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"Maybe the truth isn't what's exactly needed, or even wanted. (Sonic: What's that mean?) A piece of illusionist wisdom from my mentor; White lies are words that shield the ones you love. If the truth doesn't work...perhaps find an illusion to reflect on to bring clarity in the conclusion," - Lunar

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Lunar Yang the Arctic Wolf is an anithromorphic arctic, teenage she-wolf created by @EnderWatcherCeris also known as CerisTheHedgehog on other apps on September 22, 2020. She is the main character of her Wattpad series " (SONIC BOOM) Enigmas In Ancient Promise Series" and one of the main protagonists for the upcoming game article, "SONIC BOOM: Lunar Odyssey,¨ Lunar is currently standing along side Sonic and the rest of her friends that remain as her family, and is the legal, "Guardian of the Night¨.

Brief Bio Information ( Boom and Modern Backstory)

Lunar was born on the southeastern side in a wolf clan by the name of the tribal, cultured MoonHowls. A clan symbolism for mainly three traits: Strong loyalty, great honor, and true values among their entire beings. While civilians try to keep the peaceful environment they always had, the clan had to suffer fighting in wars from rival clans, and made sure to stay away from magic. Away from magic? Why was this? Magic was a scary and fearful power that many people hated. It was forbidden from all clans alike. Rulers of these clans deemed it dangerous and that this infects those who have it with strong desires such as wrath, vengeance, or even to become powerful themselves if it means to kill off everything life values. All of magic had once took toll on the great ancients before them many, many years ago. All of those ancients who held onto the balance of world elements were consumed and corrupted by strong negative forces created within them, so powerful, that it even killed them all until most of the enchanted aspects the world had turned to dust.

Ever since then, mortal mobians found that if they continued using magic further, this corruption would grow to spread until all of life would be lost. The eight crystals that the ancients once used to maintain world balance had vanished after their demise, and no one has ever been able to find them. They were all lost forever.

But never had the ruler of the MoonHowls tribe thought that one of the elements had returned. And on that day, Lunar was born.

Lunar had been born on a fateful full moon, and on rare occasions similar to this, children born under that full moon were gifted powers as legends once proved. Unfortunately, as law states that children born beneath a full moon were killed on the spot or possible if lucky, sent away to the Land of the Lost, a place where doom lurks through every corner. But the child's mother, Liana had cried to her beloved mate, Runnan, that she didn't want to kill a child they wanted so desperately. Not on a miracle like this. They couldn't go to the king, he'll kill her on the spot. Runnan, the child's father, decided to travel far into the enchantment lands, a land where it's most strictly forbidden to wander. But he had to go, for the sake of his beloved and daughter. After a long, long travel, Runnan finally meets two elders, a witch and wizard, who had to be about 4,000 years of age. He pleaded for the arrogant and wise immortal beings for help, to save his child from her fate. Soon enough, they accepted his offer, at a price, that is. The price that must soon be paid for the girl's salvation must be met in her future, to defeat a soon to be force that will soon rise again, and if she fails, she will fade to dust.

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Lunar is a rather sensitive individual, both emotionally and physically. She doesn't usually prefer to use violence, only if it was necessary, especially in a fight against those who threaten her loved ones and her home.

During her early life in the Moon-Howls Tribe, Lunar describes herself to be something of an outcast, unable to fit with others with her abilities, but usually, sneaking away from home into the village to gain her freedom from time to time. This lack of social-ability with her people made her a bit hesitant and shy encountering others, becoming silent if she feels extremely uncomfortable. Despite this, her runaways led Lunar to meet her best friend, Ski, whom she found being picked on by two other kids and saved him. When she found that Ski had no home or family, she offered her own traditional lantern, a blanket, and her own mangoes to him for the night as she figured a way to bring the little wolf home with her, showing a big display of her kindred, protective, and understanding nature, despite that she had just met the young wolf, she saw through him.

A major plague in Lunar's sensitivity was the sudden destruction and death of her people in the Moon-Howl's Tribe. The incident left a grave scar for Lunar, especially witnessing the death of her parents, and best friend, Ski, who was murdered in front of her. But it soon shaped into one with greater devotion and courage to protect the people on Bygone Island from facing the same fate. Because of the previous years, Lunar developed a rather introverted persona, often not being in bigger crowds. This is partially because of her isolation, as she had not been able to communicate with others without shying away in these situations. When spoken the last she had ever been out, Lunar had stated the last she was actually outside with her people was the day in the Moon Festival when her tribe was massacred. She managed to get a hang of her social ability throughout her time in the island (three years), coming to know all she encountered as her friend, most predominant for Team Sonic, her family.

While her sensitivity makes her an open target of fear, it doesn't weaken Lunar in a sense, as her sensitivity is also what makes her aware of her environment and the people around her. She often pays attention to body language, actions, and feel the thoughts and emotions the person may have in order to help them whether they would accept her help or not. She's willing to help others in any way she can and wishes for everyone to get along and be happy with one another.

She also prefers to give other people a second chance in life even when they have done the upmost wrong in their lives. Now, this doesn't entirely mean that she's naive, but rather makes Lunar able to pick up on the feelings of others, and aware of their needs, behaving in a understanding and compassionate sense to help those people in their lowest moments.


  • Pure Moon Form - Also known as, 'Pure Moon Manipulation', Lunar can manipulate the positive energy of the moon. This form is like a Super Form, but without the use of Chaos emeralds or Chaos energy, mostly known as the symbol of her highest hidden power and her inner purity to fight for the well good. This first influence occurs when in Sonic X, she was somehow able to unleash her Pure Moon Form even though the moon was halfly blown up from Eggman's weapon, she attempts her deed to help Sonic and Shadow to stop the Space Colony Ark from orbiting, Earth. This form would possibly occur from multiple of her strongly, virtuous traits .

Powers and Abilities


Lunar's mystical powers are driven from the ancient Xelune and her bond with the moon and all of its spirit and energies, giving her unlimited access to its power thanks to the Moon Crystal she solely has a bonded connection to and protects. Her power is related to the moon's phases, cynical in its strength. Abilities of the moon include;

  • Lunakinesis: Lunar has magical control of the moon's aspects including the effects it has on the planet, making her a devastating opponent when tempted. She has been able to project moon-based attacks such as shards, drops, beams, etc. As the moon phases are linked to her power, she would be able to gain a limited amount of strength, while a New Moon and a Full Moon are what make her abilities powerful at its highest length.
    • Moon Shards: Lunar can fire shard projections of lunar energy from a far distance.
    • Moon Beams: Lunar can charge a beam of lunar energy as a destructive force of nature when in a attack.
    • Moon Surge: Lunar can gain her strength with the moon, and attack her foes with strikes of energy.
    • Moon Sensing: Lunar can sense other sources of lunar energy that is with or without connection to the Moon Crystal.
  • Hydrokinesis: With the moon's relation with water including its movement and tides, Lunar can manipulate and control bodies of water in anyway she wishes, often using it as a defensive skill across heated attacks.
  • Umbrakinesis: Only during a New Moon or a Lunar Eclipse has Lunar been able to conjure, control, and manipulate the element of pure darkness and shadows. A signature sign of this power is a newfound violet aura luminating around her body and her cyan eyes turning black if by strong emotions of fury and hatred. This has proven to be a difficult power for Lunar, as it required more concentration and focus while keeping her emotions steady. If things get out of line, the shadows she may control may influence her emotions to grow stronger and overcome her mental being to bring an onslaught of attacks without mercy.
  • Aura Perception: A unique trait that was discovered in her younger years during her Hinduism training, Lunar can sense, see, and read the auras of people around her. This enables her to feel the emotions within the color-based aura and gain a feel of one's mental state, giving Lunar useful knowledge on how to help the specific person she senses.
    • Aura Heal: Lunar can heal one's injuries by reaching into their sacred auras and shaping it into their own subconscious mind to ease their pain. However, this ability may leave her exhausted to her soul in the other's if intact with negative emotion and energy.
  • Clairvoyance: Numerous times, Lunar has been able to see, percept, and communicate with spirits of the dead, both pertains to whether it'd be her connections to those spirits or not, mainly between love and hatred. She has also been able to put restless spirits to rest upon encountering them and confrontations.
  • Illusion Maker: Lunar can manipulate the feel, sight, and sound of others by shaping and forming unrealistic versions of the real thing to blind mere eyes. Another display of her illusional tricks was Lunar transforming herself into another individual to deceive in moral needs, mainly during important missions with Team Sonic.
    • Cloaking: This spell was casted by Lunar when she crushed a sacred Moon Opal to release powerful cloaking magic. It allowed her to camouflage herself, others, and nearby objects included to their surroundings from unwanted onlookers. 
  • Dream Walking: An ability that held difficulty for her to master through the years, Lunar could transfer her consciousness into the body of herself in the Dream Plane. However, the use of dream-walking may tire her out with lack of sleep to world's time and cause her to be easily sleepy. She dream-walked into the dream worlds that influence the imagination of other living creatures, including allies and enemies alike.  She has also been able to invade those dreams and fight off an endangering nightmare to the dreamer and give guidance of their troubles that effected the dream to occur with the additional use of their memories.
  • Flight: Lunar is capable of levitating and soaring through the air at ease, with or without her magical moon aura being around her.
  • Skilled Sorceress: Lunar uses circles and moon symbols written with a mystical wisp of energy through mid-air or the ground for ritualistic magic, calling on the spirit of Xelune for strength, serenity, and protection upon her friends and allies alike. She also meditates and performs ancient dances while in these rituals, prancing about within the circle. She usually practices these rituals every full moon to enhance her focus, and control of her tremendous yet dangerous mystical moon abilities.


  • Master Martial Artist: After studying under the guidance of Alatar and her parents, Runnan and Liana for years, Lunar became proficient in martial arts, both armed and hand-to-hand combat, with her skills being great enough to allow her to fight off and evade many of the far more experienced and extensively trained Sun-Yaps and upgraded robots. Her arts revolve around her powerful kicks and striking blows with the palms of her hands, with the addition of her moon magic to go with the flow in combat.
  • Bilingualism: Lunar is fluent in her native Hinduism in the birthplace of Moon-Howls, and becomes proficient in English and Chinese from her father's side, and read ancient writing similar to those languages.
  • Astrology Intellect: Lunar holds a fair knowledge of the stars and the zodiacs, including to the effects they would impact on a person's life and her own. She had confirmed that her zodiac is a Cancer, and has theorized that Shadow is a Scorpio, a zodiac that she finds rather fascinating amongst the rest.
  • Horticulture: Very frequently, Lunar has shown of her knowledge to nature life of plants, animals, and the fruits and vegetables she grows in her garden. She prefers to make her own fresh resources to cook her everyday meals.


While Lunar is certain to be a powerful, she-wolf, she still has some lack of capability that can be taken advantage of when the moment is open. Her moon magic is in her most absolute control, but she still has knowledge to learn of her abilities and the need to back off when her energy is low and not functional.

  • Solar Magic Mastery: Lunar is a master of moon magic, which can also rival with the polar opposite against the sole source of her abilities: the sun itself. Solar energy can stun and weaken Lunar in her attacks, and especially how the heat can affect her water abilities from shielding herself or those around her.
  • Sole Connections to Moon Crystal: The connection with the Moon Crystal has, unfortunately, put Lunar into signs of danger despite having years of training and knowledge. Damage to the object effects Lunar's physical and mental capability and leave her open to injury. Any harm induced to the crystal and its power can affect Lunar as a whole depending on the decency of damage, as any crack or missing piece to it strips away some amount of her power while giving her cases of headaches, body cramps, or dizziness. Some damaging cases can lead Lunar to be ill of fever, a sleepy trance, or great loss of magic. If the crystal's power is drained enough, it can lead to a high potential of death from existence.
  • Lack of Physical Condition: Even though she is shown perfectly capable in handling herself in close-quarter combat, Lunar is still most physically frail.  She lacks any peak physical-conditioning that someone like Knuckles or Shadow would possess, and her durability is roughly on par with that of an average teenage female. Thus, she has to rely in keeping her distance from foes or creating moon projections to protect herself from damage, otherwise she may be quickly and easily taken down in a fight.



  • Moon Crystal: Lunar holds possession of one of the ancient crystals that the powerful, historical civilization once protected in their former living; The Moon Crystal. As her duty to keep the crystal safe at all times, the possession has become a sole part of her body, mind, and soul, giving her limitless access to moon magic with some elements that are troubling to control. Thanks to training from her parents and master, with years of study, Lunar has been able to gain more experience to her magic and become better use in combat.
  • Magical Lore: Lunar possesses affinity for mysticism, Hinduism and occultism, and has numerous magical items of an occult nature and an extensive shelf by her hut living room dedicated to green witchcraft and various sources for sorcery.
    • The Art of Dreaming: Lunar holds a book acknowledged to her ability to walk in dreams while also how to subconsciously handle her own between nightmares and dreams between.
    • Chakra Lore: Noted to be familiar with chakras, Lunar performs meditation and yoga practices to align the power of her spiritual energies of the chakras in hopes to balance them throughout her body, while also taking notes of the knowledge from her book source.
    • Astrology Guide: Lunar possesses a book containing information of the stars and the sun/moon zodiacs, a subject she had been fascinated with since she was younger. This also includes the Astrology App she contains and uses constantly in a phone that Tails invented for her.


Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog

Lunar and Sonic have an extremely tight bond and she claims that he knows her better than anyone. The two have a healthy relationship and actively respect other's interests and privacy. As partners, they really care about the other's safety and well being. Ever since being found laying unconscious ashore on the beach after the tragic incident back at the Laboratory and at first fought Sonic, mistaking that he was an enemy, but lucky for Sonic, he convinces and calms Lunar down before she could do damage, and finding the truth apologizes for her actions. When Sonic learns of her situation back at her former home and the tragedy there, he felt sorry for the young she-wolf, knowing that she had no place to go, he allows her to stay with him. During their first meeting, Sonic saw Lunar fighting against Dr. Eggman, shocked and impressed with Lunar's skill of using Lunar Manipulation against his arch enemy and agreed to allow Lunar to go along with him and Tails onto their perilous adventures. Throughout time, Sonic and Lunar have developed a close everlasting bond of friendship that not even enemies could break apart. Sonic has always been there whenever Lunar needed it most, when helping out with Tails, being alone, or even taking fresh air with him, Sonic refers to Lunar as the "sister he never had"

Tails "Miles Prower" the Fox

Lunar and Tails have a rather healthy relationship. Despite Tails being extremely similar to Ski in terms of personality, Tails is more mature and respects Lunar's preference for peace and quiet, but still tries to include her in any other activity whatever possible. Because of this, Lunar respects Tails' enthusiasm and is more patient with him. Whenever Lunar feels out of place and lonely, Tails takes on the brother role, like he does with Sonic. He almost always successfully comforts Lunar whenever she is upset. Tails along with everyone else, is also well aware of Lunar's friendship with Shadow and sometimes teases them whenever he sees the two together in a conversation or spending time together or when she possibly is (may not realize it often) jealous whenever Rouge would flirt with him. Aside from being aware of her feelings towards him, he supports the two and how close they are, knowing that they would protect each other no matter what the situation. Both Tails and Lunar also have intelligence in science, that they would do some studying together when relaxing time is near.

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Amy Rose

Amy and Lunar initially had no relationship besides being teammates. They are at times polar opposites in terms of personality, but she respects Amy's cheerful personality. Amy wanted to be friends with Lunar, but Lunar dismissed all of Amy's requests to hang out or do stereotypical "teenage girly stuff" in a rather polite manner, but when annoyed can reply in a impatient matter. Their relationship is dealt with when the two argue of their friendship, causing Lunar to accidently snap and an ancient relic somehow made both Lunar and Amy switch bodies, and then, in order to get their bodies back, they have to learn everything about each other and each other's powers and origins by 24 hours. This helped the girls become closer and have a better understanding of one another. Amy called Lunar out for her rude behavior during then. That was the only time Amy was ever mad at Lunar though for only that moment. Lunar slowly starts to open up to Amy and they come to realization that they could give each other a chance to be friends and never had come to regret it since.

Knuckles the Echidna

Lunar could find herself somewhat connected with Knuckles, considering that he guards the Master Emerald, while she guards the Dream Realm. They respect their duties and origins and both work well in battle. However, Lunar can sometimes be irritated by Knuckle's hotheaded temper, believing that starting a fight with their teammates doesn't get them anywhere but to lose an upper chance against an enemy. When no havoc is going on, Lunar would often check on Knuckles and even insists on helping him guard the emerald just so he doesn't get so lonely, which he wouldn't accept at first, but when more of this goes on, he comes to accept the kindness she gives towards his well being and welcomes her every time she arrives to help him keep guard.

Cream the Rabbit

More to be written. . . .

Shadow the Hedgehog

Shadow and Lunar in the former book cover

Shadow is one of Lunar's closest companions, and one whom she harbored feelings for. Despite their rather neutral allegiances when it comes to their goals, they still appreciate and enjoy each other's company whilst respecting equal boundaries. Lunar, Rouge, and Omega are shown to be the three who Shadow cares about and appreciate most (While currently in BOOM, Lunar is only present in Shadow's life). Lunar is certainly the closest person Shadow interacts with. It is also implied that Shadow may have feelings for Lunar, his actions basing the matter than what mere words can describe.

Numerous times, Shadow has shown that he is protective of Lunar's well-being, often catching her from falling, and getting offensive to those like Mephiles or Eggman when she is threatened and knocking Infinite away from attacking her. Lunar is grateful for his actions and has equally shown that same care and protectiveness of Shadow, especially when he's weakened in a fight and takes his place for him to recover. It is only rare for Lunar to unleash her umbra kinetic abilities to kick in those protective moments, as a slip of emotion and control can be devastating to the threat than her normal lunar magic, and Shadow being the few people to coax her from losing concentration. In the BOOM universe, Shadow would often follow her in her walks, as his need to protect her strives him to attack anything that is deemed a threat from his eyes.

Lunar is a very empathetic individual, one major trait that Shadow admired. She had been able to understand him through his emotions and dreams, and respects his actions to the goals he pertains, no matter how bad they may seem. She has been willing to guide Shadow to happiness, and believing in him when no one else could. Shadow has been able to let go of his emotions (sadness, wrath, anger, fury, etc.) with her help, and become a lighter person in her presence, though, he still retains his aloof and lone behavior at best.

Dr. Eggman

Mephiles the Dark

Mephiles the Dark has always been Lunar's enemy. Lunar despises Mephiles from the moment he admitted to Dr. Christian Watson the Hedgehog and Sam Watson the Hedgehog's death was his doing. Mephiles had constantly manipulates her into joining him, confronting her of how much mobians don't understand her as he does when feeling hatred of losing something you desire, but that was presumably part of his plan to destroy all life on Mobius. The relationship between Lunar and Mephiles was never easy. Lunar hates Mephiles to the core of her power. She will do anything it takes to take him down, even if it meant risking her life in the process. Due to her hatred towards him, Lunar's powers would trigger without her will if she continues to react through her hatred. Although, Lunar may not think about that consequence in that state, Mephiles doesn't treat Lunar as an enemy, as known to once save her from losing her control by creating a replica of her beloved Sam, which snapped her back to her cool; Lunar was confused by this action, but felt grateful of that, even if she hated to admit it.

There is still more to come.......

Rouge the Bat

To be made...

Silver the Hedgehog

" Silver. . . It's so good to see you again!"

- Lunar while hugging Silver in years.

Silver the Hedgehog and Lunar Star the Wolf have a very friendly, and rather balanced relationship. The two care deeply for and missed each other as evident in Sonic the Hedgehog 06 on their stand-on-stand encounter. Ever since meeting each other during childhood, the two were so close not even time can separate their friendship. Just like Sonic serves as her older brother, Silver tends to act as her little brother. He sometimes oversteps his role when it comes to those who dare to hurt or threaten Lunar, even if she says that she can handle the threats in her way, but the two are family and trust each other in battle.


To be made...

Astelle the Embodiment of the Phantom Ruby

Nothing really much to say about Lunar and Astelle's relationship but that the two are respected acquaintances. Astelle's main mission was to actually destroy Lunar, however, she decided to go on her own goals due to her creator, Dr. Eggman locked her away on his base for so long like an actual animal. The two were enemies at first, but after Astelle traveled through Lunar´s mind in her memories, she admitted that the girls were both quite alike, but how much it disgusts her to feel pity to say the least seeing Sam´s death replay. However, that was the only encounter Lunar had with Astelle and hasn´t seen her since, but believed that someday, she will come back and become a better person than the last she saw her.

Theme Songs

Loyal Brave True - (Live-Action Film) Mulan

Lunar's Voice Actressess

  • Erica Mendez - Voice Actress for Deirdre from Fire Emblem Heroes -
  • Sonic Adventure (1+2),
  • Sonic X,
  • Sonic Heroes,
  • Sonic Riders,
  • Sonic Rivals
  • Sonic Rivals 2
  • Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity,
  • Sonic and the Black Knight,
  • Shadow the Hedgehog,
  • Sonic and the Black Knight
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 06
  • Sonic and Mario at the Olympic Games
  • Karissa Lee Staples - Voice Actress for Invi - KH -
  • Sonic Boom TV Show
  • Sonic Generations
  • Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric
  • Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice
  • Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom
  • Sonic Forces
  • Team Sonic Racing
  • Sonic and Mario at the Olympic Games


"I must say, I'm beyond impressed!" - Lunar achieving an S Rank

" Success!" - Lunar achieving an A Rank

" I suppose that was swell." - Lunar achieving an B Rank

" *sigh* I have to do better next time!" - Lunar achieving an C Rank

" This is harder than I thought!" - Lunar achieving an D Rank

" No! How could this be?!" - Lunar achieving an E Rank

¨ That was..... *smiles* unexpected.¨ - Lunar after having her first kiss with Zigzag the Great White Shark

" I may not be afraid of you, . . . . but it doesn't mean that I wish to hurt you." - Lunar when pinned to a tree by Shadow the Hedgehog questioning on why she refused to attack or flee him in Ultimate Life Forms (Sonic Boom) Shadow X Lunar


Lunar's design is a one-piece black suit with white, and black gloves (White = hand part, Black = the wrist part) with a moon crescent on the black part, she also has sky blue rings on her wrists with the gloves as well. Lunar's high knee boots would be like her gloves; black with little white at the bottom with a upside down moon crescent, with sky blue color at the bottom and top part.


  • Lunar's head fur style is resembled from fan art images of MagnaLuna Princess Luna, just without the dark blue tips at the bottom.
  • CerisTheHedgehog AKA EnderWatcherCeris was going to keep Lunar's voice as Melissa Hutchinson for her Sonic Boom fanfics, however decided she wanted a little change, finally changing from the idea of Tabitha St. Germain to Heather Masters. This was now changed to Karissa Lee Staples.
  • Born in the month of June, month of the Moonstone, her zodiac is a Cancer.
  • She is 15 years of age.
  • Lunar is a native Hindi, as her homeland consisted of culture to that of Hinduism and Chinese culture, which explains her certain tastes, life style, language, and dances through music.
  • The Moon Crystal can shrink and increase its size at ease, tall enough to reach the ending height of trees and small enough to be a decorative chakra.
    • Lunar keeps the crystal in the form of a chakra on her forehead, having it with her at all times as protection and preparation.
  • Lunar's illusions have proven to rival those like Infinite and Astelle with experienced training, with hers formed in proficient solidary and accurate sounds of the real thing than theirs.
  • Loyal Brave True from Mulan is a theme that stands out to Lunar's devotion and bravery to stay by her friends and never give up until peace is found in all of Mobius. She is determined to keep her family name alive and never lose faith, but the struggles in her fights can affect her to reflect on her teachings when in doubt, troubled, or in a state of somber. With the guidance of her family and friends of the living and dead by her side, Lunar had continued to fight for the right cause with endless faith in herself and those she had come to her friends to love and protect as long as they were by her side.
    • Armor by Landon Austin is a theme that represents how Lunar, and Shadow see within each other. They were first known as enemies due to their alignment, but it was certain that they developed a first glance never-to-be-the-same-again connection that felt so unknown to them. They realized that the more they encountered each other, the more they realize their odd connections grew stronger, and they get a deep dive of their character and origins that both never knew, yet, similar in many ways. Both slowly became close, with Shadow showing a bit more of a soft, caring side (even though he still retains his aloof, broad behavior) around Lunar, while she displays endless empathy, respect and care for him. These hidden traits unraveled between the two revealed their development of their close friendship and the strongest hidden feeling that seemed unknown before, but one they came to realize and accept to release. Love.
  • Lunar has claimed to be allergic to chocolate, her allergy to chocolate is possibly a reference to the fact that, alike dogs, wolves lack a metabolizing enzymes that break down the theobromine and caffeine in chocolate, considering the fact that an average wolf is about 100 pounds, they would need to consume 70 ounces of chocolate to possibly die.