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Planet Zonia - 150,075 Lightyears from Mobius

Planet Zonia With the Constellation of an Old hero

Age - 9.7 billion years old. (5 years after the creation of the universe)

Inhabitants: Animals, Humans, etc. Continents/Regions:


-Theme of Zonota-

-Theme of Sonota-

Region 1 - Zonota (North Zonota)

Region 2 - Sonota (South Zonota)


-Theme of Komoto Island-

Region 3  - Komoto Island


-Theme of Sannoto -

Large Region 4 - Sannoto 

(Top and Bottom)

-Theme of Frozinato Artic -

Frozinato Artic

Region 1

Minerzonian Village - Where the Minerzonians Live, as well as Iron

Wild Jungle - A Jungle with wild animals, such as Bears, snakes, and other predators. there is a pass though which is completely safe.

Forest Blockade - Wrongfully called Forest Blockade, most people think Wild Jungle is a forest. it keeps Predators and other people out from getting to Cukonota Village, Plus the guards are real jerks. (Jeez!)

Cukonota Village + Cukonota Beach - Home to many people, its a happy place to be, plus the beach for ultimate sun tanning and fun!

The Fallen Graveyard - The place where loved ones are laid to rest, a Temple lies there waiting for the next Hero..

Treacherous Desert - A Desert which can dehydrate unprepared travellers quickly, its also somewhat of a defense to the Obsidian Outpost, lots of water is recommended!

Obsidian Outpost - What once was a Research tower of Science, was captured and turned into an Outpost to the Evil Obsidian Warzone, The area is filled with Lava and the tower is protected by a Forcefield the only way to remove the force field is by shutting down the two generators! but they're heavily guarded! Watch out!

Region 2

??? + ????: Not Seen

???: Not Seen

??? Not  Seen