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Melissa Blackwells (known as Messa) is a 16 year old Mobian who lives in the City of Station Square.


Messa comes across as confident, honest and headstrong which can lead to people prejudging her. She's also resourceful which is why she makes a good team mate. However, when she's out with friends or out clubbing, which is when she's at her most happiest, she can be described as fun and bubbly.

Background Information

Messa was born and raised in the dodgy part of Station Square, in a town called Moonsend. There she spent most of her days skateboarding, clubbing, bunking off school and shopping. She never cared for boys and loved getting into fights. She's recently moved out of her stressed parents’ house into her own place and now works as a cleaner at her local nightclub to pay the bills, which she hates. Having bunked off school, she has hardly any qualifications and spends a lot of her hard earned cash on CDs and clothes. She also hangs round with her friends Meek and Julie.


Messa has no strengths, powers or abilities which is something that's always upset her. She often wonders what it would be like to have powers but tries not to dwell on it too much.


Parents: Messas' parents hardly ever see her now that she's moved out, which, in their opinion, is something worth celebrating. Ever since she was little she's always stressed them out. Messa is satisfied with the current relationship she shares with them.

Meek the Dog: Messa met Meek outside a club when she was refused to be let in by a security guard. Luckily Meek convinced him to let them through and they've been friends ever since. Messa's often the one bossing Meek around but Meek seems fine with that and plays along most of the time. Meeks calm personality often serves as a good influence on Messa. They're the best of friends and always help each other out aswell as seeing each other everyday.

Julie Marie: When Messa first met Julie she thought that she was a stuck up, toffee-nosed snob with a big fancy house and a lot of cash. Now, she still thinks the same only now she's used to that and she knows that inside Julie is a kind, lovable person who will lend you all the money that you need.

Ms Laverie: Messas' boss who's the manageress of the club she cleans. They despise each other as Ms Laverie's always looking for a reason to deduct her pay. Sadly, with the low employment in Moonsend, Messa is forced to keep her horrid job to pay the bills.