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Her hair looks weird, but other than that it's okay xD


Name: Midnight the Bat

Age: 16

Species: Mobian/ Bat

Gender: Female

Alignment: Bad

Personality: Rude, clicky, greedy, selfish

Likes: Irritating people, being the boss, bossing others around, stealing things, eavesdropping on others

Dislikes: Ember the Cat, Being caught, security guards, not being the boss, being bossed around, prisons.


General Appearance: Fuchsia tube top, black belt,brown shorts, black knee-high boots, black fingerlesss gloves, white ribbon bracelet.

Hair Colour: Black/ Red

Hair Style: Black and red bangs and short black hair.

Fur Colour: Black, orange-tan

Eye colour: Gray

Attire: See general appearance.


Relatives: n/a

Friends: n/a

Love Interest: n/a

Neutral: Leanna the Wolf

Rivals: Ember the Cat

Enemies: Ember the Cat, Kiki M., Esme the Bat


Ability Type: Flight


  • Martial Arts
  • Flying
  • Translating and reading ancient languages

Super form(s): None.


Midnight used to attend a high school, until she dropped out after a family incident.

She was fed up with her parents and their lack of attention to her, so to get their awareness she snuck into a museum one night, and stole an emerald sample. Since her parents werenot home, she left it on their bed and went to her own room to go to sleep.

The next morning, her parents and Midnight all woke up to the police at their house. They took the emerald back, pressed charges on her family, and left Midnight in prison for a month and a half. (Letting her off because she was experiencing family issues, which led her to stealing the emerald.) When she came home after her time in prison, her parents were so angry at her they threw her out the door (almost literally) with some food, and she was off on a crime-committing life after that.


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