@Takenusername21's Version Of Mr. N (Credits To @Takenusername21)

Mr. N Getting Mad At Something.

"ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT WHAT'S GOING ON!?!?!" Mr. N's Phrase While Having No Information Of What's Going On.

Mr. N's Theme

Mr. N In His Usual Suit WIth Some Of His Tools.

Mr. N's Boss Theme

Mr. N's Mini Boss Theme

Final Battle WIth Mr. N

Neal (ニール - Nīru) A.K.A. Mr. N, ( Nさん - N-San ) A Cartoon Genius Whose Age Is Unknown. He Came from another dimension to Mobius. he Met Dr. Eggman in his Classic phase. and helped him out on many occasions before. all of them leading to failure. for some time Mr. N has been in the shadows for a long time but came out after the events of SA2. he would then go on to make his own army of Robots and aid Dr. Eggman in some of his plans. he hates many Hero's and other stuff. especially Chao, and Sonic & Pals. but when he's not in Sonic's world he usually has a war with Steven Universe but that's not important. Even though he is a villain, he has done his fair share of good deeds, he sometimes has helped many people out on Earth. but he usually wreaks havoc on Mobius with Eggman and Weegee all the time. Weegee and Mr. N are Now Officially Brothers after Weegee died. who was revived.

Mr. N's Appearance is very simple. he dons a White Top Hat, a Joker's Suit from Batman: The Brave And The Bold but White and a black tie. he looks fancy but he has a wide range of weapons stored in his hat, and his cane. he is really good at sword fighting with his Rapier. he is also aware of the 4th wall and the real world. and breaks it many times. But he has some weird powers he can't control. he got enveloped by Dark Matter one time and has gained Dark Powers. it will sometimes come out and wreak havoc when Mr. N is in danger or when he goes insane over something. plus, he's made out of some random inky goop in his Normal Form, and Demon Form so he can Regenerate quickly.

Mr. N's Personality has a personality of The Joker mixed with Daffy Duck, Jim Carrey From The Mask, and The Angry Video Game Nerd. he has the voice of The Mask From The Mask: The Animated Series' Intro. he had that voice in every game he appeared in. he usually says something funny in a middle of a crisis. he can be summed up to Serious, Funny, and Quick to anger. he has the flexibility of a cartoon. so he can do crazy jumps over long gaps.


*Mr. Fluff (Best Friend and Best Creation)


*Metal Sonic

*Almost Anyone Who Is Friends WIth Eggman

*Weegee44 (Brother)




*Sonic and Pals

*Steven and Friends (Arch-Enemy)

*Any Of The OC's Or Canon People Who Happens To Be A Freedom Fighter Or Fighting Eggman

*Estelle And Friends

*Leigonaries and The Old King





*Aware Of The 4th Wall.

*Timeline, Dimension, Universe, Traveling

*Toon Durability


*Toon Weapons and Gadgets

*High Jumps

*A Remote (Which Mostly Does Everything.)

*Robots and Getaway Gadgets At His Disposal

*Highly Skilled Fighter

*Mastermind and Toon Inteligence

Mr. N's Quotes:

"G'Day Folks! Swell Day For A Battle, Eh?" - Mr. N When Entering Battle.

"HA HA HA! GET PRANKED!" - Mr. N when he lands a hit with one of his pranking tools

"Aight, Know explain that again." - when Mr. N doesn't get a long complicated story.

"WOAH! WATCH OUT SHMUCK!" - Mr. N Warning when Someone or something in coming.

"Alright Bub, You are really getting on my nerves (with Your friends.)" - When Mr. N is getting ticked off by heros.

Rank Reactions

S Rank: "Alright Bub, You Did FANTASTIC!"

A Rank: "Eh, You Did great. I'll Be Sure To Give You A Game After This"

B Rank: "You Could Improve. but hey, you're a noob so this is what you get.

C Rank: "Well, this is bad."

D Rank: "HA HA HA HA HA! ... You Serious?"

E Rank: "... Bruh, You suck."


  • Weegee44 has been drawing Mr. N as the main villain since his early days.
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