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Planet Xania isn't far from Mobius, in fact, it's in the same Solar System, however, it's colder than Mobius.


Formed during Mobius' formation, Xania has thick sheets of ice around the planet. The species, called Xathons, have evolved to live in extremely cold climates, most of them weared jackets, however. The Xathons never knew about the Mobians, so they're not as advanced as them. However, this is when everything changed.

A few hundreds of years later, the "Blizzard Period" begun taking place. The temperature was way below zero, colder than the Xathons were used too. Forced to leave there home, the ventured to the lower region of the planet to find warmth. Many died along the way. Desperate to survive, the Xathons found a warm, tropical place near the equator, which they called The Miracle Forest, which began the new and current generation of Xathons.

About the Xathons

Xathons don't have a monarchy, nor a democracy, instead, they treat everyone equally. However, they separate themselves as two major tribes, Koda and Goshe. The Koda tribe can be recognized by a star shaped symbol on there forehead and the Goshe tribe can be recognized with a wing-like symbol. However, both of the tribes are enemies.

Xathons can have powers judged by there blood types, below is the blood types. 

Xathons Blood Types


Cryokinesis - Type C

Hydrokinesis - Type H

Aerokinesis - Type A


Pyrokinesis - Type P

Geokinesis - Type G

Electrokinesis - Type E

Extremely Rare

Dynamokinesis - Type D

Photokinesis - Type Ph

Chlorokinesis - Type Ch

Umbrakinesis - Type U

Hardly Seen

Asterokinesis - Type As

Atmokinesis - Type At

Gyrokinesis - Type Gy

Powerless - Type 0

Differences from Mobians

  • Thicker coats of fur (hard to see)
  • Fluffier tails
  • Lighter color than mobians
  • Live in cold climates
  • Live longer than Mobians
  • Aren't as advanced
  • Most Xathons are Cats and Arctic animals

Known Xathons



  • The Koda and Goshe tribe is based on the Dinka and Nuer tribes in Sudan.