"When you feel down, try thinking of something you like! Riceballs, Chao, ANYTHING! As long as it cheers you up." -Mint's inspirational quote


Mint is a Kind (& sarcastic) girl who has a bit of a temper but is cool & collective when she isn't mad. She tries to hide things about herself she doesn't like, but isn't that good at keeping secrets.

Age: 10

Mint The Hedgehog


Mint has little to none powers, with only one being her main way to attack.

Tech: Mint mainly uses mechanical items to attack, like her sword & bow + arrows. She also use it for some quality of life things, like teleporting to areas she's been to before.

Incredibly Smart: Mint is very smart as she makes tech (see above) to help herself & others. Heck, she even made a Wispon without wisps!


  • Crush 40
  • Onigiri (Rice Balls)
  • Making Tech
  • Chao
  • Otamatones

Rank Quotes:

S rank: *hums along with song that plays*

A rank: Noice!

B rank: Not bad at all.

C rank: Could've been worse.


E rank: Gosh... Darn it.


Mint is fairly weak, only being able to lift things like small boulders.


She's slightly faster then a average Mobian, but it can be hard to tell sometimes.


It's not that hard to knock Mint down, as she's fairly weak without her tech.


  • Without her tech, she doesn't have anything to defend herself with.
  • Mint has quite a temper, as she can't think when aggravated.
  • She's incredibly curious at times, causing trouble.
  • Mint sometimes goes out of her way to win a battle she can't fight.

Theme song:

Sweet Song & Bitter step - Kekkai Sensen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMfmJ7e3Qs8


  • Mint's a fan of Crush 40, with her favorite song being "Seven Rings in Hand"
  • She idolizes Sonic the Hedgehog, as he's her inspiration.
  • Mint's original concept had her in a shirt & skirt with illusion powers similar to Infinite the Jackal from Sonic Forces.
  • Another design change was Mint wearing a lavender hoodie.
  • Mint is a Chao person. She tends to give them more Chaos Drives then Animal influences though, as she wants Chao to be themselves.
  • Her favorite type of chao is a Neutral/Fly/Fly. A.K.A, a NiGHTS Chao.
  • Mint plays the Otamatone in her free time.
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