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Pokémobius: Chaos


Pokémobius: Chaos is a roleplaying group and storyline centered around the Sendai region of Pokémobius. Characters in this world are "Mobian Pokémon", meaning that each individual is a Pokémon species, but are made in the figure of Mobians (the genus of Sonic characters). This story has a gritty, dark, semi-futuristic sci-fi setting where there exists high-tech weaponry, robotics, and widely used nuclear power sources. In this group, there are two main factions of characters, Corrupted and Pure, that war against each other for acceptance and control respectively. The Corrupted are Pokémon who have had their genetic traits scrambled and randomized, giving them uncanny typing, abilities, and moves.


Years ago the planet Pokémobius, there existed a utopian and prosperous country of Sendai. This land, rich in resources, technology, and wealth, owed their success to eighteen types of jewels that were scattered throughout Sendai. These gems, as followed, are:

  • Quartz of Balance
  • Ruby of Flare
  • Aquamarine of Rain
  • Moonstone of the Skies
  • Peridot of Life
  • Amethyst of Sepsis
  • Cat's Eye of Energy
  • Topaz of the Terrestrial
  • Pearl of Telepathy
  • Turquoise of the Mountain
  • Howlite of Snowfall
  • Amber of Chrysalis
  • Sapphire of Might
  • Opal of Spirits
  • Alexandrite of Deception
  • Hematite of the Forged
  • Pink-Diamond of Whimsy

The essence of life and energy that flowed from the planet to every living and non living thing originated from underground mines and veins of these precious stones. There were some gemstones more abundant than others, but harmony flourished nonetheless. One day, however,a dimensional rift caused by seven powerful loci of chaotic, spacetime energy appeared, slightly tangling the two universes together and disturbing the natural order of the planet's stones. Once was once a seemingly neverending source of power were twisted and weakened, even harming and genetically mutation people who lived near the extraction points. In a panic, Sendai excommunicated those who were mutated, as a good number became sick and/or died from their affliction. They feared that this mutation would spread if they continued to live with the rest of society. From there, two different societies, one of corrupted individuals and one of pure, rose up. Today, they fight, both diplomatically and pugilantly over control of Sendai and wheter to renunify the country or further seperate themselves.


Sendai is divided into two seperate regions of near equal power and technology: Khaozemli and Chistosa. Both of these lands are dark, metal, somewhat dreary, and have a huge focus on nationalism and military forces. There are even hired separitists that invade the opposing factions to stir up trouble. It is up to the citizens of these territories to defend their home and possibly even fight for their faction.

The flag of the Chistosa faction (normal or "pure" Pokémobians) in Pokémobius: Chaos

The flag of the Khaozemli faction (mutated or corrupt Pokémobians) in Pokémobius: Chaos.