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Madeline the Hedgehog is a anthropomorphic Mobian hedgehog who is an orphan raised under the care of a town in Crystal Town after her grandfather abandons her on the citizen doorstep near her house when she was a infant. After turning 14 years old and almost 15 witch is less then a few weeks, Madeline receives a sword called the Sword of Legends and she is about to reach the age of bravery and go on adventures with her chao companion Rickey. However, Madeline plans to become the ultimate hero. During her adventures on Infinite Island, Madeline eventually formed a strong bond with the Interceptors and joined them as their secret wild card in their ongoing battles against the Gator Crew and Goblin Tribes and help them out where needed. Madeline the Hedgehog is a fan character created by Disco the HedgeFox (Known as sonicgalaxy27 on YouTube)

Concept and Creation

In 2017, sonicgalaxy27 was planning to make a couple of his new Sonic OCs during the time when Sonic Forces Avatar trailer was revealed to the Sonic community. After Sonic Forces was released, He was planning to make 8 new Sonic OCs base on some of the avatar customization. But, he felt like its not going to work out and it won't turn out pretty good like some popular Sonic OCs across the internet and won't outmatch them due to their unique artstyles.

After Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 2: Season 2 was release in February 2020, he play a battle pass character Skye many times in different matches like solos and squads. He thought that Skye is a beautiful or best skin and has a cool appearance in Fortnite. During sonicgalaxy27 time playing as her, he decided of a new Sonic OC appearance to almost match Skye from Fortnite that can stand out really well to have a unique adventure personality like Sonic from Sonic the Hedgehog franchise and Finn or Fionna the Human from the popular Cartoon Network animated series Adventure Time.

Her first design had her in a tank top, shorts and white boots. Her next design featured her in a orange shirt, blue jacket, black pants, brown belt, boots and a beanie which it was her final design.

According to sonicgalaxy27, 7 of his new Sonic OCs names, appearances, genders and species still remains.


Madeline is a anthropomorphic hedgehog with blonde hair, blue eyes, peach skin on her muzzle, arms and body. She has a small black nose. She has ten short head quills point downwards on her back side and four bangs locks of hair on her forehead and a short tail.

Madeline current outfit. Art by Zane Aisaka on Animo.

For attire, She wears a blue denim jacket over a orange shirt. She wears tight black pants, blue and black fingerless gloves, and winter boots with gray soles as well and wears a lime green bear beanie on her head witch is her pet and companion name Ricky who acts as a beanie. However, when he is not on her head, his actual form is a medium size bear.

When ever she goes on adventures, she always carries her backpack to hold her sword on her back.

After losing half her memories and stranded on a big island along with Rickey, she wears a brown midriff-baring tube top and a skirt and goes completely barefoot.


As young as she seems to be, Madeline is a cheerful, brave, selfless and kind individual who most often speaks with a British accent. Due to her lack of skills and moves, She frequently receives cruel opinions and bad insults from almost to others she meets in her path which that doesn't bother her anymore. Her aspirations is to become a great hero.

Madeline appears to have developed a slightly normal sarcastic nature as she tries to defend herself from other people and doesn't get annoyed by there insults. However, she can become a bit irritated at times when others deeply insult her friends, but she will not hesitate to confront them as she tries to defend her friends from worse insults.

Base on her determination to be a great hero, she is very excited for new adventures and waiting for something awaits her when she travels which described her as a adventure-loving hero.

Madeline has a good strong sense of justice and believes that everyone deserves to be protected and she is willing to help any innocents where needed by bad creatures such as, Goblins, Vampires, and Monsters. She sometimes holds her enemies accountable for their misdeeds and wrongdoings, regardless if she's willing to forgive them or not.

She sometimes can be stupid and foolish at times even not coming up with a plan to defeat strong foes and she sometimes gets a bit upset at times when she is unable to help others. Madeline can be a bit stubborn without taking the easy way out of tough situations she is in.

Madeline is a loveable person who cares mostly about her friends and also tells others not to leave her friends behind on any particular disaster they are in. This shows that she has a compassionate side who always looks out for her friends. She has a hard time facing tough opponents sometimes by herself and she also realizes she has friends to back her up in troubling situations and believes strongly in teamwork. Madeline is fully committed to helping out anyone in need at anytime, even if it means getting herself into trouble or being despised by others.

Madeline is shown to have three weaknesses. She has chiroptophobia, a fear of bats because of their teeth fearing she will get turn in to a vampire. Other weaknesses that Madeline has is she is allergic to coconuts and it will cause her skin to have a rash in her entire body making her itch. Another weakness that Madeline basically have is being tickled. She is extremely ticklish on her abdomen and feet even when one of her enemies tried to restrained her to make her talk.

During her time on Infinite island from amnesia she suffered, this personality of Madeline has more of a tenacious hunting skills by hunting for boars or food on the island. This shows that she has more of survival skills in the wilderness such as making shelters, cooking meats and swinging through trees vines.   

Madeline enjoys wonderful things in life around the Island such as swinging in vines, going swimming and do some training to improve her skills. Madeline possesses a truly kind and compassionate personality in her state in mind. For example, she shed some tears around her companion Rickey by hugging him when he is almost getting close to near death by the poisonous spider venom expressing her feelings towards him and cares very much about him as a true friend.

During her battle with the Spider King, Madeline was also known to be willing to rescue her enemies life's. For example of this, when Spider King was about to witness his demise in the lave pit deep in the cave, Madeline shout his name twice and about to rescue him from falling in the pool of lava even so Spider King kidnap Madeline and Rickey and attempted to kill them by eating them. This proves that, like most heroes do, she is one to spare her enemies mistakenly.

Madeline states that she will kill her enemies if she has to only if they are a huge threat to her friends, her home and the world.     


Even she lives in a giant sea turtle most of her life, She is almost 15 when she about to reach the age of bravery. However, She sometimes forgets her own birthday.


Madeline was born on a giant sea turtle island that she lives in and lives in a town called Crystal Town witch is located on the right leg of the sea turtle. She also grow up and born in the orphanage after she was pick up by her foster mother in the basket outside of her home and discovers her name to be Madeline. At the age of 6, She also dreamed and tells her foster mother that she will be the greatest warrior and hero someday. However at the age of 7, she was asked to deliver important letter to the king of the sea turtle island in the middle of the shell during sunset. However, she was attacked by some 5 strange wolves, but she notice that they are not ordinary wolves they are demon wolves that got turn in to a demon. They were planning to kill her instead of turning her in to a demon and they injurie her arm when she was trying to escape but later, she was saved by a unnamed swordsman by killing the 5 demon wolves with just one slash.

Madeline was thankful to him for saving her and the unnamed swordsman knot at her and told her that he will deliver the letter to the king himself and he doesn't live on the sea turtle he was just visiting he said and later rides off with his motorbike and yells at her that he is a hero to everyone as the sun starts setting.

14 years later, at the age of 14 and almost 15, Madeline appears in the middle of the village in the middle of the sea turtle shell eating old fashion beard walking around while other people on sight doing random stuff and later she discovered a blue light in the forest and saw a blue sword in the stone witch is glowing blue witch presuming awaiting for its new master to wield its power and sword.

Later back in the village in the market place where the Emerald kingdom is, she notice that she saw a statue of a hero who used the same blue sword long ago and save everyone in the island from a giant spider demon. However, she told some people who saw the statue of a hero that she will be the great hero one day just like anyone else out there and they started laughing at her thinking she can't be a real hero, they think she is nothing but a loser and coward. but, some two guys name, Lucas and Gary called her a joke and push her on the ground and insulting her. They notice that she will never become the best hero and criticized her for a lack of skill and cowardliness.

Madeline told the two of them that she will become the world best hero she can be and later she runs off broken down in to tears after being insulted by Lucas and Gary for not becoming a hero one day. Later on, She continues to cry in the woods and accept the comments she gotten from two brave warriors and she encounter a demon like creature who looks like a dark red hedgewolf who found her crying and planning to turn her in to a demon by grabbing on to her by grabbing both her hands when she failed to escape.

Madeline was scared and begging for her life after asking the demon Hedgewolf to let her go. But, he refuses to do so. He is about to perform the biting ritual on her, he was stopped by a wolf after the wolf bite his hand and injuring him completely. The demon Hedgewolf ran after the wolf in the forest.

Later on, Madeline was about to hide for safety in the woods but later, she was killed by another demon Hedgewolf who drown her in the deep of the crystal lake while disguise himself as a innocent mobian. Her body was discovered by her foster brother in the woods and he starts broken down in to tears.

Later during her funeral at the Emerald kingdom outside at night, Lucas and Gary crash the funeral by destroying everyone and everything in the funeral on sight with there magical weapons and prove them that they are the best warriors and heroes ever witch they turn out to be frauds and pretended to be heroes to get money and fame from everyone in the kingdom. They also revealed that they hired a few demons to kill her due to her cowardliness and being too weak for looking pathetic

After Lucas and Gary continue there rampage on to everyone in the Emerald kingdom, the sword of legends awakens from its long 300 year slumber from its stone in the woods and flow to its new master. However, the sword reach Madeline casket and glows a bit bright right in front of her casket and the sword resurrected Madeline and she grabs it.

Back in the outside of the leaf kingdom while Lucas and Gary continues there rampage in town. However, they notice that Madeline is alive after appearing right in front of them and comment how is she alive. But she made no comment toward them and remain silent to focus on them. However, Lucas and Gary launches a 3 chain attacks with a Morningstar on her with there weapons but failed to do so after she slashes them and break there chains. She later approaches them by speeding toward them and sends them flying to the wall with her sword and both loses consciousness, due to the attack they received from Madeline.    

Powers & Abilities

Weapons and equipment

Despite for not having any type of superpowers and all, Madeline is armed with her sword she wield called the Sword of Legends at all times on her backpack. She is very good on using her sword skills which makes her a aggressive fighter. However her sword is not meant to cut through strong metal but it can also make loud sounds by slamming her sword against any metal which will cause a sonic sound attack. Her sword can also reflect fire balls and ice blast. Even without her sword, She can used hand to hand combat skills to defend herself.

Madeline also has a axe which she made after being stranded on a island along with Rickey. However, It can do more damage to others and reflect bullets, but the axe can be destroyed easily with a strong force. She cam also used it to take down any prey during battle. Madeline also has an arsenal of additional weapons available which include a slingshot and bow & arrow.

Despite being stranded on infinite island, Madeline has extreme sharp wilderness survival skills in various areas, such as creating shelters, fires, cooking meats and swing through trees vines. She is also capable of facing off leopards, hyenas, baboons, snakes, crocodiles, jackals, and goblins making her have great acrobatic skills of being capable of dodging incoming attacks and do wall jumps.

Madeline may do acrobatic skills, but she is also a great swimmer who can pull off undersea traversing.   

  • Sonic Slash: The blue slash that came from her sword and it can slash her opponent by pushing her opponent towards anything behind them.
  • Blue Meteorite: The user charges towards a target, injuring them and knock them unconscious. However, it can cut right through anything without harming the opponent. The user is even capable of changing direction regardless of the speed at which they are traveling in.
  • Light up Sword: The sword can light up on its own in dark places such as caves and forests.
  • Enhanced Strength: Madeline possesses a high level of physical strength and able to swing her sword with such force that her opponents break stone when they crash.
  • Enhanced Durability: Madeline possesses a high durability, as seen when she is able to keep standing up on her feet sometimes, despite receiving numerous attacks from her opponents.
  • Enhanced Hearing: During her time in the jungle, she used her ears to hear out sounds that is from far away, but she can only hear something 30 meters away.
  • Acrobatics: Madeline allows herself to do flashy acrobatic techniques, used to avoid or dodging incoming attacks from her opponents. However, she even capable on doing wall jumps to buildings and trees.
  • Enhanced Speed: Madeline is able to move at greater speeds, able to free run on treetops without losing her balance but. she can get pretty exhausted from all that running. She can also move things at enhanced speeds too, like swinging her sword blade. For example, she runs at a opponent and deflecting Ice shards in different directions with her sword.
  • Enhanced Endurance: Madeline is resilient to great amount of injuries. She was able to withstand the impact after falling from eighth stories of any kind of building or trees without showing any sign of injuries and discomfort. She withstood attacks from her opponents like Goblin Brute and Havoc.
  • Enhanced Stamina: Madeline possesses a high stamina and much more like Olympic-level athletes. She was able to handle and stay much alive while fighting a long battle and defeat all of Goblin Lord henchmen. However, she can get worn out a bit easily during a very long fight with her opponents.
  • Shockproof: She has some resistance to electricity since she was able to take an electrical attack from Charlotte, quickly recovering from it. However, she can still feel a little pain from these types of shocks despite her immunity of electricity.
  • Electrokinesis: Madeline sword can harness the power of electricity by allowing her to have a electric aura surrounding her whole body. This aura amplifies all of her physical attributes, speed, strength, and endurance a bit for 5 minutes. When time runs out, she will lose amounts of speed, strength and stamina during any battle leaving her in a vulnerable state for a short time. Furthermore, Madeline can also used this ability with her Axe weapon as well due to her connection with the Sword of Legends she was chosen with.
  • Enhanced Jump: During her training with Bruce, Madeline was physically conditioned and taught how to leap and jump six feet into the air.
  • Weapon proficiency: Even without her Sword of Legends whatsoever, Madeline was shown to have proficient with most weapons she comes across and utilize most additional weapons on what's available. She is proficient in wielding staffs, axes, maces, clubs, bo, slingshot and regular swords.


  • She is allergic to coconuts.
  • She is afraid of bats.
  • Madeline is extremely ticklish on her abdomen and feet.



Rickey the Hero Chao (best friend)

As roommates, best friends in a foster home, Madeline is Rickey's best friend and both share an deep incredibly strong bond with each other and have a mutual respect for each other. However, Madeline can sometimes get frustrated with Rickey because of his laziness. Rickey who often tries to relax and calm Madeline personality in the face of a tough struggle, frequently advising her not to worry while he sometimes leads Madeline down to the wrong path. Rickey is an encouraging and protective figure in Madeline life but Madeline and Rickey have saved each other's lives on tenth occasions, and often go on adventures and hangout together by themselves a lot recently.

Madeline sees Rickey as a brother figure and cares very deeply about him who basically help her out on tough situations and always got each others back willing to put themselves at risk for those they love and care about. However, both tend to be reckless on major events throughout their adventures. For example, Madeline gets very upset about not wanting to lose her friend after he got his soul taken out by the Soultaker.

Both of them will likewise always be there for each other thick and thin whenever one of them needs support for their adventures. Demonstrating how close their relationship is getting, they have proven themselves a near-perfect duo and they have demonstrated good teamwork in combat.

During her adventures on Infinite and suffer from memory loss, Madeline shed some tears around her companion Rickey by hugging him when he is almost getting close to near death by the poisonous spider venom expressing her feelings towards him showing Madeline possesses a true kind and compassionate nature towards Rickey and cares very deeply about him as a true friend.

Mazarine the HedgeCat

Mazarine and Madeline are very good friends who first met while exploring in a dungeon. However, both of them are in good terms with each other. Mazarine thoughts Madeline skills and her swordsmanship are very interesting and greatness. Mazarine treats Madeline as a comrade and friend, but she sometimes see her as a knight.

Infinite Island friends and allies

Leo the Lion

Even so he is a regular lion, who stands on his 4 paws and talks who speaks calmly, Madeline sees him as a brave lion after he saves her from three leopards who almost killed her on Infinite Island. However he sense no pure evil in her whatsoever and Madeline sees him as a new friend as of she and Rickey invite him to stay in their treehouse which he feels really comfortable inside of their home when he is sleeping on the floor on a mat.

Mikey the Gorilla

Mikey is a fun-loving regular gorilla who lives in Infinite Island and is basically have a great relationship with Madeline. But, he taught her how to used a bow during target practice making them bond a little closer to each other as a friendly person. Mikey enjoys spending time with Madeline, however she was annoyed by him when he wakes her up in the morning at times in Madeline and Rickey's treehouse by yelling WAKE UP!!!.

Sarah the Cat

Sarah is a 15 year old anthropomorphic purple Cat and a close friend of Madeline who share a sisterly relationship for each other. However, both seem to be in good terms for each other during their first meet in Infinite Island. Sarah cheers Madeline up at times whenever something got her down. Madeline sees Sarah as a sister to her after almost being eaten by one of the Goblin minions. When working together, Madeline and Sarah are a solid team, displaying a good-oiled collaboration in different situations, like combat, setting up traps, and wilderness survival.

Sarah is rather a clumsy person where she would hurt herself by tripping over something right in front of her. Whenever Sarah appears, she is shown not wearing any type of shoes or footwear, but she was shown with bandages wrapped around in the middle of her feet. However, she doesn't have any powers or skills but she along with Acorn always cooks for her friends when they get hungry at times.

Bruce the Fox

Bruce is a 16 year old anthropomorphic red Fox and a older brother of Sarah who basically has a lot of respect of Madeline strength and her as a fighter which he sometimes call her warrior. However, he started falling in love with her which Madeline has not realized or acknowledge them yet fearing that she will not accept his true feelings even if he has to make up an excuse about it. When Bruce save Madeline's companion Rickey from being eaten by a giant snake, He started to nervously blush a little when Madeline hug him for saving his best friend and gets a little shy about not admitting his true feelings to her.

Bruce keeps a healthy and loyal friendship with her during battles and adventures. However, Madeline see him as a strong samurai warrior when he slice 5 Goblins heads with his sword. Both started fighting together when they are surrounded by 20 goblin minions and both developed a strong good friendship as fellow warriors. After Bruce find out Madeline was wounded by Scar the Wolf, he was planning to take on the captain for hurting her and for keeping her as a prisoner on his ship. When Bruce attempted to give Madeline a CPR, he started to blush a little when Madeline opens her eyes after almost drown in the ocean by a giant octopus.

Bruce wears a kung fu shoes on his feet and carry's a samurai sword and kunai with him.

Snowflake the Spidermonkey (good friend)

Snowflake is a young fun and goofy anthropomorphic Spidermonkey who always enjoys having fun with others including Madeline. However both maintain a strong relationship where the two would often play hop scotch, tick tac toe and swinging vine race showing them have a playful relationship with each other. Snowflake is willingly to assisted Madeline in anyway such as helping her climb up a tree and rocky mountains. When Snowflake meet up with Madeline, he likes to make her laugh at times by tickling her abdomen and feet even restraining her by tickling her.

Acorn the Squirrel

Acorn is a 19 year old anthropomorphic teal Squirrel who often speaks with a country accent and a member of the Interceptors. When Acorn was grabbing tons of sea creatures near the river for the village, she met Madeline on top of the big rocking cliff when she was alone and both became friends immediately. Acorn was really impressed with Madeline acrobatic skills after she fought one of the Gator Crews minions in the forest.

Acorn basically have a good relationship with Madeline and always looking out for her from any endangerment situation. However, she later realized that Madeline has her friends to back her up on troubling situation she is in and cares for them coming back safely. Acorn can get a little upset when one of her friends gets badly injured or killed. She was the one that got Madeline and Rickey to join the Interceptors. Acorn is armed with a boomerang that she used to attack her enemies with. Whenever Acorn appears, she is always seen with a jungle navy blue loincloth/tube dress and completely barefooted.

Spike the Triceratops

Spike is a young Triceratops who lives on Infinite Island and he is the last of his kind. Spike mostly enjoys having fun with others including Madeline and always lends a helping hand to those in need who are in danger. Spike allow Madeline to ride on him to hangout with her a bit more while they are wandering in the jungle showing there kind friendly relationship to each other.

Gecko Squads

They are the 4 villainous group of four menacing Lizards and they first encounter Madeline and Rickey while they hunt for boars near the other side of the forest in Infinite Island. Gecko is a green Lizard and the leader of the four and have a goal to destroyed Madeline and Rickey by eating them. However, Gecko has a poison bite which he can poison his victims in combat. Gecko once poison Sarah by biting her arm to prevent her for retreating.

Gecko later revealed that his squads only attack Madeline and her friends because they said that they are going to take over Infinite Island by making a army of slaves and destroyed his Squads for evil (which is, of course, not true). Bruce explains the situation to Gecko and his squads and said that the island is there home too and quickly finds out that Vile lies to them by using them just to keep Madeline and others at bay to prevent them for getting their plans interrupted. Gecko, Mondo, Hydra and Geico apologize to them for there wrongdoings and accepted them as there allies.

Interceptors Members

Steve the Wolf

Steve is a 16 year old anthropomorphic silver Wolf and a member of the Interceptors. Steve develops a crush on Madeline when he first met her during the Goblin Tribes attacks and she has not realized or acknowledge his true feelings yet. However, both are in good terms with each other but Steve is really impress of Madeline's martial arts and acrobatic skills during the battle with Hazel the Crocodile.

Daruk the Dog

Darunk is a anthropomorphic dog did not viewed Madeline as a threat to the Interceptors but, Acorn was going to recruit her as a new member of the team but Darunk turn down Acorn's offer and did not accept Madeline as a member of the group. After seeing Madeline sharp skills for battling one of the Gator crew minions, Darunk accept her as one of the members of the Interceptors and both are in good terms with each other. Madeline will help the team out where needed on certain events.

Hops the Rabbit

Hops the Rabbit is one of the fellow members of the interceptors and acts as a brother figure towards Madeline. Madeline believes Hops is one of the most dependable members in the group and both seem to get along rarely.

Pudgy the Parrot

Pudgy the Parrot is one of Madeline's allies, friend and spy in the Interceptors. Both are in good terms with each other on missions and always looks out for their teammates.


Roger the Wolf

Roger who basically has frequently at odds with Madeline whatsoever. Madeline never show any respect for him after he tries to scare children with his Ice powers and terrorize the innocents homes just to get what he wants. Madeline gets irritated at Roger for his selfish acts for making people miserable by holding them captive in his dungeon.

After saving him for almost getting his soul taken out by the SoulTaker. He falls deeply in love with Madeline and calling her, my angel. But she has not realized or acknowledge his feelings yet. Roger had 2 pictures of her in his scrapbook.


The Goblin Tribes

The enemies of Madeline. They first encounter her on Infinite Island on the south side on the beach, although Madeline seems to be the one who has a few interactions towards the Goblin King himself and she is a bit aware of the Goblin King's plans. The Goblin King and his fellow mini goblins will do anything to get what they want and they like to eat foxes and hedgehogs as their prize meal. However, not only they eat both of those creatures but they can also eat any type meat. The Goblin King and his minions have a goal to raid any type of villages and sometimes claim it as their own homebased and keep the innocents as prisoners.

They also have another goal to catch Madeline and eat her dead or alive which is basically their main prey by stopping her from interfering with their plans.

Goblin Lord

As the highest rank of his kind, Goblin King one of Madeline's enemies and makes himself the only Goblin race with bigger plans rather then killing victims or eating them. People in the village call him a sociopathic, ruthless and violet Goblin creature who treated Mobian's and other creatures as his slaves. Goblin King first encounter Madeline when his minions was about to attack her friends. Whenever, one of his plans failed, he develops a deep hatred towards Madeline and plans to catch her and eat her dead or alive or keep her as a prisoner. Goblin King is armed with a flame sword on his back.

Goblin Brute

Goblin Brute is a large muscular Goblin is another enemy of Madeline and Rickey and second in command. Whenever he appears, he's always armed with a giant spike club with him at all times.

The Spider King

Spider King is one of Madeline's enemies. For being a Spider King, he honestly wanted to kill Madeline and Rickey by making them their dinner. During her fight with Spider King, Madeline was about to save his life when Spider King was about to witness his demise in the lave pit deep in the cave. Madeline grab hold of his hand, but her hands started to be slippery due to the heat temperature. Spider King was about to be save by her, but he fell in the pool of lava killing him instantly by trying to get the shining crystal for himself.

Wolf Pirates

Wolf Pirates is also indeed one of Madeline and Rickey's enemies. The pirate members encounters them when both of them was caught in a fishing net by one of the wolf pirate members on their huge pirate ship and the leader of the wolf pirate Captain Scar took both of them as prisoners by locking them up in their cells with shackles on them.

Scar the Wolf

Scar the Wolf is one of Madeline and Rickey's greatest enemies and lender of the wolf pirates. Madeline and Rickey who basically help Scar on getting the treasure and gold for him underwear. But soon after, he abandoned them on a small boat by tricking them to help him get the treasure just to make a profit out of them. After he is making his escape with the gold treasures including Madeline's Sword of Legends, he shot the boat with his gun to prevent them for going after him.

Madeline and Rickey meet Scar again on his big pirate ship boat after they got caught in a fishing net by his crew. While Madeline and Rickey was locked up in their cells, Scar check on both of them and claims he sees them before. But, both Madeline and Rickey mention that they didn't know who Scar is probably due to them suffer from memory loss. After Madeline and Rickey made their escape from their cells, Scar shot Madeline in her left arm wounded her completely when both of them about to escape from the pirates and return to Infinite Island.

Charlotte the Hedgewolf

Charlotte the HedgeWolf is a young dark purple anthropomorphic Hedgewolf and she is one of Madeline's and Rickey's enemies and the member of the wolf pirates and second-in-command. Charlotte dislike both Madeline and Rickey because she finds them completely annoying and doesn't get them at all. Charlotte is a 22 year old and she is armed with a sword.

Demon Queen

Demon Queen is Madeline's arch-nemesis. They first met when Madeline was getting close to be turn in to a demon by the hands of one of the Demon Queen members.

Gator Crews

Havoc the Crocodile

Havoc is a large anthropomorphic light purple Crocodile who is one of Madeline and Rickey's enemies on Infinite Island. Havoc doesn't really like both of them that much and finds them completely annoying when the Gator Crew got their plans ruin by them. He is a high ranking bodyguard who serves under the Gator Crew boss and second-in-command. Havoc appearance is similar Krusha from the Donkey Kong franchise.

Vile the Crocodile

Vile is a large anthropomorphic blue/green Crocodile who is one of Madeline's greatest enemies on Infinite Island. Vile is the lender of the Gator Crew and inhabits in treacherous cave with the rest of the Gator Crews and its minions. Vile is a cruel and heartless individual who sometimes put some villagers in their prison cells in the cave just to take what belongs to them that is related to treasure or gold. After his first meeting with Madeline and Rickey, he sees them as a threat to the Gator Crew.

Vile and his Gator Crew has a goal by enslaving the villagers, rule Infinite Island and enslaving Madeline and Rickey as their prisoners. Vile was responsible for the death of Bruce and Sarah's parents when they were 4 or 5 years old. Vile is armed with a big Sword.

Brick the Crocodile

Brick is a strong anthropomorphic dark red Crocodile who is basically one of Madeline and Rickey's enemies. Brick is a gullible and strong person who basically do whatever Havoc tells him to do which he gets a bit irritated about it at times when he is being told what to do by him due to Havoc being second-in-command. After being granted for being third-in-command by Vile, Brick is quite soft deep down inside him.

After scratching Madeline's arm and tearing out in pain from her wound, he developed romantic feelings towards her which Madeline has not realize or acknowledge his actual feelings yet making her a little clueless. Brick at times blush a little when Madeline gets a little to close to him while fighting her.

Sludge the Brute Crocodile

Sludge is a large muscular dark brown Crocodile is another enemy of Madeline and Rickey and a member of the Gator Crew. Whenever he appears, he's always armed with a giant club with him at all times. During the battle with Madeline, Sludge grab both Madeline arms and tickle her completely to torture her and got the Gator crew minions to help out to tickle her feet with there claws.

Hazel the Crocodile

Hazel is a light purple thin female Crocodile and one of Madeline and Rickey's enemies on Infinite Island. After they first met, Hazel deeply dislike Madeline due to her being a Hedgehog and gets irritated by her for interfering with Vile's plans to rule Infinite Island. For whatever reasons in her mind, Hazel appears to be a ruthless greedy villain and she also enjoys jewelry and diamonds which was shown in her room.

Hazel once restrained Madeline with shackles in Vile's dungeon cells to torture her completely by tickling her abdomen and feet with her claws.

Larry the Crocodile

Larry is a young blue thin male Crocodile and one of Madeline and Rickey's enemies on Infinite Island. Larry doesn't appear to wield any weapons, but he manage to used hand to hand combat skills and his claws while fighting Madeline. Larry loves to play with action figures and torture his enemies.


"Even without any special power and skills. I will be the greatest hero ever. MY COURAGE AND STRENGTH NEVER GIVING UP!!!!"
—She tells two bad guys that she will be a great hero after she slammed her sword on them and slammed them against the wall knocking them out cold.
"I can't let my training go to waste. I need to work harder"
—She tells herself that she will keep training.
"Please let go of me please."
—She looks scared and ask the demon to let go of her after the demon grab both her hands and tried to turn her in to a demon.
"I'm not gonna let you insult my friends like that. So, back off."
—She was trying to defend Azmaria.
"No matter how hard I tried. I will never become a great hero like other people out there. Maybe there right. I guess somethings aren't really that possible. I guess some things aren't meant to be."
—She was thinking in her mind and accepts the two guys words that she won't a great warrior and hero.
"I will be a great hero one day and I will show you guys I will be one of the best there is. I.......I will."
—She tells others in the middle of the sea turtle island that she will be the best hero ever and later she runs off broken down in to tears after being insulted by others that she won't be a hero.
"Stop please. You don't have to do this. I didn't do anything to you guys. I swear. "
—She looks scared and start to shed tears to beg for her life to tell the demon hedgewolf to don't turn her in to a demon.
"I will show anyone I'm capable of being a hero. I'm the best mobian hero."
—She tells her new friends that she will be the best hero she can be.
"Ricky. turn in to a glider. We can catch them."
—She tell her friend to turn in to a glider to catch a hedgehog demon.
"This sword is really cool. Am I its new master?"
—Madeline realize the sword from its stone is her new master.
"That is true. I was weak and afraid back then. I wasn't brave and strong enough. I'm gonna do whatever it takes to become the ultimate hero and show everyone that I'm the greatest hero ever."
—She is having a duel with a demon hedgehog and telling him she will be the ultimate hero.
"I dream that I want to become a hero just like that person on the statue. I want to become a great hero and a ultimate warrior and have my statue be place in the middle of the town so everyone on the sea turtle island can see it."
—She tells a 61 year old male Mobian duck that she will be a great hero one day and have a statue in the middle of the town.
"Don't worry guys. I will come back and visit. I promise. Or write a letter to you guys. "
—She tells her 2 foster sisters and a brother that she will comeback and visit her hometown again.
"Aw come on you can't be serious Bianca. We just went in that direction over and over again."
—She freaks out and tells Bianca that they went in the same direction or path over again.
"Cool Azmaria. I don't mind going for a swim."
—She agrees to Azmaria that she doesn't mind going for a swim on the beach.
"This guy is sure is strong for using 2 duel blades. But, I won't let my guard down."
—Madeline telling Disco and Sonny that she won't let her guard down with some strong foe.
"Unlike you. Were not trying to be extremely strong and popular just to get our way whatever we want. We used those skills and power to protect each other and help everyone in need. That's the only reason why we made it this far."
—She is talking to a strong mobian like goblin teaching him a lesson.
"Hey that's no fair, my pie is bigger then yours."
—Madeline is telling Genie that her pie is bigger then hers.
"Don't worry. I won't let them hurt you."
—She was defending a little girl in golden town from anyone.
"I can read his energy, It seems like his power is off the charts."
—Madeline telling her friends that a new threat has appear right in front of them
"You don't care much about anyone else around here, all you care about is money, fame, and rupees. That's all you care about. Your just being greedy like some other people in the world"
—She is talking to a theft and pointed a sword at him.
"I will never surrender by any evil beings like you. Not in a million years."
—She tells a demon that she will never surrender to them.
"You know rickey we have been friends for 5 months now. I just don't remember what happened to us and me"
—She tells Rickey that she doesn't remember what happened to them and suffering from amnesia.
"thanks. Rickey. I don't know what happened us but I really don't remember how we got here on infinite island. I'm only 15."
—Madeline explains to Rickey that she and him doesn't remember how they got on the island
"The raptors are here. Rickey. lets get them."
—She and Rickey are about to fight 3 raptors.
"This mango fruit is really good Rickey. good thing we kill those goblins before they try to kill us."
—Madeline having some mango fruit with Rickey
"Yeah. If you fall in the poison swamp, you'll be poison and you will be a goner."
—She is telling her friends to not to fall in the poison swamp.
"Eggman is sure of a idiot for leaving this behind."
—She is telling Rickey that Eggman left something behind.
"Yeah. watching karate movies are one of my favorites to watch Joshua"
—She is telling Joshua that she likes to watch karate movies sometimes.
"I'm not a monkey, I'm a hedgehog you stupid wolf pirates"
—Madeline telling the wolf pirates she is not a monkey.
"Its gonna be tough to handle the Goblin Lord Rickey. lets keep our guard up."
—She warning Rickey that its going to be hard to beat the Goblin Lord.
"Hey quick it. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. That tickles."
—She is being tickle by Snowflake the Spidermonkey.
"I'm ok Bruce, but his flame sword just cut me a little. But he almost got my face."
—She tells Bruce that the Goblin Lord flame sword just cut her a little.
"Rickey, slingshot me. I'm gonna aim for his head."
—Madeline telling Rickey to slingshot her so she can aim for the Goblin Lord head.
"Well, I only have two of these dresses Acorn."
—She told Acorn that she only have two pair of her midriff-baring tube top and a skirt.
"Hey, let go of me. I'm not that tasty."
—She tells the Goblin Brute to release her.
"Your ready for a beatdown Havoc by me and Rickey?"
—Madeline is preparing to fight Havoc.
"Rickey, Not only your my pet and my companion, but your also my best friend. I love you Rickey."
—Madeline started crying and express her feelings towards Rickey and love him as a friend when he is getting close to near death.
"is there something you want to tell me Bruce?"
—She was told by Bruce that he wanted to tell her something.
"Hazel, you might be cool and tough, but we won't let you escape for taking people's treasure like that."
—She is telling Hazel to give back the treasure she took from the villagers.
"Swinging in the vines is really fun Rickey."
—She is telling Rickey that she enjoys swing through tree vines.
"Oh no. Me and Rickey can't get out of the tar pit. Its a little hot and sticky."
—She is telling Leo that she and Rickey can't get out of the tar pit.
"Don't worry, Bruce, Sarah, Snowflake and everyone. I will comeback and visit you guys again real soon since I got my memories back."
—Madeline tells everyone that she will comeback and visit Infinite Island again.
"Yeah. I can still wear this jungle outfit for the entire vacation. I made this outfit when I first came to this Island. I'm only wearing it again for memories and how I met you guys."
—She tells Leo that she will wear her midriff-baring tube top and a skirt for the entire vacation and for memories.
"I'm ok Sarah. I just step in something really sticky on my feet."
—Madeline tells Sarah that she has been stepping some sticky slime on her feet.
"Hey. Stop Hazel. That tickles. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I won't talk. ha ha ha ha."
—She is being tickled in her feet and abdomen by Hazel from her claws while be restrained and refuse to tell her where the Diamond orb is.
"No please. Not my feet. Anything but that. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Stop it please. I'm ticklish. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. ok. I will talk."
—She continues to be tickled by Hazel from her claws while being restrained and got Sludge to help out to tickle her feet.
"Don't worry Daruk. Me and Rickey are on the case to find Hops the Rabbit."
—Madeline tells Daruk that she and Rickey will find Hops.
"Gecko. Its not you and your crew fault. Me and Rickey love this Island too, but we are going to do everything we can to stop Goblin Lord and Vile for conquering it. Its our home. We protect it."
—Madeline tells the Gecko Squads Its not there fault for attacking them.
"This apple pie is really good Sarah and Acorn."
—Madeline tries the apple pie that Sarah and Acorn made.
"Dang it. My axe is broken. I need something to defend myself from those Goblin minions Rickey."
—Madeline comments that her axe is broken after fighting a Goblin Brute.
"Don't worry Snowflake. We will have some more fun tomorrow, but right now the Gator Crews need to be stopped."
—Madeline tells Snowflake that the Gator Crews need to be defeated.
"Wow thanks Daruk. And thanks for the new and improve axe you guys gave me."
—Madeline thanks Colonel Daruk for the new axe they gave her.


  • Madeline clothing outfit is inspired by a Fortnite skin character Skye from Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 2 season 2. Both wear the same color clothes, brown backpack, a pet beanie living creature, have a adventure personality and wield the same color swords.
    • However, Unlike Skye from Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 2 season 2, Madeline doesn't have black hair, a sweater around her torso, a camera around her neck, she doesn't live in the shark and she is not classified as a spy
  • Madeline strikes the same familiar pose as Skye from Fortnite Battle Royale.
  • She was going to have orange hair, but Disco prefer to have her in a blonde hair instead which fits well on her. However, Her hair color is the inspiration to a Pokémon character Lillie from the Pokémon Sun & Moon game and anime series.
  • She was going to have a American accent but later, she has a British accent instead.
  • Her favorite color is blue.
  • Madeline favorite things are the sky, camping out, her pet companion Rickey and eating marshmallows.
  • Madeline quote is very similar to the character Asta from Black Clover Manga and Anime series episode 2 as both of them wide slash and slammed there opponents against the wall with there swords after making a comment on their goals. However, Madeline slammed two of her opponents against the wall at nighttime with her Sword of Legends and Asta slammed one opponent Revchi Salik against the wall at sunset with his Demon-Slayer Sword.
  • She doesn't like to eat burgers.
  • She is right handed.
  • Madeline hairstyle is almost identical to Minerva Campbell Finn's mother from Adventure Time series and Pyra from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 which is also a inspiration.
  • Madeline is by far the worse singer ever.
  • She is allergic to coconuts.
  • Madeline is the third Sonic fan character to wear a headwear on her head. The first was Azmaria, the second is Yuki. However, She doesn't wear a beret.
  • Her favorite season is Autumn.
  • Madeline hometown and color scheme is base on a real world location Greece Mykonos as a inspiration for her hometown Crystal Town and is well-known for its ocean side view and its big windmills. However, the same color scheme and location is used as a stage for Sonic Unleashed Windmill Isle daytime and nighttime.
  • Her Hometown is located on the right leg of the sea turtle island and the size of the town is 43 mile radius.
  • Her sword can light up by itself in dark places such as dark forest and caves.
  • She wears a green bear beanie on her head witch is a bit similar to Finn the Human white bear hat from the popular series Adventure Time.
  • Mystic Monkey in the Sonic wiki pointed out that Madeline reminds him of Fionna the Human from the popular cartoon network show Adventure Time series. However, it does make sense because both characters have blonde hair and wear the color blue.
  • She almost shares the same name as Fionna the Human voice actor Madeleine Martin
  • Madeline and Rickey once suffer amnesia during their adventures. Both got amnesia which was cause by a whirlpool while the boat is sinking and the whirlpool forced Madeline and Rickey to hit their heads hard on the sinking boat, cause them to lose some of their memories and got them stranded on infinite island. 2 months later on the island, They been scavenging, hunting for food or fruits and adventure around the island.
  • Her sword, backpack and her clothes was stolen by Scar the wolf after he abandoned them and for tricking them on getting the treasure and gold for him. Scar also steal her sword because he believes its very rare and treasure too so he can keep all the gold to himself.
  • Madeline jungle outfit is similar to Sticks the Badger from the Sonic Boom franchise. Unlike Sticks in Sonic Boom, Madeline doesn't wear any accessories and doesn't wear any boots on her feet.
  • During her jungle adventures, she wields a axe as a weapon much like Sticks wields a boomerang.
  • She loves to go sightseeing sometimes.
  • Madeline revealed to have chiroptophobia meaning that she is afraid of bats and she thinks she will get turn in to a vampire because of their teeth's. She has not yet conquer this fear.
  • Her birthday is on March 25th.
  • Madeline has not yet face any dragon type creature.
  • She owns a Rubik's cube in her backpack.
  • Madeline owns 2 snow globes in her bedroom.
  • Madeline favorite holiday is Christmas.
  • Madeline only drives her kart when there is a racing event.
  • Madeline is good on playing the flute much like Fionna who plays the flute in Adventure Time episode Five Short Tables.
  • She was sometimes mistaken as a blonde monkey by wolf pirates crew members and their captain instead of correcting to her actual species. The reason she was called by that name is due to her living in the jungle and her hair is blonde.
    • However, her nickname blonde monkey came from a real life animal Blond capuchin a species of the capuchin monkeys group who inhabits in a Atlantic Forest in Brazil.
  • Madeline loves to do some skateboarding.
  • For unclear reasons, she doesn't like to eat Liver and Onions.
  • During her creation she was originally going to be name Autumn.
  • Madeline states that she doesn't know who her actual parents are much like Finn from Adventure Time who doesn't know who his parents is.
  • Madeline electrokinesis aura ability surrounding her whole body is base on the manga series Zatch Bell one of Zatch bell's power in a Red/Gold spell book 6th spell Rauzaruk.
  • Madeline stated that people who wants to go on adventures and be a hero must be 13 years and older to do so.