Personality:Smug,Stubborn,Can have an attitude, a bit like Rouge and Shadow combined.

Likes:Jewels, watching her rivals fail,winning, acting all smart, whinding Leila up

Dislikes:When Comet tells her what to do, Losing/failure, making a fool out of herself, not being in charge.


'Hair Colour: Dark grey with yellow, blue and pink streaks

Abilities: Unworldly powers

Super form(s): Phantom Niovah


Niovah holds powers unworldly to her planet, and originally used them for evil especially agaisnt Cleocactra. Until they managed to settle their differences. Niovah ended up joining a Team formed by Comet, who had recently taken the throne, Team Fire. She is the power member

Other Info

Fake Loving

Usually, Niovah will use her looks and "sweet talk" on a boy to get them to do what she wants. She will sometimes get their sympathy or pretend to love them. She first attempted it on Shadow but it failed - since Mimi threatened her to "stay away from her boyfriend or else" her next attempt on Sonic was more succesful. She dosent seem to mind if leaving her breaks the boys heart, as she has no sense of sympathy. However she dosent try it on Shadow because he is an allie.