Markk Malic


Markk is a hot-headed and stubborn person who uses these as defense mechanisms to cope with a traumatic experience when he was younger. He’s also kind and considerate to those who take the time to get to know him. Not to mention that he quite the dirty mind and can be a sass master.


Clothing: Markk’s favorite outfit is a white undershirt with thin straps, a pair of tight red shorts with a pair of white sneakers with red laces.


Hair Color: Markk’s hair is pale shade of black.

Hair Style: Markk likes keeping his hair neck length for the most part, though the back of his hair reaches his hips. A choice that many don’t understand.

Fur Color: Markk’s fur is cobalt blue.

Eye Color: Markk’s eyes are teal green.

Height: Markk is four foot and two inches tall.

Weight: Markk weighs about One hundred and three pounds.

Markk also has his left ear pierced with a ruby stud and carries a scar on his left arm in the shape of a star that is barely visible.

Markk's Family

Blade, Markk’s husband who he met on his first day at school after being rescued by a bully. Markk was not happy about the help but grew close to Blade and eventually fell in love with and married him, while also adopting a son together.

Timm, Markk’s father who is very protective of Markk after the traumatic experience his son suffered. Markk understands why, but finds him so insufferable when he goes overboard.

Dianna, Markk’s mother who is more calm about things and more supportive of the things tat Markk does, with some exceptions. Though this doesn't stop her from being pushy at times.

And, Jake, Markk’s adopted son who Markk loves, and tries to teach independence and ethics into. Jake finds Markk funny, but loves to play pranks on, which Markk takes in stride.


Friends:  Ashlynn, Markk’s short time girlfriend and childhood friend. The two have fun making good hearted trouble, but also love to gossip.  Jane, a friend Markk made during freshman year and bonded over with their love of old sitcoms.  And, Lopus, an alien rabbit who Markk saved from some bounty hunters once. He repays the favor in any way he can, to which Markk sometimes finds annoying.

Enemy: Markk has one enemy, but he refuses to share many details on who they are. All he ever says is that he looks forward to getting revenge on them one day. This is presumably who caused the traumatic event in Markk’s life.


Abilities: Markk is quite the chef having been hailed as a prodigy when he was small. He is also a skilled marksman being able to shoot many targets in quick succession. And, finally Markk likes to practice medicine, specifically animal medicine as he wants to be a vet one day.

Special Ability:  Markk is able to influence people into doing what he desires thanks to a spell cast on him by a con artist fortune teller when he was younger. Markk rarely uses this ability, but when he does, it’s for light hearted fun.

Weaknesses: Markk is scared of enclosed spaces as they make him feel trapped. He is also terrified of alleys due to how messy they can be and he is something of a germaphobe. Lastly, he has trouble controling his ability to influence people at times, which results in problems to say the least.  

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