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Luna the Bunny is a Black-Arm/Bunny hybrid. She was the princess of their race, but when Shadow rebelled and killed her race, she was saddened and began planning for revenge. Now, she spends her time trying to kill not only Shadow, but all of the people who witnessed the destruction of the Black Arms, but didn't do anything to stop it - in other words, she wanted to go on a full-on genocide, killing anything and everything she sees as a possible victim.


Luna's build looks similar to your average Mobian, but you'd never say they look the same, because there are the differences. Luna is 4'2, quite tall for a Mobian. She weighs 83 lbs. as a result of her height.

Luna's skin tone is a light purple, darker than lavender but lighter than magenta. Behind her tall bunny ears that are partly red and partly purple, there are lavender stripes around it. She has yellow eyes, and usually wears scaly white and purple shoes. She has a bit of spiky magenta hair covering her right eye.

She has a great body physique as a result of getting a good workout everyday. Her legs and arms, aren't that flabby, and you can actually see her muscles.

She has black gloves, along with a purple trenchcoat and a darker purple short-sleeve shirt underneath. She has a yellow third eye covered by her spiky purple and red hair which she hates because her hair is always poking it, and her feet are scaly and rough. Her hair covers her third and left eye, and it has two horns poking out of it.

She dons a sienna brown scarf that looks like it has been split in two. She also wears a silver star-shaped pendant as her direct connector to the Black-Arms' energy.

Traits she has include having stardust appearing behind her when the walks after getting mad, her third eye glowing red after using her telepathy, and her arms getting scaly when she takes a beating.


Towards her friends, Luna isn't the nicest. She can be really apathetic, with the only emotions she regularly showcases being anger and apathy. Here's the thing with Luna; you might be annoyed with her, but never vocalize negative thought about her when she's nearby. She is easily offended and enraged by the slightest thing about her, and she has a bit of a temper despite her cold demeanor.

Towards her enemies... all hell breaks lose. While not psychopathic, she just has this murderous intent fill her heart. If she walked by Sonic on a casual day, she would attack him on sight. She's very good at making a scene. However, she still has pride - she would not make an enemy walk into a trap, she'd kill them herself.

Now, reading all of this, you'd probably think she'd be terrible if she was in charge. However, she can be kind(er) when she needs to be, and is very good at giving orders. She is actively improving on her flaws (at least, the ones she's aware of), because they could affect whatever group she's working with.

She is in actuality seemingly cold-hearted and evil, but actually caring about those she's close to. Because of this, if you actually try to get to know Luna as a friend, you might think she's pretty cool. If you know her as a teammate, she's very professional, but does not disapprove of friendliness.

However, if you're just another person, watch out or prove yourself to her before she kills you. Though she's not always the type of person who goes on a murdering spree whenever, don't expect her to have any sort of mercy for the innocent. In her mind, there are only two categories - those on her hitlist, on those who are not.

Luna likes to act as if she is superior to all beings, and that everyone pales in comparison to her. However, this is all simply a facade that she put on to hide her insecurity - she constantly feels as if she is alone in the world, and it's up to her to carve her own path.

Also, after the demise of the Black Arms, Luna got a cynical, pessimistic side to her. She chuckles at vulgar humor, and prefers to break optimistic hope whenever she can. This explains her sarcastic side partially - she knows how to berate you and make you look like a foolish failure whenever you screw up.


On one especially fateful day, Black Doom was visiting the planet Mobius to scout the planet's lifeforms and plan attack routes, along with noting notable strengths of weaknesses of the organisms who resided there. While there, he saw a female - Keira the Bunny - who he sensed had an incredibly high amount of energy within her. Knowing that if he could raise a child stronger than most Black Arms, his race would be unstoppable, Black Doom faked a happy attitude in order to get Keira to... "trust him." (However, he wasn't the only one faking.) Five years later, Luna was conceived by the two, and for a short time, they were happy together. But Black Doom finally revealed his hidden motives when he took Luna away from the planet and left Keira, not wanting anything to do with her anymore. However, he was immensely pleased with Luna - she did have an amazingly high amount of potential, just like he wanted. While she grew up, Black Doom decided he needed to boost her love for her race - to make her adore Black Arms and hate Mobians, he lied to her, saying that "Keira left him."

It wasn't until she turned nine in Earth years when she was crowned princess of Dolack. She wasn't even well-known by then - maybe some rumors were spread, but that was it. She had a lot of responsibilities, but she was one of the leaders for the race. To have responsibilities were to be expected. For a long time, things were wonderful - she was respected, she had good relationships, and she could defend herself with her enchanted dagger, Selena.

And then Project Shadow came.

At first, Luna had no problem with it. It seemed like a wonderful idea! Bringing peace to a girl with a really bad sickness made her heart warm and her brain melt (in a good way). At least the girl they were helping wasn't a filthy Mobian - then she would've rebelled against it.

However, Black Doom began to become more and more corrupted, because making a non-full Black Arm through non-natural circumstances was tough, and it took a lot of his positive energy (at least, the little bit he had left). As he was already a pessimist, he really became even more unsatisfied with life, wishing things would just go his way with another way for once. As he had to devote his time to Project Shadow and became more and more standoff-ish, Luna began to feel more and more isolated. She stayed on Dolack while other Black Arms went to the Black Comet to try to enslave Earth.

And then Shadow killed all the Black Arms during the events of Shadow the Hedgehog. And Luna. Was. Mad. She already hated Earth because of one person abandoning her father (at least, to her knowledge), but her race's murder was the tipping point for her.

She lost her friends, family... those she cared about were all killed by the hedgehog brought to bring peace, even if they were, for the most part, mindless slaves. Using her father's transportation technique, she arrived on Earth and vowed to kill Shadow.

Abilities, Powers and Skills


Luna, being the direct daughter of Black Doom, has a collection of powers. These include being able to teleport short distances with little to no effort, mimicking super speed. This assists her with blitzing slow opponents, using this to make up for her loss of lightspeed movements. She can teleport longer distances (for example, from one city to another) but if she does so, it will leave her spent and stunned, so this is best reserved for non-combat purposes.

Luna can also manipulate the matter of the cosmos themselves with her ability to control lunar and spatial energy, which heavily relies on her faint connection to one of the floating dismembered pieces of the Black Comet. By using this, she can use stellar energy and use it as her own, strengthening her. With this, she can blast energy, use it to defend/attack, and throw comets. However, as the connection is faint and weak, overuse can completely obliterate the connection and render this power unusable for a week a top and ten hours at minimum. Plus, Luna puts some of her own energy into her attacks, so it may leave her spent also.

Also, as she's the offspring of Black Doom, she also has the ability to get into people's minds. She is much better at talking to people mentally and messing with their heads than actually reading their thoughts, and she usually fails to actually read minds, something she berates herself about. However, a strong will can protect one from these mental attacks. If she can catch someone off-guard, she can do some serious damage, like perform a hard reset, but on their brain.

Finally, Luna has the power to completely conceal her energy signatures, for once she walked around casually, her power outbursts would notify even your everyday civilian. Because of this, she specializes in stealth and sneaking up on opponents, and having the ability has helped her with it.


Luna doesn't have many abilities compared to her Powers and Skills, but she has some notable things in her arsenal. For one, she can see extraordinarily well in the dark. It's almost as if she is nocturnal with her eyesight. This is due to her ravaging through harsh and dark nights for a very long time, and thus has grown accustomed to seeing in dark areas.

The same can be said about her temperature tolerance - it was conceived by her constantly living through frigid days and nights shelterless to the point where it just doesn't affect her anymore. For her, there's not much of a difference between 24 degrees Fahrenheit and 74 degrees.


Luna has been training for a loooooooooong time. Thus, she picked up some skills.

Luna is very experienced in hand-to-hand combat, and thus when it comes to fists and feet, she can outdo most people. She prefers to use punches instead of kicks, but is no means aligned to only using the upper part of her body in a fight.

Also, reading many manuals, Luna learned how to cook - and she's very good at it. Not in the sense that she can make anything, but more so in the way that when she makes something, it is usually delicious. However, she prefers to simply steal food instead of make it herself, so she only read those cookbooks as a last resort.

Also, Luna is a very athletic person, with superhuman strength, speed, durability, and agility. She has strength that strong enough to blow a hole out of a prison, and is even stronger than Base Mac without any of her powers. She reacts to attacks quickly, and thus does well against brawler-esque fighters because it is very simple for her to dodge their attacks.

Plus, Luna can adapt to fighting new enemies rather quickly. Not in the sense that she can easily find an opponent's weakness, but more in the sense of knowing when a strategy isn't going to work. For example - if she fights three opponents who rely on feints and then battles a heavy-hitter, she'll know if her same strategy is going to work or not.

Along with those, Luna is a good tactician and an above-adequate leader. She always develops a plan before running into something - it's something she learned the hard way when she first made it to Earth. Luna always tries to keep her plans as simple as possible so that it won't be any trouble to remember. That comes hand-in-hand with Luna's leadership skills, as she always takes charge and guides her allies to the right direction. She isn't any type of "moral compass" for whatever group she's in, but she can easily sense when someone's off and will always attempt to put them back on track.

Finally, you have her dagger proficiency. She wields Selena with great skill, more skill than your average assassin, even. She uses it for feints and minor blows, and help with skill with taking down and enemy who greatly relies on overpowering their opponent.


Luna has a number of attacks, including:

  • Hades' Fist (charges her fist with lunar energy and punches the enemy)
  • Homing Attack (-_-)
  • Pluto's Kick (charges her leg with spatial energy and kicks the opponent)
  • The Reaper's Gatling (an upgraded version of Hades' Fist; punches the enemy with lunar energy charged again and again and again)
  • Evil Footwork (The Reaper's Gatling, just for Pluto's Kick)
  • Meteor Bomb (shoots bombs of lunar energy into the air and they explode)
  • Space Drill (spins rapidly on the opponent)
  • Black Lotus Bomb (charges every bit of energy in her and causes the area around her to explode, severely damaging anyone in the radius - however, this drains her of all her power)



Foes and Rivals

  • Shadow the Hedgehog

While this is rather on the obvious side, Luna hates Shadow, to put it simply. For one, as far as she know, he sided with the Mobians (who she was led to believe were pure trash) over his own kind in the war, and though she wouldn't admit it, while she thought Project Shadow was a good idea at first, she didn't like how much attention Shadow took off of her - she was used to being the main focus, so having another one wasn't something she liked... at all.

And the destruction of the Black Arms had another effect on her - a more psychological one. Her bias for her species was so high, she had a large god complex, due to all the things her father told her and making it sound like they were superior. And because of this, she never had any pity after their extinction - she just saw everyone around her to be lesser lifeforms. This made her extremely arrogant and angry, and all of that rage is directed... towards Shadow.

Though she's gotten really sidetracked from her original goal, she is determined to find Shadow again and defeat him for once and for all.

  • Abe Tower


Friends and Allies

Foes and Rivals