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@Takenusername21's Version Of Mr. N (Credits To @Takenusername21)

Mr. N Getting Mad At Something


Mr. N Piloting One Of His Strongest Machines Yet, the N-UFO.

Mr. N as A Minecraft Skin

Mr. N's Most Recent Design.

Mr. N and Mr. M As The Conductor and DJ Grooves

"ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT WHAT'S GOING ON!?!?!" - Mr. N's Phrase when Having no idea of whats going on.

Mr. N's Theme - Mr. N

Mr. N's Appearance With Some Of His Tools.

Mr. N's Boss Theme - A Grand Spectacle

Mr. N's Mini Boss Theme - Easy Peasy... Or Is It?

Final Battle WIth Mr. N - Through Time And Space

Neal (ニール - Nīru) A.K.A. Mr. N, ( Nさん - N-San ) A Cartoon Genius Who Was Drawn From MaGiCaL Ink To Wreck Havoc Among Dimensions and Take Them Over With An Endless Supply Of N-Bots. He Came from His dimension to Mobius. he Met Dr. Eggman in his Classic phase. and helped him out on many occasions before. all of them leading to failure. for some time Mr. N has been in the shadows for a long time but came out after the events of SA2. he would then go on to make his own army of Robots and aid Dr. Eggman in some of his plans. he hates many Hero's and other stuff. especially Chao, and Sonic & Pals. Even though he is a villain, he has done his fair share of good deeds, he sometimes has helped many people out on Earth. but he usually wreaks havoc on Mobius with Eggman and Weegee all the time. Weegee and Mr. N are Now Officially Brothers after Weegee died. who was revived. He TECHNICALLY Is Britsh. He Was Created With a British Accent.

Mr. N's Appearance is very simple. he dons a White Top Hat, a Joker's Suit from Batman: The Brave And The Bold but White and a black tie. he looks fancy but he has a wide range of weapons stored in his hat, and his cane. he is really good at sword fighting with his Rapier. He Also Has Some Weird Powers, He Got Enveloped By Dark Matter which Allows Him To Regenerate Quickly. Click Here For Mr. N's Main Power.

Mr. N's Personality has a personality of The Joker mixed with Daffy Duck, Jim Carrey From The Mask, The Angry Video Game Nerd, and Plankton. he has the voice of The Mask From The Mask: The Animated Series' Intro with The British Accent I Mentioned Earlier. he had that voice in every game he appeared in. he usually says something funny in a middle of a crisis. He HATES Romance, He can't Even Stand It, He Just Thinks It's Gross And Cringe. Although He Doesn't Know What To Do When He's In a Tight, Or Dramatic Situation MAINLY Focusing On Him.

Mr. N's Forms

Toon Form - Mr. N's Normal form, This Form Is A Class 2. The Form able to do many things a Looney Tunes can, Able To Withstand a 200 pound safe, Rubber-Hose like body, and has A pocket that could hold a bazooka.

Demon Form - Mr. N's Inkiest form. This Form Is A Class 3. he has Mr. N's normal Attire but all of it it coloured black. He is VERY tall, about the height of 13 feet, he the ablility to turn into ink and reform again, has sharp claws, and able to break the laws of physics. but right now his toon and demon form aren't really the best of pals.

NX-NEO's Theme - Trust No One

NX-NEO's Battle Theme - Just A Puppet

Just A Puppet - Another Version

NX-NEO - Freedom... ?

NX-NEO - Mr. N's Corrupted, and Mechanical Form. This Form Is A Class 3. (Maybe Even Powerful Than Mr. N's Demon Form) As He Was Captured By Mr. M (Who is Working For Agent Shmuck) and Turned Into A Giant Monstrosity Of His Former Self, With Robot Limbs, Titanium Chest Armor, Jet Wings, and White and Black Strings Connecting To His Every Limb. as He Lost All Memory Of Who He Is and Only Knows One Goal: [[HEAVEN]]. His Personality Is Now Random, Nonsensical, Violent, and Is Mostly Insane and will Not Care for others unless it helps him achive Freedom. he will also have some mental breakdowns and reminders of his past. His speech patterns are similar to typical obfuscated spam email text, with many words replaced with non sequitur variants in square brackets that could imply incorrectly-applied mail merge variables or hyperlinks, or various voice glitches. But He Is Very Dangerous, He Has A Wide Variety Of Attacks Ranging To A Metalic Heart On a Chain Firing bullets, Bouncing Cluster Bombs he can fire From His Arm Cannon, Fire Lasers from His Eyes, or spawn Mini Mr. N Robots Of Himself Armed With a weaker version of The Mega Buster. He is VERY big, Bigger than His Demon form and is 40 Feet.

Super Form - Mr. N's Super form, This Form Is A Class 4. With All 7 Chaos Emeralds he's a literal god of anarchy. His Hair and Clothes has all turned to Black, With Red Aura glowing around him. he's chaotic and insane, and thinks The Whole Universe and Beyond is his playground, Time Vortexes, Black Holes, and Other Inhuman Universal Objects or Beings doesn't phase him, he just thinks they're weenies or everyday Objects. he usually Taunts His enemies by singing. He Almost Has The Powers Of Bill Cipher, But Not All Of Them. He Doesn't Have The Possesion Power, The Power To Enter People's Minds but He Still Has Those Powerful Toon-Like Powers. if he makes it to the real world, then we're screwed. He's Not A God, He Can Be Beaten, If You DID. There will be a statue of him placed somwhere, probably the place anyone defeated him, with his arm out, looking like he's boutta shake hands with someone.



*Metal Sonic

*Almost Anyone Who Is Friends WIth Eggman

*Weegee44 (Best Brother)


*Mr. M (Rival And Mortal Enemy)

*Malcom and his Entire Army



*Sonic and Pals

*Any Of The OC's Or Canon People Who Happens To Be A Freedom Fighter Or Fighting Eggman

*Estelle And Friends (Arch-Enemy)

*Leigonaries and The Old King



Mr. N's Quotes:

"Remember, Ink and Paper is the most powerful thing in the universe. why? because you can make up your own Worlds. or in this case, GRAVES." - Mr. N, When He Was Fighting Lunar Maria Star.

"G'Day Folks! Swell Day For A Battle, Eh?" - Mr. N When Entering Battle.

"Now He's (Eggman) Not A Bastard YOU (Estelle The Wolf) Are for Betraying Him. Sick Burn." - Mr. N, When Capturing Estelle The Wolf AND Roasting Her At The Same Time.

"GOD! ... MY TEA AGAIN! ALRIGHT, WHO THE HECK IS MAKING THIS SCRIPT!?" - Mr. N, Out Of The RP World And Spitting Out Tea At A Scene In Season 6 Which He Found Weird.

"MR. M!!!" - Mr. N, Upon Seeing His Arch-Enemy, Mr. M.

"This Is The Weirdest Adventure I've Been On." - Mr. N Contemplating The Adventure In Season 8.

Rank Reactions

S Rank: "Alright Bub, You Did FANTASTIC!"

A Rank: "Eh, You Did great. I'll Be Sure To Give You A Game After This"

B Rank: "You Could Improve. but hey, you're a noob so this is what you get.

C Rank: "Well, this is bad."

D Rank: "BAH HA HA HA HA! ... You Serious?"

E Rank: "... Bruh, You suck."


  • -Weegee44 has been drawing Mr. N as A main villain in his drawings since his early days.
  • -I Heard, that Weegee44 is actually thinking of Making and Animated Talk-Show, Based On His Fan Characters! and Mr. N will be the main host!
  • -NX-NEO was and Is A Scrapped Boss For The Cancelled 'Season 16' The Boss Have Tooken Place In the Taken Over By Mr. M, M-Fortress. As There Is Two Ways You Can Beat The Boss, Hit Him Outright Or cut His Strings.