someone could change me.Now no matter what it is I have I do.I'm not afraid to try.And you need to know that your the reason,why.I don't even care when they say your a little.Bit off.Look them in the eye I'd say I could never get enough.Cuz it's alright keep it together where ever we go.And it's alright oh well whatever.Everybody needs to know.You might be crazy.Have I told you lately.That I love you.Your the only reason that i'm not afraid to fly.And it's crazy.That someone could change me.

Now no matter what it is I have to do.I'm not afraid to try.And you need to know that your the reason,why.If it was raining you would yell at the sun.Pick up the pieces when the damage is done.You say it's just another day in the shade.Look at what a mess we made.You might be crazy.Have I told you lately.That I love you.Your the only reason that I'm not afraid to fly.And it's crazy.

That someone could change me.Now no matter what I it is have to do.I'm not afraid to try.You might be crazy.Have I told you lately.That I love you.Your the reason that I'm not afraid to fly.And it's crazy.That someone could change me.Now no matter what it is I have do.I'm not afraid to try.And you need to know that your the reason whyyyy."Hannah sung.The entire mall cheered.Lizzie and Felicia got off-stage.Cold ran over to Hannah.

Now we switch to Hannah's POV."You were great."Cold told me."Thanks."I replied.Cold leaned forward.I thought this was the moment.I was wrong,"Close your eyes."Cold told me.I closed my eyes and I felt something around my neck.I opened my eyes.There was a necklace."Go ahead and read it."Cold said."Your the girl that make me jamma,I love you my Hannah."I read out loud.The others went awe."How about that date?"Cold asked."Next week."I answered.

Now we switch to Tom's POV."Bout time."I thought.

Now we switch to normal POV.They enjoyed the rest of their day and went home.As soon as they got there."Hey,how was the mall?"Kalin asked."Great,me and Cold have a date for next week."Hannah replied.Happy,they all went to bed.

Episode 3:An Unusual Day.

We start with Hannah picking out her outfit for the Jane Maine concert.but not just any outfit.She's really Jane Maine.She was just finishing Cold walked in,he saw Hannah's Jane clothes.

We start with Cold's POV."Why do you have Jane Maine's clothes?"I asked Hannah."Well,um."Hannah started to say before I cut her off."You stole Jane's clothes,we're over."I told her.When I started to walk away,Hannah grabbed me."Listen,i'll tell you a secret."Hannah said.Hannah leaned over to my ear."I'm Jane Maine."She whispered."Yeah right."I said."No really."Hannah told me.She put on her wig.Just then Lizzie,Debby,Kalin,Radar,and,Natasha walked in."Oh my it's Jane Maine!"Natasha screamed.

Now we switch to Hannah's POV.I looked at Cold clearly asking if he believed me and if I could trust the others.He nodded.I took off my wig.The others stared."Yes,i'm Jane Maine."I said.Everybody but Cold,Debby,and,Kalin started laughing."Yeah right,your Jane Maine."Lizzie laughed."It's true,i'll prove it."I said mad."When did Jane's first song:Dance hit number 1 on the charts exactly?:Radar asked me."March 20th at 10:29 Am,it was a rainy Sunday.I answered.

"Right."Radar said."What song of Jane's was chosen for the Mobian Awards?"Natasha asked me."Pizza."I answered."Right again."Natasha said.."Ok,sing the first 7 words of Jane's song:Wishes aren't Dreams exactly the way Jane sang it."Lizzie told me."Wishes aren't Dreams,cause they come true."I sang."Right."Lizzie said.

"How long was Jane's song:Fever on the charts?"Debby asked."12 weeks."I said."Correct."Debby said."Ok,Jane was caught tackling a reporter outside of a store,what was the title?"Kalin asked."Jane's Rain Stays Mainly on the Fame.."I answered."Right."Kalin said."And,I did not tackle that guy,I slipped and fell on him."I added."Ok,final question,what did Jane wear when she won the award for youngest singer with a hit song?"Cold asked.

"Cold."I said."Sorry."He replied."The answer is a pink and orange dress,3.5 carat earrings,a silver bracelet,and,3 inch orange heels and a mid-western style ponytail."I answered giving them why too much info."Right,she is Jane Maine."Debby said."Told ya."I said.Then dad and Blake came in."Hey,I see you told them."Dad said."Yeah."I replied."They can't tell anyone."Blake said."We won't."The others said.Then Dad and Blake left.

Now we switch to Natasha'a POV.The next day I went to my Scenery Painting Class,we're working on the sets for the play at the end of the semester."Ok,we need 3 castle sets,4 town sets.2 shop sets,and,3 forest sets."Cassa told us."Well,our play is going to rock no matter what."I told her."Yeah,so chill-ax."Josh added.The bell rang.

Now we switch to Radar's POV.I went to my Plays and Movies class,there was Debby,Hannah,Blake,Emily,Alex,Jules,Cold,Flame,Shiba,Ziren,and,a guy I never met before."I'm Xmal."The guy said.

Now we switch to Blake's POV."So,last week,a karaoke club,called Karaoke Pokey opened,they have Karaoke competitions."I told the others."Yeah,me and Shiba are going to sing a song in a couple weeks."Emily told us."I'm picking the song."Shiba added."Shiba's picking the song."Emily said excited."Well,i'm going to spend the week with my dad."I said."Oh,you mean your vampire dad?"Alex asked me."You have a vampire for a dad?"Xmal asked me."Why?"I asked."Well,that means your half-vampire."He replied."So?"I asked."I am too."Xmal said."Really,looks like the weirdo train has taken off."Jules said.

"What?"Xmal asked holding a Key-blade."Woah,so he can use one too."I thought.As if reading my mind,my Key-blade appeared.Everyone looked at me.I quickly tried to hide my Key-blade."Blake,you too?"Xmal asked."Yes,but it's not a big deal."I replied.We put away our Key-blades.Then Alara came in."Ok,now we're going to be watching a movie humans on Planet Earth love,it's so popular there,it has 2 versions and a play."Alara told us."What movie?"Flame asked her."Hairspray."She answered.After class.

Now we switch to Flame's POV.I walked to my Sequins,Buttons,Chains,and,Lace class.I saw Ripe,Hannah,Cari,Josh,Carl,Cold,and,Zoe."Hey guys."I told them."Hey."They said back.Then Rosalia came in."You all did great,but I have some comments."Rosalia told us."Ripe,your shirt with Buttons was creative,but there was too many buttons,and,Carly."Rosalia said.Carl stared at her."Ok,Carl,your Boots with Sequins was amazing,but try to keep a better pattern."Rosalia told Carl. The bell rang.

Now we switch to Cari's POV.I walked to my Painting Class.I only saw Ripe there,because we are the only ones who signed up.I took a seat and opened my notebook slightly.I stared at my picture of Josh.Yes,I have a crush on him,shhh don't tell anyone,please.Anyway,Cassa came in.

"Ok,since only you 2 are signed up for this period,your assignment is to create a sculpture of someone."Cassa told me and Ripe."Also,you get to skip this class to find the subject of your sculpture."Cassa added.I left to find,you guessed it:Josh.I found him at his Scenery Painting Class with Surge since Cassa was busy with me and Ripe.

"Hey,what's up?"Josh asked me.I leaned in his ear."Will you be my model for a sculpture?"I asked him."Sure."He replied.Then he noticed my notebook open.His eyes took a quick glance at it.I closed the book."Why didn't you say something?"Josh asked.I took a piece of paper,wrote on it,and gave it to him.He read it."I didn't want you to know,because i'm not sure how you feel about me."He read.He put the paper away,and grabbed a piece of paper and held it up.It said I feel the same way about you.I smiled a little and we got to work.Half an hour later,the bell rang.

Now we switch to Carl's POV.I left lunch and went to my dorm for free period.I saw Racquett outside.I closed my curtains and sat down.After 10 minutes,I got my work done.I left and went to find Oscar.While my boy-friend:Kix is off shooting a movie,we decided to keep our relationship to "Just Friends".So,I kinda have a crush on Oscar.I found him with his Chao:Bug near the library."Hey."He told me."Hi."I said nervous.

"So how's classes?"I asked him."Well,in my Improv Acting class,the class is working on applying different emotions to a scene,and,i'm working on knitting a sweater in my Sewing and Knitting class."Oscar answered before I cut him off."Would you like to go out with me?"I asked him."Sure."He answered.We left.

Finally we switch to Lauren's POV.I left my Improv Acting class and went to the dorm,Hannah and Nicole were there."So,I hear the concert is going to be great."I told them."Yeah,by the way Hannah are you going?"Nicole asked Hannah."No,i'm too busy."Hannah answered.We talked until it was time for the concert,me and Nicole left.

Episode 4:The Jane Maine Concert.

We begin where episode 3 left off.Lauren and Nicole left for the Jane Maine concert.We begin with Hannah arriving at her concert.

And we start with Hannah's POV.I made my way down the hall.When I arrived at my dressing room.My new sidekick to help me with my 2nd life:Radar was there with my dad,Blake,and,my new publicist:Lizzie."Ok,now your 6 songs to sing:Super-girl,Old Blue Jeans,Who Said,I'm Still Good,Nobody's Perfect,and,Bigger than Us are in order that you sing them tonight."Dad told me.

I got out my outfit with Radar's help and went on-stage.After the concert,I left with the others after I slipped in with the others to make sure no-one noticed I was missing.We went to the mall.As we were sitting down,I noticed Josh and Cari holding hands.

We switch to Josh's POV.I sat down Everybody was staring at me and Cari."What?"I asked."Nothing."They answered.After we finished with the mall,we went back to school where we saw a familiar blue hedgehog."Uncle Sonic!"Hannah and Blake yelled together running toward Sonic."Oh,hey where's Burst?"Sonic asked after he hugged them."Right here."Hannah and Blake's dad said.

They talked for awhile,then Sonic left.We walked to the break room."So,that concert was great,i'm just disappointed that Jane didn't sing Pizza,that's my fav."Oscar said.Hannah,Cold,Blake,Lizzie,Debby,Kalin,Radar,and,Natasha giggled for some reason."What's so funny?"Drew asked."Nothing."They said together.

Now we switch to Kalin's POV.After we finished giggling,they turned their attention to the T.V. and they saw my favorite show:Wizards of Waverly Place.After watching T.V.,we decided to study.I got out the homework for my Improv Acting class.2 hours later."Ok,so we're done."I told the others.

"Talk about hard."Hannah told us."What was with the question about Alphabet Improv?"Debby asked."I know,how is Alphabet Improv different than Regular Improv."Radar added."Well,at least we can relax."Cold pointed out."Anyway,I hear next week we get a new student."Oscar said.

Now we switch to Radar's POV."Yeah,wonder who?"I replied.The others shrugged."Well,we need to go to bed,tomorrow's school."Natasha reminded us."Ok,good-night."We told each other.We went to bed.

Episode 5:The Strange New Girl.

We introduce a new character:Lantis the Fox in this episode.

We start we Lantis's POV.As I got out of the cab, I looked up at the tall building."So this is it, " I said, "Mobius Arts for Talented Mobains... At least I won't find any geeks here!"I went to the door to see a group waiting for me."Hi," Said a blue fox in a dark grey jacket, "you must be Lantis, the new girl. I'm Racquett. These are my friends, Radar and Felvin." He continued"Hi!" Said the two.Under my breath, I said, "I should have been prepared for this..." I looked down, then up and began to talk.

"My name is Lanits blah blah blah Im 9 blah blah I am here because I am Talented. There, got that over with". I walked passed the trio, who now had a confused look on their face. I went up to the register guy. His name was Nathan."Hello, you must be Lantis. I'm Nathan. Here's your schedule." He said as he handed me a piece of paper. I read out the first class, "Singing practice with Melody Poprock, I guess I have to meet more people... sigh" I said. I walked down the hallway, looking around.

We switch to Cari's POV.I looked up and saw a strange girl I hadn't seen before. I slowly started to follow her. She turned around and I stepped back a bit. "Umm.. Hi.. there... I'm um... Lantis" Said the girl. I clutched my doll close to my chest. "Sooo.. Umm. Whats your name?" She said. I said nothing but stared at her. She started to walk away. I just stood there, then Josh came other. "Hi Cari, is something up." I looked down, and said under my breath, "The new girl, Lantis, she's... just strange."I told him."Just ignore her, after all. You have me." Josh said. He walked away and I started to follow him.

We switch to Zoe's POV.As I walked down the hallway. I saw her. The new girl that everyone was talking about. I walked up to her, speeding up in my pace. I started to get shy and nervous and found myself walking past her. I thought about what the people said. Out loud, I said, "What a weirdo!" Then Cari and Josh looked at me, then walked off. That was a strange experience for me!

We switch to Lantis's POV.Finally, I am at class. I must be early as all I saw was my teacher, Melody Poprock. "Why hello! You must be Lantis, the new girl. I am Melody Poprock." "Hey Melody" I said. She suddenly gave me a look, slightly stern. "I mean.. Good Morning, Mrs Poprock" I said with a bored expression. I looked out of the door window, and saw two people. I snuck out and bumped into them. "Oh sorry," said the hedgehog as I looked up. "Do we know you?" Asked the fox. "no".Under my breath, I said, "Here we go again." "I'm Lantis blah blah blah Im here because im talented blah blah. Glad I got that over with." I said. "Well... I'm Cold and this is Hannah" Said the hedgehog. I walked back into class as if nothing had happened. The rest of the students were there.

We switch to Zoe's POV.As the new girl came next to me, I decided to me nice and mature - as she is probably like that. "Now everyone," said Melody or as I call her, Mrs. Poprock, "today we have a new student, Lantis. Who has already given me a bad look once." Everyone stared at us, I looked away. "Lantis, would you like to start singing a song?" She asked."Nah, get someone else to, ain't bothered." Said Lantis with a bored expression. Which, as far as I know, is the 2nd time she has been bored today.

"Excuse me, but I told you to do something. So you do it." Said Mrs. Poprock."Do I have to? I mean, come on, it's my first day. Get someone else!" Said Lantis."No, you will be singing" Said Mrs. Poprock."No! It's my first day! Give someone else the chance to! I shouldn't have to sing on my First class!" Protested Lantis, and slammed her fist on the desk."Fine, but detention for you." Said Mrs Poprock. Lantis sat there, Smiling for the rest of the class.

We switch to Lantis's POV.At the end of class, Mrs. Poprock, as the mature one next to me called her.She bought me to the front and gave me a microphone."Sing." She said."Fine, but I wont like it" I moaned.I took a breath and played some music from my own CD, I began to sing the first verse and Chorus of Hey You by Miranda Cosgrove.I kept my eyes closed as I sang.

"You always see the beauty, in a passing cloud. Your the one who fixes me when I'm done. And you don't think twice, do you? You could find one diamond in a mine, but your the own who's shining for miles around. And you don't see that, do you? And when the day is done, do you have that feeling? That your all alone, giving up on your own dreams" I took a breath. "Hey you, it's your time to. See

the beauty in yourself just like you tell everyone else. Hey you, am I, getting through. If only you would see yourself, the way you see everyone else. The way I always see you, I see you. Hey you... Hey you..."There was suddenly a round of applause around the classroom. Even the girl who was following me earlier, put down her doll to clap. I found out that her name was Cari. "Ok, to get this clear, that song meant NOTHING. Ok? Can I go now?" I said."Fine, but remember, you still got detention" Said Mrs. Poprock."Moan..." I said.

Now we switch to Cari's POV.I was still surprised by the new girl's singing and maybe jealous,but I put those thoughts out of my head.I walked to Josh's class.Waiting for me was Josh."So,that new girl is really shaking things up."He told me.I was silent."It's ok,you don't have to worry."Josh reassured me."Thanks."I squeaked.We walked to lunch.Waiting was Lantis,Hannah,Cold,Blake,and,Zoe.

"You should know,detention is not a piece of cake."Cold told Lantis."Blah blah blah,whatever."Lantis replied."Ok,let's calm down."Hannah said trying to avoid the fight that was sure to happen."Fine,it doesn't matter,people in detention are always immature."Zoe said.Lantis stared at her."I'm just saying,people who are mature don't get detention because they know from right and wrong,people who do,don't."Zoe added.

Now we switch to Zoe's POV.Lantis continued to stare at me."You know what,forget what I said."I told them."Sure."They said.After Lunch,I headed to my Clay Working Class.I walked in.There was Lauren,Tom,Tony,and,Tina.Then Cassa walked in."Ok,now the assignment is to create a mini-sculpture of a student here."Cassa told us.We left to find our subjects.I decided to find Blake.I found him in his Lighting Class.I walked up to him."Hey Zo,what's up?"He asked me.

"Well,I have an assignment to create a mini-sculpture of someone here."I answered."Sure,i'd be glad to be your model."Blake replied.I got to work."Ok,1 more tab and done."I said.We looked at it."Um,how do you know I have a Key-blade?"Blake asked."Well,I might have been spying on you."I answered."Why?"He asked.The bell rang."Whoops,look at the time."I said.I left.

Now we switch to Blake's POV.I walked into the hall."That girl is almost as strange as Lantis."I said out loud."Are you talking about me?"I heard a voice ask me.I turned around.There was Lantis."No,actually,I was talking about Zoe."I answered."Oh,ok later B."Lantis told me.She left.And I went to my dorm and went to sleep.

Season Finale:Blades,Hearts, and Arts.

We start with Lantis's POV.I was in my Speaking with Emotions class with Cynthia,Candy,Kalin,Drew,Chromoro,Oscar,Stella,and,Zoe.I was still upset about detention last week."Ok,c's are said as see."Alara told us."Blah Blah Blah."I thought.Then Zoe nudged me."Pay attention."She told me.I stared at the board with a blank face.I was kinda excited about something.Then the bell rang.I walked out of the classroom.Then he walked up.

A brand new student:Jason.Him and his twin sister:Janelle just started school."Hey Jason."I said."I told you,I prefer Flight."He replied."Sorry,hey where's your roommate:Blake?"I asked him."He's at the dorm,he's been having nightmares,something about a Key-blade and some kind of creatures called,Clueless,no,Yartless,wait I remember:Heartless."Flight answered."Weird,he's been ditching a class a day for the last week."I added.We kept walking.

Now we switch to Xmal's POV.I was at the dorm.I was there because Blake's nightmares were getting worse.I thought about it.I had an idea.I summoned my Key-blade:Dreams Edge.I placed it on Blake's head.Instantly I was knocked to the ground.I knew whenever that happens,it's not good.I quickly woke up Blake."What time is it?"He asked me."It's time for 4th period."I answered."Oh no,i'm in so much trouble."Blake said surprised.He got his stuff and left."I need to call someone,and I know who."I said.

Now we switch to Candy's POV.I just stepped out of the classroom.I decided to head to his locker.I found it.I quicky wrote something and slipped it into the locker and headed to my next class:Vocal Pitching.When I walked in,I saw Kalin,Chromoro,Lauren,and,Oscar huddled together.So,it was the usual."So,what do ya think is wrong?"Lauren asked the others."Don't know,but it can't be good.

"Chromoro answered.Then Alara walked in."Ok,now we begin with high notes."She told us.We talked high."Now,low."Alara said.We talked low."Good,now go over the homework,Give an Interview and Give Details."Alara told us.We got out our interviews."Ok,Janelle said that,Lantis said,and,Debby yelled,done."I said.With 30 seconds left,I decided to go to the cafe.I saw something odd.A girl with red hair,and a boy with brown hair.I got back to what I was doing.

Now we switch to Hannah's POV.I was in Sequins,Buttons,Chains,and,Lace when I remembered something.I forgot the Lace to my Dress.I went to my dress to see something.My dress was ruined.Someone had added Buttons to my dress.I figured it was an accident,so I took my jewel and instantly the buttons were gone.Relieved,I added the lace.Then it was perfect.So,I figured that was it.Until I saw something.A thing on the floor.I figured Cold dropped it,he's always dropping things.

So I picked it up."Hmmm,looks weird,I better hold on to it."I told myself after looking at the thing.I put it in my purse.I ran out of the classroom and right into Blake."Owww,Blake watch it."I told him."Sorry,i'm in a hurry."He replied.I gave him his books,and thought of something."Hey,do you know what this is?"I asked him.I handed him the thing I found."Hmm,nope."He answered."Oh,well see ya bro."I told him flying away.

Now we switch to Blake's POV.I was able to catch up with my work,so I decided to head to the dorm.There I saw them.Sora,Kairi,and,Riku."Go away,I have more important things to worry about then the Heartless."I told them.From behind them came Xmal."I told you to drop it."I yelled angry."Not a chance,you know there's something wrong."He smirked."Fine,just say what needs to be said."I replied tired.

"Ok,see here's the thing,while you were sleeping,I put Dreams Edge to your head and found out something."Xmal said."What?"I asked."It has something to do with the Heartless."Sora answered.I looked at him."Well,if Sora here will let me take over,it seems that during your 1st encounter with the Heartless,they touched you,right?"Riku asked me."Maybe."I answered."Please,give us the right answer."Kairi pleaded."Fine,they did."I answered."I thought so,it appears,that one touch has caused you to lose half of your heart."Sora told me.

"And."I said anxious."Well,as you know,if a Heartless touches you and your heart is strong and you have a strong will than a Nobody is created."Xmal told me."Nobodies?"I asked."Yeah,they're like Heartless,but they take on a form similar to the person their created from."Sora explained."What does that have to do with me?"I asked."It seems your Nobody has somehow gotten into your mind and is creating dreams to help you,but for some reason your dreams are turning into nightmares,causing your Nobody to track you."Riku explained."I thought you said,Nobodies are just trying to get a heart to make them whole?"I asked.

"True,but this one is different,it seems he has a heart,your heart."Kairi added."How."I started."We don't know,but we know one thing,you need to be on your guard."Sora told me."Well,you should go."Xmal told them."Later."Sora and Riku said jumping out a window.But Kairi walked over to me."Here."She said giving me a star shaped shell."What's this?"I asked."It's a good luck charm made from the Paopu Fruit,keep it with you,and we'll always be with you."Kairi said.She left.Then Hannah,Natasha,Carl,Debby,Kalin,and,Ali burst into the room."We heard everything."Hannah told me with tears in her eyes."It's ok."I said.

Now we switch to Ali's POV.I was worried about what I heard.That was until."Guys don't worry about it,let's just get back to class."Blake told us."Ok."We said still nervous.But we realized the school day was over,so we went to our rooms and relaxed.Once it was time for bed,I remembered I left something in my locker.I went to it and saw someone."Ok.I have my target."She said.She sounded familiar.I went back to my bed and fell asleep.

Who was the girl Ali saw and what's gonna happen next?Find out during Season 2.

Season 2.

Theme Song of Season 2:Shake It Up by Selena Gomez

Episode 1:Karaoke Mayhem.

We start with Janelle's POV.I got up and saw my room-mate:Hannah sleeping."She's probably dreaming about Cold,again."I thought.Over the weeks,Hannah and Cold have been inseparable,I still can't get Radar to ask out my brother,even though she wants to.I decided to see the others.I walked to the pool.Yes,we have a pool,it's only for weekends.I saw Shiba,Emily,Josh,Debby,Cold,Kalin,and,Hannah.Today's the day we go to Karaoke Pokey.I sat down.They were watching T.V.

Now,we switch to Hannah's POV."Guys,me and Cold can't go,today's our 4 week anniversary."I told the others."Well,have fun."They said.I changed the T.V. to one of my favorite shows,no not Sonic X,Wizards of Waverly Place."Come on,this one's no good."Debby told me."Fine."I said.I turned it to Hannah Montana.Me and Janelle got on our feet and started dancing to Kiss It Goodbye.When the song came to end,Shiba,Emily,Josh,Debby,and,Kalin left for Karaoke Pokey,

Now we switch to Emily's POV.We arrived at Karaoke Pokey.We found our table and took a seat."Oh,I forgot to call my mom."Debby told us.She left.Then,2 girls came up to us.One sat next to Josh and the other sat next to Kalin.Debby's seat by the way.The blonde one next to Kalin looked at him."You have great hair."She told him."Thanks."He said."What's your name?"The other girl asked Josh."Josh."He answered."That's cool."She replied."Thank goodness Cari isn't here."I thought."Um,he has a girl-friend."I told the girl next to Kalin."I don't see her anywhere."The girl replied.

Now we switch to Debby's POV. I got there just in time."Turn around."I demanded.She looked at me."You see her now."I said."I don't see much,except a girl with bad hair."The girl told me."Guess what's on the menu,Veggie Sticks."Kalin said trying to change the subject."So,you gonna sing tonight?"The 2 girls asked."We're not here for the Veggie Sticks."I answered.

Before we see some fighting,let's check in on Hannah and Cold.We switch to Cold's POV.Me and Hannah were a the beach,watching the waves.I took her hand,she didn't notice."Um,how's classes?"I asked her."Great,except Blake has."She started.but I cut her off by kissing her.She broke away."Thanks for telling me to shut up."She told me.I stared at the sky,wondering why Lizzie set us up in the first place.


I was in the cafe,reading my book when Lizzie walked up to me."Hey,I got a date for you."She told me."Oh,no,your not setting me up with another of your friends,last time,I had to go to the E.R."I told her."I didn't know that table would catch on fire just by touching it with a dinner bell."She said."It happened,now before I run away,what's she like?"I asked."She's here at school,and she happens to like you."Lizzie answered."It's not Lantis again,she's been warned that I could freeze her in no time?"I asked."Nope,she's over there."She replied pointing at Hannah."Note to self,from now on freeze Lizzie everyday for the next week."I thought.


I looked into Hannah's eyes,which pre-tell were beautiful.She looked at me."Well,this was great."She said."Yeah."I replied.We got up and left.

Now we return to Karaoke Pokey,the 2 mean girls just finished singing.We go to Josh's POV."Ok,now for Shiba,Debby,and,Emily."The D.J. said.Shiba,Debby,and,Emily walked on-stage."We would like to sing:Give It Up."Emily told him."Oh R&B."The D.J. said."Yeah,just go."Shiba said.He pressed a button and music played."Someday I let you in,treat you right,drive you out of your mind, you never shake like me,burn so bright,i'm gonna make you fly,always know what you can't have but you want it so bad if you don't get what you wanted, make you feel good that's the way to feel for you to shake baby,but give it up,you can't win cause I know where you've been,such a shame you don't put up a fight.

that's a game that we play at the end of the night,it's the same old story,but you never get it right,give it up,so stop trying to walk away,no you won't ever leave me behind,you better believe i'm here to stay,cause your the shade and i'm the sun-shine,look at me cause I got you where I want you, isn't this so exciting,wanna shake you when I brake you take a back-side cause i'm driving,give it up,you can't win cause I know where you've been, such a shame you don't put up a fight,that's a game that a game that we play at the end of the night,it's the same old story.

But you never get it,give it up,look at me cause I got you where I want you isn't this so exciting,wanna shake you when I break you take a back-seat cause now i'm driving,give it up, you can't win,cause I know where you've been,such a shame you don't put up a fight,that's a game that we play at the end of the night,it's the same old story,but you never get it right,give it up."Shiba,Emily,and,Debby sang together.We clapped,but the two girls just looked away. Shiba,Debby,and Emily sat back down at our table.

Then the owner came up."Ok,the winners are,Tallie and Veronica."He said.We stared,Kalin was gonna say something,but I did that for him."Come on,they have more talent."I said."Sit down."Tallie told me."I'll sit you down."I snapped."I'm the owner,I decide who's better."The owner said."Thanks daddy."Veronica told him.We stared."Dad"We said together."Fix!"A boy yelled."We won because we rock."Veronica said."Don't believe everything your dad tells you."Shiba told the girls.

Now we switch to Debby's POV"Like when he says,your beautiful."I added."You know what,you 3 are banned from singing here again."Tallie told Emily,Shiba,and me."Who cares,let's go."Josh said.We left.The next day,me,Shiba,and,Emily found Hannah."Hey."She told us."We need you to do something."I told her.We told her everything."Ok,let's go."She replied.

Now we switch to Emily's POV. For our plan to get back at Tallie and Veronica,we decided to dress Hannah as an ugly girl.Then,we snuck her in and found Tallie and Veronica."You guys know your banned."Tallie told me,Debby,and,Shiba."We know,but we have an idea,you face someone here and if you win,you can make out with Kalin."I replied."What?"Debby asked."She likes his hair."I answered."So do I."Debby replied."Ok."Veronica agreed."And,if we win."Shiba started.

Me,Debby,and,Shiba huddled together.We talked it over."You have to babysit a girl we know."Shiba replied."Deal,now we choose her."Tallie said pointing at disguised Hannah."Please,pick someone who has a chance."I begged."No,we choose her."Veronica said.Me,Shiba,and,Debby looked at each other."Hey,ugly Becky.!"Tallie yelled.Hannah walked over to them.

Now we switch to Hannah's POV."Me?"I asked."Yep,your singing tonight."Tallie answered.I walked on-stage."Looks like we have a different style tonight,you pick the winner."The D.J. told the others."What's your name?"The D.J asked me."Susan Dingleman"I lied."Ok,what song?"He asked me."Freak the Freak Out."I answered.He pressed a button."Are you listening hear me talk,hear me sing,open up the door,easy less easy more,when you tell me,to be where,are you here,are you there?

Is it something I should know, easy come easy go,nodding your head,don't hear a word I said,I can't communicate when you wait,don't relate,I try to talk to you,but you never even knew so what's it gonna be,tell me can you hear me."I sang while taking off my disguise,my fake teeth,my ugly clothes,my glasses,and,my wig."I'm so sick of it your attention deficit,never listen,you never listen,i'm so sick of it don't throw another fit.

Never listen you never listen I scream your name,it always stays the same I scream and shout,so what i'm gonna do now is Freak the Freak Out."I sang while I jumped on a table,Tallie and Veronica's table."Ohhh ohhh,ohhh ohhhh,patience running thin,come again,tell me what I get opposite,opposite,show me what is real,if it breaks does it heal, open up your ears,why is it that i'm here,keep me in the dark,are you even thinking of me,is somebody above me,gotta know,gotta know,what i'm I gonna do,cause I can't get through to you,so what's it gonna be,tell me can you hear me"I sang while I invited Debby,Shiba,and,Emily on-stage.

"Im so sick of it your attention deficit,never listen,you never listen,i'm so sick of it don't throw another fit,never listen,you never listen,I scream your name,it always stays the same,I scream and shout so,what i'm gonna do now is Freak the Freak Out."I sang out loud.Everyone cheered,except for Tallie,Veronica,and,Veronica's dad."I got off stage."Ok,who votes for Tallie and Veronica?"Veronica's dad asked.To prove i'm fair,I clapped."All those for Susan Dingle-man?"Veronica's dad asked.Everyone cheered.Mad,Veronica',her dad,and,Tallie left.

Finally,we switch to Cari's POV."The others told me,they had a surprise.2 girls walked in."She's the girl your baby-sitting."Hannah told the girls nodding at me."Fine."The blonde haired girl said.After 3 hours,they left and we went to bed.

Episode 2.The Backwards Day.