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Madeline is a hedgehog who is an orphan raised under the care of a town in Crystal Town after her grandfather abandons her on the citizen doorstep near her house. After turning 14 years old and almost 15 witch is less then a few weeks, Madeline receives a sword called the Sword of Legends and she is about to reach the age of bravery and go on adventures with her companion Ricky. However, Madeline plans to become the ultimate hero. Madeline the Hedgehog is a fan character created by Disco the HedgeFox (Known as sonicgalaxy27 on YouTube)


Madeline is a blonde-fur hair and peach anthropomorphic hedgehog with blue eyes and peach skin on her muzzle, arms and body. She has a small black nose. She has ten short head quills point downwards on her back side and four bangs locks of hair on her forehead and a short tail.

Madeline current outfit. Art by Zane Aisaka on Animo.

For attire, She wears a blue denim jacket over a orange shirt. She wears tight black pants, blue and black fingerless gloves, and winter boots with gray soles as well and wears a lime green bear beanie on her head witch is her pet and companion name Ricky who acts as a beanie. However, when he is not on her head, his actual form is a medium size bear.

When ever she goes on adventures, she always carries her backpack to hold her sword on her back.

After losing half her memories and stranded on a big island along with Rickey, she wears a brown midriff-baring tube top and a skirt and comes completely barefoot.


As young as she seems to be, Madeline is cheerful, brave, selfless, kind who has a British accent. Due to her lack of skills and moves, She frequently receives cruel opinions and bad insults from almost to others she meets in her path witch that doesn't bother her anymore. Her aspirations is to become a great female hero.

Madeline appears to have developed a slightly normal sarcastic nature as she tries to defend herself from other people and doesn't get annoyed by there insults. However, she can become a bit irritated at times when others deeply insult her friends, but she will not hesitate to confront them as she tries to defend her friends from worse insults.

Base on her determination to be a great hero, she is very excited for new adventures and waiting for something awaits her when she travels witch described her as a adventure-loving hero.

Madeline has a good strong sense of justice and believes that everyone deserves to be protected and she is willing to help any innocents where needed by bad creatures such as, Goblins, Vampires, and Monsters. She sometimes holds her enemies accountable for their misdeeds, regardless if she's willing to forgive them or not.

She sometimes can be stupid and foolish at times even not coming up with a plan to defeat strong foes and she sometimes gets a bit upset at times when she is unable to help others. Madeline can be a bit stubborn without taking the easy way out of tough situations she is in.

Madeline is a loveable person who cares mostly about her friends and also tells others not to leave her friends behind on any particular disaster they are in. She has a hard time facing tough opponents sometimes by herself and she also realizes she has friends to back her up in troubling situations and believes strongly in teamwork. Madeline is fully committed to helping out anyone in need at anytime, even if it means getting herself into trouble or being despised by others.


Even she lives in a giant sea turtle most of her life, She is almost 15 when she about to reach the age of bravery.


Madeline was born on a giant sea turtle island that she lives in and lives in a town called Crystal Town witch is located on the right leg of the sea turtle. She also grow up and born in the orphanage after she was pick up by her foster mother in the basket outside of her home and discovers her name to be Madeline. At the age of 6, She also dreamed and tells her foster father that she will be the greatest warrior and hero someday. However at the age of 7, she was asked to deliver important letter to the king of the sea turtle island in the middle of the shell during sunset. However, she was attacked by some 5 strange wolves, but she notice that they are not ordinary wolves they are demon wolves that got turn in to a demon. They were planning to kill her instead of turning her in to a demon and they injurie her arm when she was trying to escape but later, she was saved by a unnamed swordsman by killing the 5 demon wolves with just one slash.

Madeline was thankful to him for saving her and the unnamed swordsman knot at her and told her that he will deliver the letter to the king himself and he doesn't live on the sea turtle he was just visiting he said and later rides off with his motorbike and yells at her that he is a hero to everyone as the sun starts setting.

14 years later, at the age of 14 and almost 15, Madeline appears in the middle of the village in the middle of the sea turtle shell eating old fashion beard walking around while other people on sight doing random stuff and later she discovered a blue light in the forest and saw a blue sword in the stone witch is glowing blue witch presuming awaiting for its new master to wield its power and sword.

Later back in the village in the market place where the Emerald kingdom is, she notice that she saw a statue of a hero who used the same blue sword long ago and save everyone in the island from a giant spider demon. However, she told some people who saw the statue of a hero that she will be the great hero one day just like anyone else out there and they started laughing at her thinking she can't be a real hero, they think she is nothing but a loser and coward. but, some two guys name, Lucas and Gary called her a joke and push her on the ground and insulting her. They notice that she will never become the best hero and criticized her for a lack of skill and cowardness.

Madeline told the two of them that she will become the world best hero she can be and later she runs off broken down in to tears after being insulted by Lucas and Gary for not becoming a hero one day. Later on, She continues to cry in the woods and accept the comments she gotten from two brave warriors and she encounter a demon like creature who looks like a dark red hedgewolf who found her crying and planning to turn her in to a demon by grabbing on to her by grabbing both her hands when she failed to escape.

Madeline was scared and begging for her life after asking the demon hedgewolf to let her go. But, he refuses to do so. He is about to perform the biting ritual on her, he was stopped by a wolf after the wolf bite his hand and injurie him completely. The demon hedgewolf ran after the wolf in the forest.

Later on, Madeline was about to hide for safety in the woods but later, she was killed by another demon Hedgewolf who drown her in the deep of the crystal lake while disguise himself as a innocent mobian. Her body was discovered by her foster brother in the woods and he starts broken down in to tears.

Later during her funeral at the Emerald kingdom outside at night, Lucas and Gary crash the funeral by destroying everyone and everything in the funeral on sight with there magical weapons and prove them that they are the best warriors and heroes ever witch they turn out to be frauds and pretended to be heroes to get money and fame from everyone in the kingdom. They also revealed that they hired a few demons to kill her due to her cowardness and being too weak for looking pathetic

After Lucas and Gary continue there rampage on to everyone in the Emerald kingdom, the sword of legends awakens from its long 300 year slumber from its stone in the woods and flow to its new master. However, the sword reach Madeline casket and glows a bit bright right in front of her casket and the sword resurrected Madeline and she grabs it.

Back in the outside of the leaf kingdom while Lucas and Gary continues there rampage in town. However, they notice that Madeline is alive after appearing right in front of them and comment how is she alive. But she made no comment toward them and remain silent to focus on them. However, Lucas and Gary launches a 3 chain attacks with a Morningstar on her with there weapons but failed to do so after she slashes them and break there chains. She later approaches them by speeding toward them and sends them flying to the wall with her sword and both loses consciousness, due to the attack they received from Madeline.     

Powers & Abilities

Madeline Sword Shining.png

Despite for not having any type of superpowers and all, Madeline can used hand-to-hand combat skills and used her sword she wield called the Sword of Legends. She is very good on using her hand to hand combat and her sword skills witch makes her a aggressive fighter. However her sword is not meant to cut through strong metal but it can also make loud sounds by slamming her sword against any metal which will cause a sonic sound attack. Her sword can also reflect fire balls and ice blast.

Madeline also has a axe witch she made after being stranded on a island along with Rickey. However, it can do more damage to others and reflect bullets, but the axe can be destroyed easily with a strong force. She also used her axe to take down any prey during battle.

Despite being stranded on infinite island, Madeline has extreme sharp wilderness survival skills in various areas, such as creating shelters, fires, cooking meats and swing through trees vines. She is also capable of facing off leopards, hyenas, baboons, snakes, crocodiles, jackals, and goblins making her have great acrobatic skills of being capable of dodging arrow shots and do wall jumps.

Madeline may do acrobatic skills, but she is also a great swimmer who can pull off undersea traversing.

  • Sonic Slash: The blue slash that came from her sword and it can slash her opponent by pushing her opponent towards anything behind them.
  • Blue Meteorite: The user charges towards a target, injuring them and knock them unconscious. However, it can cut right through anything without harming the opponent. The user is even capable of changing direction regardless of the speed at which they are traveling in.
  • Light up Sword: The sword can light up on its own in dark places such as caves and forest.

    Madeline Axe

  • Enhanced Strength: Madeline possesses a high level of physical strength and able to swing her sword with such force that her opponents break stone when they crash.
  • Enhanced Durability: Madeline possesses a high durability, as seen when she is able to keep standing up, despite receiving numerous attacks from her opponents.


  • Madeline has a fear of giant spiders, leeches and bats.
  • She is allergic to coconuts.


"Even without any special power and skills. I will be the greatest hero ever. MY COURAGE AND STRENGTH NEVER GIVING UP!!!!"
—She tells two bad guys that she will be a great hero after she slammed her sword on them and slammed them against the wall knocking them out cold.
"I can't let my training go to waste. I need to work harder"
—She tells herself that she will keep training.
"Please let go of me please."
—She looks scared and ask the demon to let go of her after the demon grab both her hands and tried to turn her in to a demon.
"I'm not gonna let you insult my friends like that. So, back off."
—She was trying to defend Azmaria.
"No matter how hard I tried. I will never become a great hero like other people out there. Maybe there right. I guess somethings aren't really that possible. I guess some things aren't meant to be."
—She was thinking in her mind and accepts the two guys words that she won't a great warrior and hero.
"I will be a great hero one day and I will show you guys I will be one of the best there is. I.......I will."
—She tells others in the middle of the sea turtle island that she will be the best hero ever and later she runs off broken down in to tears after being insulted by others that she won't be a hero.
"Stop please. You don't have to do this. I didn't do anything to you guys. I swear. "
—She looks scared and start to shed tears to beg for her life to tell the demon hedgewolf to don't turn her in to a demon.
"I will show anyone I'm capable of being a hero. I'm the best mobian hero."
—She tells her new friends that she will be the best hero she can be.
"Ricky. turn in to a glider. We can catch them."
—She tell her friend to turn in to a glider to catch a hedgehog demon.
"This sword is really cool. Am I its new master?"
—Madeline realize the sword from its stone is her new master.
"That is true. I was weak and afraid back then. I wasn't brave and strong enough. I'm gonna do whatever it takes to become the ultimate hero and show everyone that I'm the greatest hero ever."
—She is having a duel with a demon hedgehog and telling him she will be the ultimate hero.
"I dream that I want to become a hero just like that person on the statue. I want to become a great hero and a ultimate warrior and have my statue be place in the middle of the town so everyone on the sea turtle island can see it."
—She tells a 61 year old male Mobian duck that she will be a great hero one day and have a statue in the middle of the town.
"Don't worry guys. I will come back and visit. I promise. Or write a letter to you guys. "
—She tells her 2 foster sisters and a brother that she will comeback and visit her hometown again.
"Aw come on you can't be serious Bianca. We just went in that direction over and over again."
—She freaks out and tells Bianca that they went in the same direction or path over again.
"Cool Azmaria. I don't mind going for a swim."
—She agrees to Azmaria that she doesn't mind going for a swim on the beach.
"This guy is sure is strong for using 2 duel blades. But, I won't let my guard down."
—Madeline telling Disco and Sonny that she won't let her guard down with some strong foe.
"Unlike you. Were not trying to be extremely strong and popular just to get our way whatever we want. We used those skills and power to protect each other and help everyone in need. That's the only reason why we made it this far."
—She is talking to a strong mobian like goblin teaching him a lesson.
"Hey that's no fair, my pie is bigger then yours."
—Madeline is telling Genie that her pie is bigger then hers.
"Don't worry. I won't let them hurt you."
—She was defending a little girl in golden town from anyone.
"I can read his energy, It seems like his power is off the charts."
—Madeline telling her friends that a new threat has appear right in front of them
"You don't care much about anyone else around here, all you care about is money, fame, and rupees. That's all you care about. Your just being greedy like some other people in the world"
—She is talking to a theft and pointed a sword at him.
"I will never surrender by any evil beings like you. Not in a million years."
—She tells a demon that she will never surrender to them.
"You know rickey we have been friends for 5 months now. I just don't remember what happened to us and me"
—She tells Rickey that she doesn't remember what happened to them and suffering from amnesia.
"thanks. Rickey. I don't know what happened us but I really don't remember how we got here on infinite island. I'm only 15."
—Madeline explains to Rickey that she and him doesn't remember how they got on the island
"The raptors are here. Rickey. lets get them."
—She and Rickey are about to fight 3 raptors.
"This mango fruit is really good Rickey. good thing we kill those goblins before they try to kill us."
—Madeline having some mango fruit with Rickey


  • Madeline clothing outfit is inspired by a Fortnite skin character Skye from Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 2 season 2. Both wear the same color clothes, brown backpack and a pet beanie living creature, have a adventure personality and wield the same color swords.
    • However, Unlike Skye from Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 2 season 2, Madeline doesn't have black hair, a sweater around her torso, a camera around her neck, she doesn't live in the shark and she is not classified as a spy.
  • She was going to have orange hair, but Disco prefer to have her in a blonde hair instead witch fits well on her appearance. However, Her hair is the inspiration to a Pokémon character Lillie from the Pokémon Sun & Moon game and anime series.
  • She was going to have a American accent but later, she has a British accent instead.
  • Her favorite color is blue.
  • Madeline favorite things are the sky, camping out, her pet companion Rickey and eating marshmallows.
  • Madeline name is Madeleine witch is the same name and it confuse others sometimes.
  • Madeline quote is very similar to the character Asta from Black Clover Manga and Anime series episode 2 as both of them wide slash and slammed there opponents against the wall with there swords after making a comment on there goals. However, Madeline slammed two of her opponents against the wall at nighttime with her Sword of Legends and Asta slammed one opponent Revchi Salik against the wall at sunset with his Demon-Slayer Sword.
  • She doesn't like to eat burgers.
  • She is right handed.
  • Madeline is by far the worse singer ever.
  • She is allergic to coconuts.
  • Madeline is the third Sonic fan character to wear a headwear on her head. The first was Azmaria, the second is Yuki. However, She doesn't wear a beret.
  • Her favorite season is Autumn.
  • Madeline hometown and color scheme is base on a real world location Greece Mykonos as a inspiration for her hometown Crystal Town and is well-known for its ocean side view and its big windmills. However, the same color scheme and location is used as a stage for Sonic Unleashed Windmill Isle daytime and nighttime Act 1, 2, and 3.
  • Her Hometown is located on the right leg of the sea turtle island and the size of the town is 43 mile radius.
  • Her sword can light up by itself in dark places such as dark forest and caves.
  • She wears a green bear beanie on her head witch is a bit similar to Finn the Human white bear hat from the popular series Adventure Time.
  • Mystic Monkey in the Sonic wiki pointed out that Madeline reminds him like Fionna from the cartoon network show Adventure Time series.
  • She almost shares the same name as Fionna the Human voice actor Madeleine Martin
  • Madeline and Rickey once suffer amnesia. Both got amnesia witch was cause by a whirlpool while the boat is sinking and the whirlpool forced Madeline and Rickey to hit there heads hard on the sinking boat, cause them to lose some of their memories and got them stranded on infinite island. 3 months later on the island, They been scavenging, hunting for food or fruits and adventure around the island.
  • Her sword, backpack and her clothes was stolen by Scar the wolf after he abandoned them and for tricking them on getting the treasure and gold for him. Scar also steal her sword because he believes its very rare and treasure too so he can keep all the gold to himself.
  • Madeline jungle outfit is similar to Sticks the Badger from the Sonic Boom franchise. Unlike Sticks in Sonic Boom, Madeline doesn't wear any accessories and doesn't wear any boots on her feet.
  • During her jungle adventures, she wields a axe as a weapon much like Sticks wields a boomerang.
  • She loves to go sightseeing sometimes.
  • Madeline revealed to have chiroptophobia meaning that she is afraid of bats and she thinks she will get turn in to a vampire because of their teeth's and believes she can't fight them.
  • Her birthday is on March 25th.
  • Madeline has not yet face any dragon type creature.
  • She owns a Rubik's cube in her backpack.
  • Madeline owns 2 snow globes in her bedroom.
  • Madeline favorite holiday is Christmas.