Niji's name means "Rainbow" In Japanese, she was named after her natural born rainbow streaks on her ears and bangs. She is a mobian wolf who enjoys reading and writing stories. Her penpal, Kibou, is from Seedrita yet they never see each other, as neither of the two can afford to get to their homes, Niji sends pictures of herself to Kibou, as she does the same thing.

About Niji

Name: Niji Wolf

Age: 9

Gender: Female

Attire: Light blue short sleeved jacket, long sleeved light purple top, light blue trousers to match her jacket, light purple and white shoes, White gloves that reach to her knuckles.

Eyes: Pink and Purple

Spieces: Wolf

Alingment: good

Ability Type: Flight.

Niji and Lunar

Lunar is a fox that is alot like Niji, the two both enjoy reading and writing their own stories together, or running around the Mobioun fields and forest. Lunar is 10, and the two have been friends since they were 2, Niji has a secret Crush on Lunar, and Lunar knows. Lunar has a big sister called Elikima

Niji's personality

Niji is shy with new people, and doesn't enjoy making new friends, her personality is alot like Creams, but she is more shy then Cream.

Niji's theme

Niji's theme is "Big Girls Don't Cry"