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Mr. Fluff, When Angry.

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Mr. Fluff's Battle Theme

Mr. Fluff Is Mr. N's FInest Creation, He Is A 400ft - 456ft Monster made out of marshmallows and Balloons. He Is Based Off Of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. he was created in Mr. N's N-Fortress and Owns a Company called "Mr. Fluff's Marshmallows"

he dons a White Sailor's Hat, a Red Bow Tie, and a White, Soft, Plump Arms, Legs, and Body. His normal expression is stuck to a Smile. although, he can change them to other Expressions.

His Personality is a Dimwitted gentle giant who means no harm, he WILL still fight back against what attacks him or his friends. if he loses control or gets really mad, he will possibly go on a rampage of destruction, the only way to calm him down is a FRIGHTING amount of Positive Energy. luckily, Mr. N always has the right thing to calm him, if you probably didn't notice, His Personality is based off of The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man From The Real Ghostbusters

Mr. Fluff has a lot of weaknesses. if you think you could burn him with acid? wrong. he's immune to acid and any hazardous chemicals. he IS VERY weak to fire, it will slow him down and deal heavy damage to him. you could shoot him with bullets but hes so soft the bullet will go through. but if you are able to put enough holes in him he might go down. you could disable his abilities by locking some large shackles to his hands and legs. he is also easily Distracted and will follow or look at the thing that distracted him, leaving him vunreble


*Mr. N (Best Friend)

*Weegee (Best Friend)


*Estelle and The Gang



Abilities: (These Are Just The Abilities He Has Right Now, He Can Be Upgraded By Power-Up Marshmallows Weegee Made)

*able To Fire Fireballs From His Mouth

*Able To Fire Blue Laser Bolts From his Eyes.

*Unlimited Marshmallows

*Super Strength

*If Dead, Can Remanifest Back into reality but weaker and smaller if high Negative Energy is in an area.


*Fire Hot Marshmallow Goo Or Bombs


*Spawn Marshmallow Monsters at His Disposal from his Body or spawn multiple at once from his hat.

*Able To Swim In Water Without Melting

*Able to blow strong gusts of wind

Mr. Fluff's Quotes:

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