About Patrica

Name: Patrica

Age: 10

Gender: Female

Alingment: Good

Ability type: Flight

Theme: What I've Overcome by Fireflight

Likes: Beaches,Summer days, Water, exploring, the forest

Dislikes: Kidnappers, loud noises, being the centre of attention, cold days, snow, ice, Open fields

Powers: Swimming i guess lol

Ability type: Speed


Patrica loves adventure, she would rather wander along in the forest or look for shells on the beach then play with friends. She doesn't have much friends,, except for Sonic and co. Patrica has a crush on Miles "Tails" Prower - which she has had since she met him. She likes to be alone


Patrica was kidnapped by the M.A (Makeh Army). Nobody knew this so Patrica had to find away to get out herself. In an attempt, she was caught by Talu the Tiger and he decided to take her to a lab to be used for an experiment. They injected her with an unknown liquid and she passed out. When Patrica woke up, she had no memory of her past and had no idea where she was, but she saw she had scars on her body, someone had beaten her. When she saw Talu, Patrica instantly remembered she had been kidnapped,her heart was broken because she wanted to go home and was determined to get out. This time her attempt was sucsessful. Patrica had no idea where she was, she knew she was on Mobious. When Patrica saw Tails again, she rememebered her love and friendship with him - although her memory was still abit fuzzy. Patrica decided to put her past behind her and live her life as usual.