Melanie-Ann “Mel” Collie is a kid “genius” who specializes in Chemistry and is also a beginner Magician. She lives at home with her parents in Station Square. She is the self-proclaimed evil sister of Meek Collie.


A lot of words can be used to describe Mel, which includes “Genius”, “Magician” and “Mad”. She often talks to herself and laughs aloud which raises suspicion that she maybe isn’t all sane. Mel has a dangerously obsessive mind, especially when she’s working on a plan or revenge. She can get offended easily and has big ambitions to take over Mobius and become ruler; although she still has quite along way to go yet.

Background information

Having always been over-shadowed by her elder sister, Mel has never gotten very much attention at home; despite her outstanding grades in Chemistry and her beginners skills in magic tricks. Mel could never understand why this was and it caused her to turn sour over time and eventually deny she had any family at all despite living in their home. But her background isn’t what caused her to turn evil, it was her disgust for the way society was deteriorating in Mobius and the way the absence of one small, blue hedgehog could mean the end of civilization for all Mobians. She came to the realisation that she was what Mobius needed and that she would one day be ruler. She now mostly spends most of her time in her bedroom/secret laboratory inventing ways of taking over the city. None thus far have been successful.


Gifted in Chemistry, she can concoct any substance to replenish health or power. As she is a beginner magician she can perform minor “magic tricks” such as levitation, card tricks and illusions.


Parents: Her parents have often regarded Mel as the “quiet” sister who stays in her bedroom most of the time. They are totally clueless to what Mel gets up to and her genius, which frustrates Mel causing her to deny knowledge of their existence and refuses to speak about them.

Meek (Sister): Meek has a slight suspicion that Mel might not be what she seems to be, especially since she almost burnt down their house when an experiment went wrong. But Meek mostly puts her sisters’ odd behaviour down to teenage hormones and respects her privacy. Now that Meek has moved out, they don’t speak much. Mel doesn’t blame Meek for her parents to not giving her attention, and instead puts it down to their stupidity.