"I'm only one who deserves to get the name Ice King!"

-Nextwar's main quote


"It's time to destroy the darkness now!"

-The quote when he is ready to fight the demons.

Nextwar is the current King of the Ice Kingdom, a hedgehog who has face like Silver The Hedgehog. This Kingdom has been founded since 5,000 years ago, the Ice Kingdom was the one of mightiest Kingdom in Mobius (Only Nextwar's story.) He is a son of Queen Mira, she was the Ice Queen of the Ice Kingdom. And he is a son of King Mateo, he was the King of the Electric Kingdom.


Queen Mira of the Ice Kingdom has married with King Mateo the Electric Kingdom. Then they have gave birth to 2 sons, Nextwar The Hedgehog and Absolution The Hedgehog. Absolution is Nextwar's little brother, they had good times together for 4 years since they were born. Then the trouble has came to the Ice Kingdom again. It was the lastest Emperor of the Demon Empire, this Empire has been destroyed since 300+ years ago. The lastest Emperor of the Demon Empire is "Kora The Demon Wolf." He was freezed by the Ician soldiers, he lost to the Ice Kingdom since he was 20 years old. When Nextwar was 5, someone tried to sneak in the Ice Castle. Then went to the underground to save Kora because it was the room where Kora has been jailed after he has been freezed for 300+ years. The man who tried to help Kora, it was "Armand The Demon Fox." When Armand found Kora, he used his weapon broke the ice that freezed Kora, then he was free and thanked to Armand and made him to be a General of the new Demon Empire. And then they went to the Ice Castle's throne room. Kora wanted to destroy the Ice Kingdom and he met Queen Mira and King Mateo. Queen Mira has told her Royal Guards to get him, but they couldn't beat Kora because he is so strong, then Queen Mira and King Mateo had to fight him by theirself. But they couldn't beat Kora too. Kora knew about they have their sons so he ordered Armand to find Nextwar and Absolution (Nextwar's little brother.) And then Armand has found the room where Nextwar and Armand lives, when Nextwar saw Kora, he said "Who are you!!!??? How dare you get in!!??" Armand didn't say anything and he used his Demon knife then slashed on Nextwar's face and he got his scar on his face. Then Armand took Nextwar and Absolution to Kora. Kora asked Queen Mira and King Mateo about last words then he killed them infront of Nextwar and Absolution. Then Kora took Nextwar and Absolution to the forest and lefted them alone. Actually, Kora doesn't want to kill kids but he takes them to be slaves in underground. But about Nextwar and Absolution, he wanted to fight them when he is grow up because Kora hasn't fight for 300+ years. When Nextwar and Absolution were alone, a cat name "Kitten Loki" has found then adopted and took care of him until present.


Nextwar's first design, he didn't have a grey hoodie, he had blue.

Nextwar's first design. June 2020.

Nextwar has used FlipaClip to draw it then he changed to

use IbisPaintX next time.

Nextwar's first story, he doesn't Absolution.

Nextwar's new design, he has a grey hoodie with cyan auras.

Nextwar's new design. Jan 2021.

And his gloves with 2 rings with auras. And his boots have auras too.

Nextwar has evoled his design for 7 months and then he got new.

Nextwar's new design. March 2021.


He likes to draw artworks like his personality in real life. It's his favourite hobby. When fight time, he doesn't want to give up and he needs to try to win all times. But sometimes maybe he does. If he is serious, he would not have fun, kinda like Kazuma Kiryu from Yakuza. At funny times, he is like Dante and Nero from Devil May Cry. He loves to listin music while he is in fighting. All of his personalitys are like Silver + Kiryu + Dante and Nero.


Coming soon. Nextwar didn't make story about it yet.

Powers, abilities and skills

  • Powers

He has ice powers and Electric powers. Ice powers is 70% in his body, he has got it from his mother "Queen Mira." And Electric powers is 30% in his body, he has got it from his father "King Mateo"

  • Abilities

He can spin-dash like Sonic and Shadow, actually Silver can't spin dash but Nextwar can because he can use his Electric power to speed up himself to be faster and can do spin dash. He has a talent too, he can draw artworks well.

  • Skills
  1. Ice Fist's Dash

Nextwar spawns his Ice Brass Knuckles on his fist then he uses electric powers make him faster and he can dash fast to the enemy and punch the enemy's face.

2. Ice Swords Slasher

Nextwar spawns his 2 Ice swords and slash the enemy fast. So this skill, he uses his electric powers speed up his body too.

3. Ice Surge

Nextwar uses his fist punch the floor and then the Ice surge moves to the enemy.

4. Ice Shooter

Nextwar spawns his 2 Ice guns and shoot the enemy. The gun he spawns is Uzi, after he spawns it, he uses them to shoot the enemy fast.

  • Ultimate combo skills

1.Glacial Strikes

This skill is like Ice Shooter but Nextwar puts much Electric power in all of bullets in the guns then the last shoot, he puts much than others bullet and he says "Strike!" And this skill is like Dante's hyper combo with dual guns from Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

2.Glacial Surge

This skill is like Ice Surge but Nextwar makes it bigger than normal Ice surge and the enemy will get much damage than normal.

3.Ice Storm

Nextwar spawns his Ice Sword and slash the enemy fast with ice cold storm.

4.Ice Serpent's Fist

Nextwar dashes to enemy and punch it with Ice Serpent's spirit like Dragon Fist from Dragonball.

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