Nathan Lunick

Full Name

Nathan Aiden Lunick








Neutral Good


Nathan uses a gun when he's in a fight and he is quick to the draw


March 29th, so he's an Aries


Nathan is quite strict and a little blunt. But he's also very caring and kind of short-tempered.

Sexual Preference

Nathan is straight and enjoys that fact

Voice Actor

English: Steven Blum


Nathan's outfit of choice consists of a red undershirt, a pair of blue jeans and a pair of green sandals. He also has an earring in the shape of a shark tooth in his right ear. Hair Color: Yellow.

Hair Style: Short and tidy.

Fur Color: Black with yellow stripes.

Eye Color: Pink.

Height: 5" 7'

Weight: 178 Lbs

Nathan's Family

Andre: Father. Nathan doesn't get to see his father much due to living across the country. But they still remain on good terms.

Fran: Mother. In his youth, Nathan was a very quiet boy and enjoyed their company. Now he still gets to see her every now and then.

Flora: Wife. Nathan met his wife at a soccer match and began dating soon after. A year later, they were married and had twins on the way.

Janelle: Daughter. Nathan is very close to his daughter and loves watching her whenever he can.

Jason "Flight": Son. Nathan and his son have a very stable relationship and it's been quite fun for the both of them.


Friends: Clavis. A friend Nathan made while going camping, the two enjoy going out and having fun every now and then. And, Sunshine. Nathan and she bumped into each other at the mall and realized they both bought the same CD, They get together and listen to new music when they get the chance.

Rival: Daryl. The two start their rivalry when Daryl began insisting that he was a better marksman than Nathan, who took that as a challenge.

Enemy: Wyatt. Nathan and he have been enemies ever since Wyatt started harassing Flora. Now Nathan just wants him to leave his family alone.


Ability: Nathan is fairly skilled with a gun and always carries ammo with him. He is also a very good writer, able to forge signatures with ease. And, he is a very fast runner and swimmer.

Special Ability: Nathan can power up his gun's ammo and give them the ability to cause elemental damage like summoning a rainstorm, hail and the like.

Weaknesses: Nathan has a fear of snakes due to an incident when he was younger, he also gets tired pretty easily and often is actually short-sighted.