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Art by JellyClaws

"There is nothing more disgusting on this planet then a man whose desire is to make people suffer."

Platinum is the fursona of RogueEmpire64, and is loosely based on her in personality. Her design has grown over many years of tweaking and aesthetic changes and is finally complete.


Platinum is an anthropomorphic gray wolf with medium long brown curly hair, she wears a purple onesie with a purple and blue skirt with a black belt with a blue gem on the center. She wears a purple headband with a small bow in her hair and has teal-colored nails, with blue and teal beaded bracelets on her arms. On her feet, she wears black boots which also have a blue gem in the center like her belt(albiet being open toed as the picture implies).


Platinum is very self-conscious and hard on herself, constantly fighting depression and social anxiety. In a good mood, she is quite silly and loves to make jokes. She is flirty and giggly, and tends to go a bit too far with the flirting, making some of her crushes uncomfortable.


Platinum's family line were known as a powerful strong pack for many years, and raised their children to battle once they reached 8 or 9 years old. They would learn how to control their powers and they had strict childhoods; Platinum's father was an expert at fire magic, and her mother was skilled at ice magic. Platinum however, had skills in both ice and fire, uncommon in her family line(they usually had earth and fire powers or water and ice, never fire and ice together). In her young child years, her father ran her though harsh training to master her fire powers at a younger age; it took her several years to master her ice powers, during that time she had accidentally hurt some of her family from icicle attacks. During this time she met her best friend, Blare who was also in training. The two met through their parents being allies. Once she was a teenager, she left her family and lived on her own. She joined the Moon Star Club and further trained with the team and they clued her in on an ongoing threat, Hiro and his brothers. They had been terrorizing the whole planet and had caused many lives to be lost. In the club, she met her friends: Robert, Sparkle and Blackheart. Platinum made it a goal to get strong enough to fight Hiro and put an end to his mass homicide. As a young adult, Platinum had proven herself to be a skilled fighter, although she still couldn't defeat Hiro as he was very quick to dodge her attacks. Soon enough, she had run into Izrazz. He was injured from Hiro's attacks, and Platinum helped tend to his wounds. He was grateful for her hospitality, and promised to return the favor someday. As time went on, they became close friends, and once Izrazz fully trusted her, he handed her a portal key and asked her to protect it and to not let anyone else take it. She assured him that she would keep it safe; Soon after she ran into Razzy, who was trying to get back home. His way of speaking was disturbing to her and she saw him as a common pervert, and did not wish to talk to him. Little did she know that he was Izrazz' best friend and she was going to see him a lot, which at the time was greatly upsetting. He developed a crush on Platinum, and would stalk her often. She was angry at him and wanted him so badly to go away, and in the heat of rage tossed the key at him and told him to just leave, but Razzy decided he enjoyed living there especially near Platinum. Over time, the two had been through many adventures together, and developed a strong bond. Platinum had slowly gained a crush on him too, and the duo started dating. At first, she was uneasy and found him too weird to be her boyfriend, but soon enough she thought he was wonderful and was very happy with him. The couple were together for 3 years, and during that time had met Joey. He openly told Razzy and everyone else that he found Platinum hot, but didn't let her know until Platinum had broken up with Razzy. She ended the relationship after befriending Joey and falling in love with him, deeply hurting Razzy in the process. Joey and Platinum were together for 7 months, then Platinum decided she did not love him that much, and Joey was upset because he adored her. She decided to go on missions alone for the time being, and had found out some dark secrets about Hiro and learned the truth about Timothy, who was her role model as a child. He had teamed up with Hiro and was committing murder and attacking Mischakers for "justice", which made Platinum feel sick. What made it worse, was Blare was not aware of this, and the two were married for several years. Eventually word got out and Blare had divorced him, but felt awful that she was with him for so long and never knew how vile he had become. After some time, Platinum had come across Dizzy, who was new to the area. He was homeless and was living in a cardboard box. He told her he was hiding from "The boss", but Platinum had no idea what he was talking about. She offered him to stay with her until he could get back on his feet, and Dizzy humbly accepted. Living with Dizzy was awkward for Platinum, because he was very insecure and afraid of everyone. She was annoyed with him hiding all the time, but she didn't know what he had been though, nor did she ask. Once the two got to know each other more, Dizzy confided in her about his time at the circus, and Platinum felt bad for treating him as a pest. She convinced him to join P.E.C.A.D.U with her; Hesitating at first, Dizzy decided to become a member and participate in the club missions. Dizzy had quickly and unexpectedly became obsessed with Platinum, and would get jealous and furious of others whom he assumed were flirting with her. During one of her missions, she had to travel to kentucky to search for a hidden object. She stayed with Botter(Dizzy's grandfather) and he had warned her not to get too close to him as Dizzy hasn't been in his right mind for many years, and did not want Platinum to get hurt. She assured him she was fine and would not let him do anything to her.


Vaporwave, making ice sculptures, hanging out with her friends, autumn, traveling, rainstorms, spending time with Dizzy, sushi, stripes, bad puns, spicy food


Summer, Razzy being creepy, Izrazz and Razzy scaring her, being seen as a damsel in distress, dealing with Hiro and Timothy, coffee

Positive Traits

  • Platinum is fairly observant.
  • She is kind and helps others when she is able.
  • Platinum is very determined and rarely gives up in a fight.

Negative Traits

  • She gets irritated very easily and can lose her temper(i.e Razzy making her jump, Muriel being rude, etc.)
  • Platinum flirts too much and gets herself in some crazy situations.
  • She refuses to accept help in battle, even when she is outnumbered.


  • Platinum was the third instance of the main character, with Blare being RogueEmpire64's first fursona.
  • Platinum's voice is here.