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´ As long as I live, none of my friends will suffer! ¨

- Lunar quoting her vow to protect those she cares for.

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Lunar Maria Yang the Wolf is a animorphic arctic, teenage she-wolf created by @EnderWatcherCeris also known as CerisTheHedgehog on other apps on September 22, 2020. She is the main character of her Wattpad series " (SONIC BOOM) Enigmas In Ancient Promise Series" and one of the main protagonists for the upcoming game article, "SONIC BOOM: Lunar Odyssey,¨ Lunar is currently standing along side Sonic and the rest of her friends that remain as her family, and is the legal, "Guardian of the Night¨.

Brief Bio Information ( Boom and Modern Backstory)

Lunar was born on the southeastern side in a wolf clan by the name of the tribal, cultured MoonHowls. A clan symbolism for mainly three traits: Strong loyalty, great honor, and true values among their entire beings. While civilians try to keep the peaceful environment they always had, the clan had to suffer fighting in wars from rival clans, and made sure to stay away from magic. Away from magic? Why was this? Magic was a scary and fearful power that many people hated. It was forbidden from all clans alike. Rulers of these clans deemed it dangerous and that this infects those who have it with strong desires such as wrath, vengeance, or even to become powerful themselves if it means to kill off everything life values. All of magic had once took toll on the great ancients before them many, many years ago. All of those ancients who held onto the balance of world elements were consumed and corrupted by strong negative forces created within them, so powerful, that it even killed them all until most of the enchanted aspects the world had turned to dust.

Ever since then, mortal mobians found that if they continued using magic further, this corruption would grow to spread until all of life would be lost. The eight crystals that the ancients once used to maintain world balance had vanished after their demise, and no one has ever been able to find them. They were all lost forever.

But never had the ruler of the MoonHowls tribe thought that one of the elements had returned. And on that day, Lunar was born.

Lunar had been born on a fateful full moon, and on rare occasions similar to this, children born under that full moon were gifted powers as legends once proved. Unfortunately, as law states that children born beneath a full moon were killed on the spot or possible if lucky, sent away to the Land of the Lost, a place where doom lurks through every corner. But the child's mother, Liana had cried to her beloved mate, Runnan, that she didn't want to kill a child they wanted so desperately. Not on a miracle like this. They couldn't go to the king, he'll kill her on the spot. Runnan, the child's father, decided to travel far into the enchantment lands, a land where it's most strictly forbidden to wander. But he had to go, for the sake of his beloved and daughter. After a long, long travel, Runnan finally meets two elders, a witch and wizard, who had to be about 4,000 years of age. He pleaded for the arrogant and wise immortal beings for help, to save his child from her fate. Soon enough, they accepted his offer, at a price, that is. The price that must soon be paid for the girl's salvation must be met in her future, to defeat a soon to be force that will soon rise again, and if she fails, she will fade to dust.

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Lunar is noted to be the most expressive type of her friends. She speaks out with a solid heart and mind, knowing what she wants and what is best for herself and those around her, this being a sense of her own will. She also has a kind nature, insisting on sharing her own customs with her friends (such as tea to calm the nerves of anger or wrath) but Lunar doesn't generally take offense if someone doesn't understand or declines.

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  • Blue-Exorcist-Gif-images-the-anime-kingdom-37242669-500-281.gif
  • This is kinda what it would look like when Lunar turns into her Pure Form.

    Pure Moon Form - Also known as, 'Pure Moon Manipulation', Lunar can manipulate the positive energy of the moon. This form is like a Super Form, but without the use of Chaos emeralds or Chaos energy, mostly known as the symbol of her highest hidden power and her inner purity to fight for the well good. This first influence occurs when in Sonic X, she was somehow able to unleash her Pure Moon Form even though the moon was halfly blown up from Eggman's weapon, she attempts her deed to help Sonic and Shadow to stop the Space Colony Ark from orbiting, Earth. This form would possibly occur from multiple of her strongly, virtuous traits .

Powers and Abilities

Lunar Star the Wolf is presumably as powerful as Shadow the Hedgehog based on power type. As the host and ansestor of the moon goddess, Selene, Lunar has a host of unique abilities that are tied to the time of night, and emotions, and as such, she has trained most of her life to calm all strong feelings to contain them. Her powers can be extremely difficult to keep in check, but she has achieved control through daily meditation, and her spiritual exercises. She also has been shown to be gaining incredibly in strength, like when she was trained by her father, Runnan when young or when she was empowered by positive energy when stopping the Arc from orbiting earth in Sonic X. She has also portrayed hidden abilities like aura reading, seeing and feeling through ones emotions hidden in the eyes or side glancing to see the air color itself.

" Powers like mine, they are not to be tampered with. You must remain virtuous, the moon doesn't tolerate sin."

- Lunar

  • Lunar Manipulation - Lunar is most known for her Lunar Manipulation, the power to manipulate all aspects of the moon, including it's gravity and the effects that it has on the planet, reflective surfaces, and timekeeping. Etc; Using it's lunar energy.
  • Lunar Spears - Lunar can create and launch spears of lunar energy

    This is what would look like with Lunar using her Lunar Blast

    Lunar Waves - She has also been shown to shoot this energy in a form of waves from her hands
  • Lunar Beams - She can also blast out beams of lunar light from her hands
  • Lunar Blast - Lunar can release lunar energy over a specific targeted area
  • Lunakinetic Combat - Lunar is also known for her Lunakinetic Combat, it's Lunar Manipulation, but she can infuse her lunar magics to various uses, giving her the will to use her lunar abilities with physical combat.
  • Inhuman Flight Speed - Just like Sonic the Hedgehog, Lunar is gifted with her super speed, not by foot, but by flight, giving her an almost equality to speed with Sonic's.
  • Aura Reading- The ability to sense the emotions of others through their auras allowing Lunar to gain insight of the person's feelings including to feel those said emotions in her body, which can be quite harmful she lets it all in too far. This also enables her to sense the mental state of others, as she has stated that she would sense if someone's mind has been tampered with. However, this doesn't work if her own mind has been tampered with (for example, she wouldn't be unable to sense Eggman's mind-control over her or others because she was affected as well)
  • Levitation - Lunar can levitate off the ground or hover, without her visible projection of her lunar energy.
  • Lunar Healing - Lunar's most easiest skill to use. She uses this ability to heal her friends usually after their battles, mostly against Dr. Eggman.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat - Although she's not as skilled as Selene, nor Sonic, Lunar is an expert in high-levels of martial arts, being skilled enough to take down numberous robots while her upper body was bound. She is also skilled in various fighting styles of hand-to-hand combat, such as kungfu.


  • Thanatophobia - Ever since losing Sam and Dr. Christian Watson from their killer, Lunar developed her greatest fear of losing those she cares for most, AKA Thanatophobia. This phobia has worsened through time, it has effected her powers in numberous ways; losing her flight temporarily, her powers backfiring, OR the worse case senario would be if her dark form was triggered. But through meditation, and comfort from others, she was able to overcome that fear little by little, day by day.
  • Hearing - Lunar has efficent hearing yes, but her hearing is also sensitive as well, mainly due to loud noises like alarming sirens or air horns and also known to be weakened by sound waves. To prevent hearing damage, Lunar always wears a special pair of wireless earpods, gifted from Dr. Christian Watson to protect her hearing, just in case. But don't worry she can hear you talking through them, but her earpods will block out the strong noises to be heard. However, without them she could lose her hearing momentarily.
  • Emotions - While keeping her powers in check, she can keep perfect control of her powers while exhibiting her emotions. Lunar is radiant with happiness and playful love, yet she is still able to control her powers with ease. If Lunar suppresses her fear, she wouldn't be able to control her powers functionally, causing them to backfire if she tried to use them in this condition until she is able to calm herself from that state. Her ultimate weakness is her anger. Other emotions aren't as Mobius trembling as Lunar's rage. Anger is what changed her from her regular self to her dark moon, sinister side practically every time.
  • Solar - Based Abilities - Being a Lunar Magic user, Lunar has a neutral weakness to the opposite of her energy; Solar magic. When attacked by Solar energy, she will momentarily be stunned or knocked unconcious when taking a severe blow from it.
  • Limited/unlimited Lunakinesis - Lunar may have the ancient ability of Lunakinesis, that doesn't mean she is immune to her own power. Due to how unstable her abilities could be, she has great caution of specific emotions, to contain all of her power she has. When her emotions are in check, they limit the amount of lunar energy she uses during combat or other situations. When she releases emotions such as hope, her sense of justice, will, or sacrifice, Lunar can tap into her full strength, giving her a major drastic boost of her power to anything around her at will. However, this is only limit based on her emotions prior, and when her emotions wear off, so does her amount of power, leaving her weakened or also posing momentarily dizziness and possibly a black out.

Fighting Style and Team Synergy

This would be Lunar at Mid-Range Combat, but when attempting to go into Short-Range Combat, could be far riskier for her to attack her foes.

Thanks to her large part in her vast and versatile set of powers and skills, Lunar is capable of herself in any range of combat, however, she is most comfortable from mid to long range bombardment and support. When a fight breaks out, Lunar tends to hang back and hurl her lunar bolts, bullets or spears at her enemies while airborn, making it more difficult for her foes to attack her. She lacks in durability compared to the rest of her teammates, thus making close-quarters combat far riskier for her. Her lunakinesis also tends to require some prep time, while having to stay calm in order to use them. This further incentivizes Lunar to stay back and allow her teammates to draw enemy fire and give her the time she needs to utilize her powers. That said she is far from helpless whenever an enemy does close distance to her, and can usually fend them off with fenesse and technical skill. Her close-combat fighting style is also far more defensive compared to the rest of her team, with her usually opting to block or envade enemy attacks, then retaliate with kicks or open palm strikes. While Lunar can be quite intellegent, she doesn´t appear to have the tactic skills like Sonic or Tails do, instead opting to only rely on brute force application of her powers to pummel enemies into submission.

As support, this generally stems from her flight, as she, Solar, Raven, Rouge, Tails, Cream, Charmy, and Silver are the only few people who are capable of flying naturally. She would often be hurling her teammates at enemies, allowing them to get close quickly and easily, or catching in mid air after they have received a severe blow. Arguably, Lunar´s most important utility is her kind and listening personality and warm-heart nature, which does wonders in keeping up the morale of her team and helping to dissolve potential disputes between each other. Whenever a teammate is troubled, or feeling down, Lunar is usually the first one give them emotional support, either by trying to cheer them up or resolve their problems. Without her caring, kinder presence, there would be chance for each of those she cares about to fall apart and split. In a way, Lunar can be considered as the ¨heart¨ of her team, always working to keep her friends together and helping to nurture healthy relationships between them.



Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog

Lunar Star the Wolf and Sonic the Hedgehog have an extremely tight bond and she claims that he knows her better than anyone. The two have a healthy relationship and actively respect other's interests and privacy. As partners, they really care about the other's safety and well being. Ever since being found laying unconscious ashore on the beach after the tragic incident back at the Laboratory and at first fought Sonic, mistaking that he was an enemy, but lucky for Sonic, he convinces and cools Lunar down before she could hurt him or herself, and finding the truth apologizes for her actions towards the blue hedgehog. When Sonic learns of her situation back at her former home and the tragedy there, he felt sorry for the young she-wolf, knowing that she had no place to go, he allows her to stay with him. During their first meeting, Sonic saw Lunar fighting against Dr. Eggman, shocked and impressed with Lunar's skill of using Lunar Manipulation against his arch enemy and agreed to allow Lunar to go along with him and Tails onto their perilous adventures. Throughout time, Sonic and Lunar have developed a close everlasting bond of friendship that not even enemies could break apart. Sonic has always been there whenever Lunar needed it most, when helping out with Tails, being alone, or even taking fresh air with him, Sonic refers to Lunar as the "sister he never had"

Tails "Miles Prower" the Fox

Lunar and Tails have a rather healthy relationship. Despite Tails being extremely similar to Sam in terms of personality, Tails is more mature and respects Lunar's preference for peace and quiet, but still tries to include her in any other activity whatever possible. Because of this, Lunar respects Tails's enthusiasm and is more patient with him. Whenever Lunar feels out of place and lonely, Tails takes on the brother role, like he does with Sonic. He almost always successfully comforts Lunar whenever she is upset. Tails along with everyone else, is also well aware of Lunar's friendship with Shadow and sometimes teases them whenever he sees the two together in a conversation or spending time together or when she possibly is (may not realize it often) jealous whenever Rouge would flirt with him. Aside from being aware of her feelings towards him, he supports the two and how close they are, knowing that they would protect each other no matter what the situation. Both Tails and Lunar also have intelligence in science, that they would do some studying together when relaxing time is near.

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Amy Rose

Amy and Lunar initially had no relationship besides being teammates. They are at times polar opposites in terms of personality, but she respects Amy's cheerful personality. Amy wanted to be friends with Lunar, but Lunar dismissed all of Amy's requests to hang out or do stereotypical "teenage girly stuff" in a rather polite manner, but when annoyed can reply in a impatient matter. Their relationship is dealt with when the two argue of their friendship, causing Lunar to accidently snap and an ancient relic somehow made both Lunar and Amy switch bodies, and then, in order to get their bodies back, they have to learn everything about each other and each other's powers and origins by 24 hours. This helped the girls become closer and have a better understanding of one another. Amy called Lunar out for her rude behavior during then. That was the only time Amy was ever mad at Lunar though for only that moment. Lunar slowly starts to open up to Amy and they come to realization that they could give each other a chance to be friends and never had come to regret it since.

Knuckles the Echidna

Lunar could find herself somewhat connected with Knuckles, considering that he guards the Master Emerald, while she guards the Dream Realm. They respect their duties and origins and both work well in battle. However, Lunar can sometimes be irritated by Knuckle's hotheaded temper, believing that starting a fight with their teammates doesn't get them anywhere but to lose an upper chance against an enemy. When no havoc is going on, Lunar would often check on Knuckles and even insists on helping him guard the emerald just so he doesn't get so lonely, which he wouldn't accept at first, but when more of this goes on, he comes to accept the kindness she gives towards his well being and welcomes her every time she arrives to help him keep guard.

Cream the Rabbit

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Shadow the Hedgehog

Lunar encountering Shadow which was also the time when she lost memory of him.

Lunar is close to all her friends, but the most important person that she cares more than anyone is her best friend Shadow the Hedgehog. They have been close friends ever since the meeting in the dream realm both having more than each other that meets the eye. There is a slight chance that Lunar has harbored feelings for Shadow, but just often doesn't seem to notice.


Lunar actually meets Shadow in the dream realm, having the ability of Dream Walking, she can travel through others dreams, thus meeting Shadow in the process. The two were thought to be enemies at first, but Lunar soon realizes that Shadow is no foe of any kind, but only a confused and sad hedgehog, the two got along oddly at first, but as days went by, they slowly start to open up, and took on a friendship status, both of them having a bond that is unbreakable. Shadow may not admit to it, but he feels a great care for Lunar, she understood him just as much as he understands her, he even vowed to himself that he´ll protect her, just as he did for his previous friend, Maria Robotnik. However, due to Selene using their friendship as a weakness, fought Lunar in a face-to-face battle. Lunar wins but after the deadly impact from Selene's Dark Moon energy after defeating her, cost the after effect of memory loss and Shadow in despair of thought in losing his friend. On episode, ¨ Shadow Knows¨, Lunar encounters Shadow when searching for Sonic, and becomes confused as to when he mentions her name. After hearing that she doesn't know him, Shadow becomes despaired like before, heartbroken and confused as to why she can´t remember him. Shadow does try to harm Lunar at one point, but she was able to defend herself from Shadow's impacts, however, she was then captured by Shadow, to help Dr. Eggman retrieve the Chaos Emeralds, not only that, Shadow attempts to get her to understand why she doesn't remember him. While Shadow kept an eye on Lunar, he notices little by little things about her and starts to grow more curious of this young she-wolf before him, wanting to learn more, even though he knew Lunar told him little about herself, he felt as if she didn't tell him everything about herself. In Sonic X, Lunar kept Shadow's rings for Chris Thorndyke until his return. Lunar tried to save Shadow from his demise by flying after him towards the earth, but was confronted by Shadow to let him go. Lunar did shed a tear when she failed to save Shadow from his supposedly demise. In Sonic X, When Lunar notices Chris trying to convince Shadow of the good Maria wanted him to do, Shadow harmed him, and Lunar decided to step up and hesitantly showed him her past, letting Shadow know that he wasn't alone of loss. Lunar also reminds Shadow of Maria of her friendliness towards him, whether he is on the side of good or not.


Sir Gawain, Percival, and Lancelot watch in fear as Amalthea is absorbed into Merlina's body to use her powers before the boss battle.

Lunar's character; Amalthea is known to be the long lost missing knight of the round table and the daughter of the royal enchantress and half-sister of King Arthur; Morgan Le Fay. After the boss against Sir Lancelot, Amalthea is shown to be speaking with Sonic about her relationships with the rest of the knights of the round table. Amalthea describes Sir Lancelot as a wonderful, noble friend through his seriousness and brooding behavior. However, becomes saddened when she mentions of how she worried the other knights of her disappearance, especially Lancelot. Before the boss battle against Merlina as the Queen of the Underworld, Amalthea reveals herself, shocking the knights and Nemiue to find their beloved knight is alive and unharmed. Amalthea attempts to confront Merlina of her actions that are leading to grave destruction, but when she doesn't listen, the knights watch in fear as their fellow knight is absorbed into Merlina to use her powers against Sonic. Near the end, Amalthea is shown to be awakening from unconscious to be welcomed home from her fellow knights after forgiving Merlina of the destruction she has caused. Lancelot and Amalthea would be shown holding hands near the end of the game.

Sonic 06

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Sonic Boom + Ultimate Life Forms Saga (Wattpad Fanfic)

Lunar didn't encounter Shadow in the boom series in season 1, in the beginning of episode 52 in season 1 of " It Takes A Village to Defeat A Hedgehog", Lunar lets her friends know that she won't be able to help her friends putting up together a bookshelf, telling them that she will be at the orphanage spending time with the children there. Sonic and her friends understood this but warned her to be careful while being there, even if anything goes wrong. Soon enough throughout the episode, an attack from Eggmans' team members terrorized the villagers, and Lunar was able to put a few into timeout before they could hurt anyone further. It may have been possible for Shadow to spot Lunar while fighting Sonic.

Here comes season 2, episode 51 of "Eggman the Video Game Part 1", ( Also taking place in Ultimate Life Forms) Lunar was enjoying her day with a friendly pack of wolves, until Sonic called her for help handling Eggmans' robots. Lunar was able to save Sonic before he could get any severe injuries from one of Eggmans' Claw Bots as the team defeated Eggman once again as usual.

Later in the episode, Lunar was shown walking towards Sonic's Shack, to spend some friend time with him when she notices Eggman speaking with Sonic. Curiosity killed the wolf, she walked over saying her polite hellos to both the blue blur and his arch nemesis. Lunar asks Eggman for speaking with Sonic when Eggman mentions the name "Shadow", Lunar finding him unfamiliar asks who he was, which Sonic introduces him as his arch rival. Sonic then takes Lunar's wrist and drag her with him away from Eggman, who Lunar swore she heard a growl from him, growing suspicious when she notices a camera with the male villain.

As moments go by, Lunar is shown speaking with Sonic about her suspicions towards Eggman, giving him all the proof she could have for a next villainy scheme he could create, which Sonic believe that she was onto his suspicion. But before they could discuss any further, Sonic's communicator went off, Amy's voice called faintly for their help, and they rushed over to find her. When they got to the scene, they notice the whole team looked beat down, struggling to get back on their feet. Lunar was shocked to see her friends in their conditions, swearing through thoughts on getting Eggman when she heard a deep, husky, and rich voice seemed to be speaking towards them, she looked to see Shadow the Hedgehog himself. When Shadow charges towards the two, Sonic shoves Lunar out of the way, taking the rough impact himself.

Lunar meets Shadow for the first time.

The last episode, ending the Sonic Boom series AND the second chapter of Ultimate Life Forms, Shadow and Sonic both fought strongly. When Lunar realized Eggman's actual plan, she wasn't pleased knowing how manipulative that rotten villain can be. Lunar then gets into defense stance in front of Sonic to protect him.

Shadow and Lunar on their first interaction, Lunar tells Shadow the truth of Eggman's plans, outraging him.

Sonic tries to tell her to step down, but Lunar simply refuses. Shadow shoves both of them to the ground, tries to attack Lunar, but she simply rolls out of the way, giving Sonic the advantage to pounce on Shadow, rolling in struggle for the dominate position and Sonic overpowers him. But not for long as Shadow shoves Sonic off, and knocks him backward, crushing Meh Burger property, but before Shadow could hurt him, Lunar interferes, and confronts Shadow the truth of Eggman's plans. Shadow grew angry by this and left to get revenge, but before leaving, Shadow thanks her, leaving a confused Lunar behind to help heal Sonic and her friends.

While the team were in medical attention by Lunar, she discussed on how Shadow isn't responsible for the condition they are in after all Eggman planned to manipulate the dark hedgehog into doing his bidding to create a video game to gain liking from many around him. Her friend's understood this and agreed for Shadow to be forgiven of his actions. Just then, a portal appears and stepping out from it was Lord Eggman from the alternate universe came to challenge Sonic after their last encounter. Lunar tried to stop him because of his condition, but he doesn't listen, and fights against the emo Eggman only to be overpowered. Lunar intervenes, letting him know that she'll take care of Lord Eggman herself. Sonic tries to persuade her, but was easily convinced, giving her a "be careful" look.

Both Lunar and Lord Eggman fought, brutally, Lunar overpowers him at first, but soon enough, Eggman had the higher advantage, knocking Lunar down. Lord Eggman was about to finish her with the final blow, when a crimson blur knocked him away, showing to be Shadow the Hedgehog, who was ready to make Lord Eggman pay for manipulating him. Finding out it was not the Eggman he was looking for, Lord Eggman, quickly turned on the portal he came from and Shadow goes through, Sonic decides to go with him, telling the others including Lunar to stay and guard Lord Eggman. Later on, Sonic and Shadow returned, but working together on fighting Metal Sonic, which shocked Lunar, she didn't expect for the two to pull that stunt. Once Metal was defeated, the team then see Shadow on top of a building saying that this was only the beginning of the end, the group didn't understood this ask what Shadow meant, and Shadow admits into taking revenge upon the universe and kidnapped both Eggmen in the process. Tails and Lunar warned that if they don't return Lord Eggman back to his universe, the entire universe will be destroyed with Lunar adding that every living being will cease to exist. Upon this info, Shadow smirks in victory and farewells the group before he teleports away, as the destruction of the world begins.

Shadow smirking evilly, somehow making Lunar burn but didn't understand why.

The search party begins, Tails went to fix up Metal Sonic, Sicks searched by air, Amy and Knuckles by water, and Sonic with Lunar searching opposite sides of the jungle. While searching and searching, Lunar starts to feel conflicted towards Shadow, very curious as to why he wanted to destroy the universe so badly, why was it that he wanted revenge. Lunar stops walking when she felt a disturbing presence close by, and as if found the source, she round-house kicked the figure, revealing to be Shadow. Lunar wanted to fight him, but she was hesitant to do so, claiming in Ultimate Life Forms that her powers are not to be tampered with, but didn't reveal why. After taking a blow from the she-wolf´s round-house kick, Shadow feels somehow conflicted by Lunar, pins her to a tree and asks why she wouldn't flee or attack him. Lunar was silent, but soon answers that she´s not scared of him, but she admits that she didn't want to hurt him, not responding as to why though. Shadow becomes confused by this, but he then notices that the storm came to an end, and stepped away from Lunar saying that he'll meet her again but by his terms.

There is still more to come for their encounter.....

Dr. Eggman

Mephiles the Dark

Mephiles the Dark has always been Lunar's enemy. Lunar despises Mephiles from the moment he admitted to Dr. Christian Watson the Hedgehog and Sam Watson the Hedgehog's death was his doing. Mephiles had constantly manipulates her into joining him, confronting her of how much mobians don't understand her as he does when feeling hatred of losing something you desire, but that was presumably part of his plan to destroy all life on Mobius. The relationship between Lunar and Mephiles was never easy. Lunar hates Mephiles to the core of her power. She will do anything it takes to take him down, even if it meant risking her life in the process. Due to her hatred towards him, Lunar's powers would trigger without her will if she continues to react through her hatred. Although, Lunar may not think about that consequence in that state, Mephiles doesn't treat Lunar as an enemy, as known to once save her from losing her control by creating a replica of her beloved Sam, which snapped her back to her cool; Lunar was confused by this action, but felt grateful of that, even if she hated to admit it.

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Rouge the Bat

Silver the Hedgehog

" Silver. . . It's so good to see you again!"

- Lunar while hugging Silver in years.

Silver the Hedgehog and Lunar Star the Wolf have a very friendly, and rather balanced relationship. The two care deeply for and missed each other as evident in Sonic the Hedgehog 06 on their stand-on-stand encounter. Ever since meeting each other during childhood, the two were so close not even time can separate their friendship. Just like Sonic serves as her older brother, Silver tends to act as her little brother. He sometimes oversteps his role when it comes to those who dare to hurt or threaten Lunar, even if she says that she can handle the threats in her way, but the two are family and trust each other in battle.


Silver and Lunar meeting again for the first time in years.

When Silver left through Dr. Christian's portal to his home, Lunar was a little saddened to see him leave, but she knew that he had to go back, however, she made her special bracelets for the both of them, symbolizing their friendship. During the events of Sonic 06, Lunar has her first glance at Silver, she starts to get confused, receiving flashbacks of her and a light-grey hedgehog in their child years, she didn't understand those flashbacks at first but as she continues to consume glances of Silver, she then finally meets his golden eyes, realizing that the 14-year-old hedgehog is actually the friend she remembered, Silver the Hedgehog. When they have their first hug in years, they actually shed one tear, knowing how much they haven't seen each other for so long. They also appear in the end story, getting into her pure moon form while Sonic, Shadow, and Silver get into their super forms before the battle against Solaris.


There is still more to come.....


Sephiroth the Chinese Dragon

Sephiroth and Lunar are great friends and their relationship is very well balanced and healthy. The two met after Lunar found Sephiroth injured in the jungle and took him in for healing and for him to have a home rather than the jungle. He would still go out in the jungle and be deep in thought on his past, and has trouble deciding whether to tell his friend that he´s not a Chinese Dragon but actually something else. But aside from not telling Lunar his secret, both of them are friends no matter what happens, even if he gets into trouble or even stealing all of Lunar´s blueberries.

Project: Estelle the Wolf

Nothing really much to say about Lunar and Estelle´s relationship but that the two are respected aquantinces. Estelle main mission was to actually destroy Lunar, however, she decided to go on her own goals due to her creator, Dr. Eggman locked her away on his base for so long like an actual animal. The two were enemies at first, but after Estelle traveled through Lunar´s mind in her memories, she admitted that the girls were both quite alike, but how much it disgusts her to feel pity to say the least seeing Sam´s death replay. However, that was the only encounter Lunar had with Estelle and hasn´t seen her since, but believed that someday, she will come back and become a better person than the last she saw her.

Raven the Cat

Raven the Cat and Lunar Maria Star the Wolf´s relationship is very healthy, the two have gotten along well that the girls are like BFFs. Lunar meets Raven from Sephiroth, attacking her as if she was an enemy, but getting to know Raven, she was someone who was lost and couldn´t find her way home. Lunar helps Raven find her way back to her home, and while doing so, notices her eyes were shut and hadn´t opened them, she asked for any reasoning of her eyes remaining shut. Raven was born with her eyes closed and they don´t open unless she uses her powers, instead of judging her, Lunar thought of her eyes being closed for most of the time is very unique, after all, she knew what it was like to be judged based on looks and abilities. Lunar doesn´t see Raven much but whenever she does, there will always be a chance when she would say hello or have a hang out together.

Zigzag the Great White Shark

ZigZag the Great White Shark and Lunar Maria Star the Wolf first met at a battle arena. Both of them only thought of each other as just opponents at first, but after her emotions get the best of her, she accidently releases Selene before him and was corrupted momentarily. While attempting to fight Selene´s dark influence, she mindlinks with ZigZag, informing him of the moon goddess´s weaknessess and skills. Luckily able to fight on, she releases herself from Selene in her pure moon form, and sheilds herself and an injured ZigZag. When attempting to heal him, he mistakens her for Eos, the goddess of the Dawn and younger sister of Selene, but tells him that it´s actually Lunar herslef but in her Pure Moon Form. With the help from both ZigZag and Sky the hedgefox, all three of them defeated Selene and Lunar was able to imprision the goddess back into herself, and will probably try to torment her every now and then. But since after the fight, Lunar has made good friends with ZigZag. However, in a fight against Chase, Perfect Chaos, and Selene, the two share a romantic kiss, making them both a couple.

However, after Lunar's high spirit started to lower of grief, and depression, he broke up with her.

Sky the hedgefox

Sky the Hedgefox and Lunar Maria Star the Wolf also met at a battle arena, same with ZigZag the Great White Shark, they were nothing more than opponents, but ever since Sky proclaimed that both of them were quite similar but didn´t explain as to why since the battle was in a pause. Sky also worked together with Lunar and ZigZag the Great White Shark to defeat the moon goddess and ansestor of Lunar, Selene Camilia Lee the Wolf. Since the battle, Sky and Lunar have became well good friends.

Steam the hedgehog

Steam the Hedgehog, the king of demons and Lunar Maria Star the Wolf met after a fight against Selene Camilia Lee the Wolf from Sky the Hedgefox. The two seem to treat each other with nuteral respect and hope to be great friends in the future.

Griffith the Coyote

Lunar Maria Star the Wolf and Griffith the Coyote have a tribal history with each other. Due to being a lunar magiclica, and how people were either banned or executed with powers from the MoonHowls tribe, the outcast magic users have no place to go aside from living in the forest. Some try to seek shelter from other tribes but instead of being welcomed; they were picked on, beaten, laughed at, and kicked out of those tribes, not only believing that magiclicas were dangerous, but are shameful and weak. A nothing. Griffith the Coyote is the son of a rich king of the Woo Kingdom, from the far other left side of the Lee Kingdom. From the day he met Lunar, he finds her to be worthless as his father would always say, with calling her, " Sahirat Sharirat Wamakhziat Likuli Alkayinat! ¨ in Arabic meaning ¨An evil witch and shameful to all beings¨ Lunar was down on herself, but tries not to let Griffith gain the upper hand. When saving his life, he claims that Lunar is one of the best magiclicas out there, but Lunar disagrees, responding that saving his life does not make her better than other magic users out in the world. Griffith disgusts Lunar, while Lunar doesn´t hate him, but feels hurt when he treats her like dirt.

Chase the artificial life form

Though Lunar may have never seen Chase at first, she believed there was good in him than others thought he would and was the one that planned a search party to find him. First face-to-face with Chase, she was shocked to know that he was created with Lunakinesis which she found impossible because where she was from, only the people who were infected by Selene´s curse were able to weild her power. They have fought against each other, however, near his weakened state, she spoke with him alone, even if it was riskier for her to be injured. While confronting Chase, she shared her hidden past that rarely spoke of and left after a vivid memory of Sam Watson the Hedgehog´s death. Ever since he changed, Lunar treated Chase like a friend, despite what he has done before. When she found out of Chase´s death from his own havoc, she didn´t want to believe that it actually happened and ran off for some alone time, but as she did she encounters Chase but as a fallen angel, she was very happy to see him again. When having their alone time together, they both encounter some kind of orb and gave her Chase´s abilities but in manifested into her lunar magics. She now wonders off into the jungle when everything is at peace, hoping to see him again.

Xsavion the aquat

Despite just meeting him, Lunar treated Xsavion like a friend, and was also concerned about his troubleness finding the dangerous entity he was looking for. Ever since their encounter, Lunar has come to befriend Xsavion, and like any other friend she has, she would protect him with anything she has in the core of her body left.

Mint The Hedgehog

When Lunar first met Mint, she could feel dark energy radiating from the young hedgehog, and knew that she needed help when she first took notice of her dark form and unstable dark powers. Lunar began to train Mint, and their bond grew like a mother and daughter/mentor and apprentice relationship. She cares deeply for Mint, and wants to do anything she can to help her on overcoming her tainted side and makes sure that she will a happy child she would want to see her be.

Armour Mashina

Armour and Lunar had become good friends throughout their adventures together. She was protective of him just as he was protective of her. Hearing Armour beg for forgiveness of failing to save her time when she was plunged into sea by Godslayer Zigzag made her shocked, but understood, knowing very well of his knightly ways. She forgave him, letting him know that it was nothing to be sorry for his failure. When Luna and her friends landed in somewhat a different timeline, meeting an elder Armour there, she felt conflicted of his negativity and didn´t understand what had made him change. When fighting Ondell, she was very hesitant to fight him, still remaining in her hopefully wishes that Armour is still inside of the monster of what he has become, but she is also shown with having tears in her eyes when she sees Armour´s spirit before it fades away. It may have been possible that Lunar made a grave for Armour and would visit him everyday.

Theme Songs

  • Brave Shine (Fate/Stay Night) English Version by Amalee - (Sonic X *Adventure 1 +2)

Her Main Theme: It represents how she feels about her past. -

  • PAPERMOON (From "Soul Eater) by Amalee - (Sonic 06)

It represents her vow to Sam to protect the innocence no matter the cost. -

  • Let The Bass Go by Snoop Dog - (Sonic Riders, Sonic RIders; Zero Gravity)

It explains her feel for competition. -

  • Roses of May by Erutan - ( Sonic and the Black Knight)

It explains her hiding her true self as the daughter of Morgan Le Fay -

  • Warriors - Aaliyah Rose -

Representing her pure form -

  • Nightmares - WE ARE FURY -

Representing her dark form -

Lunar's Voice Actressess

  • Erica Mendez - Voice Actress for Deirdre from Fire Emblem Heroes -
  • Sonic Adventure (1+2),
  • Sonic X,
  • Sonic Heroes,
  • Sonic Riders,
  • Sonic Rivals
  • Sonic Rivals 2
  • Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity,
  • Sonic and the Black Knight,
  • Shadow the Hedgehog,
  • Sonic and the Black Knight
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 06
  • Sonic and Mario at the Olympic Games

  • Karissa Lee Staples - Voice Actress for Invi - KH -
  • Sonic Boom TV Show
  • Sonic Generations
  • Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric
  • Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice
  • Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom
  • Sonic Forces
  • Team Sonic Racing
  • Sonic and Mario at the Olympic Games


"I must say, I'm beyond impressed!" - Lunar achieving an S Rank

" It's a great job." - Lunar achieving an A Rank

" I suppose, that was swell." - Lunar achieving an B Rank

" *sigh* I have to do better next time!" - Lunar achieving an C Rank

" This is harder than I thought!" - Lunar achieving an D Rank

" No! How could this be?!" - Lunar achieving an E Rank

¨ That was..... *smiles* unexpected.¨ - Lunar after having her first kiss with Zigzag the Great White Shark

" . . . I . . . I may not be afraid of you, . . . . but it doesn't mean that I wish to hurt you." - Lunar when pinned to a tree by Shadow the Hedgehog questioning on why she refused to attack or flee him in Ultimate Life Forms (Sonic Boom) Shadow X Lunar

" There will be times when the past takes you down, like darkness. Sometimes you feel the need to let your emotions out, you would to be careful of the power you contain. But if the darkness eventually tries to take over, you can't fight it alone. . . that's when the ones you trust, the children of light, come to help you. Remember, that I will always be there for you. " - Lunar's inspirational quote.


Title cover for Ultimate Life Forms (SONIC BOOM) Shadow X Lunar (Shadow = Left and Lunar = Right)

Lunar's design is a one-piece black suit with white, and black gloves (White = hand part, Black = the wrist part) with a moon crescent on the black part, she also has sky blue rings on her wrists with the gloves as well. Lunar's high knee boots would be like her gloves; black with little white at the bottom with a upside down moon crescent, with sky blue color at the bottom and top part.

Book cover for CerisTheHedgehog's book on Wattpad; Ultimate Life Forms


  • Lunar's hair style is resembled from fan art images of MagnaLuna Princess Luna, just without the dark blue tips at the bottom.
  • CerisTheHedgehog AKA EnderWatcherCeris was going to keep Lunar's voice as Melissa Hutchinson for her Sonic Boom fanfics, however decided she wanted a little change, finally changing from the idea of Tabitha St. Germain to Heather Masters. This was now changed to Karissa Lee Staples.
  • Lunar is left handed in writing and right handed in throwing
  • She is allergic to onions
  • Lunar has claimed to be allergic to chocolate, her allergy to chocolate is possibly a reference to the fact that, alike dogs, wolves lack a metabolizing enzymes that break down the theobromine and caffeine in chocolate, considering the fact that an average wolf is about 100 pounds, they would need to consume 70 ounces of chocolate to possibly die.
  • Her favorite color is cyan
  • In Sonic Boom, Lunar didn't really know who Shadow the Hedgehog was, until meeting him face to face in Sonic Boom season 2 episode 51 Eggman's video game and becoming so close to each other that maybe there's a chance for a relationship.
  • Lunar's spirit animal is a actually a fox
  • Her first name is a Morwegian origin meaning " Moon's light" or "Lighting the Darkness"
  • Her middle name means many meanings, one of them being "beloved"
  • Her last name means "specialness"
  • Originally, her rings were going to be inhibitor rings to keep her Lunakinesis in check, but that idea was soon scrapped.
  • Her zodiac sign Is indeed a Cancer.