Chapter 1

"Dad?! Dad!" Misty cried out to her father Red.

"What?" Red answered.

"There's something wrong with mom" She said with alot of concern.

Red dashed into the kitchen to see his girlfriend staring at the wall. "Honey? Honey?" He said as he waved his hand in front of her face.

In a couple minutes the gang found themselves in Tails' lab.

"Well, there's an incredible amount of dark energy inside of her" Tails said as he examined honey who was in the radiation chamber.

"How much?" Red asked curiously.

"More than your dark form and Sonic's combined!!!" Tails exclaimed.

Suddenly Honey punched the glass of the radiation chamber and left, snapped her fingers and the dark aura emerald apppeared in her grasp. She clenched it hard and the glowing black rays from it sunk into her body and her wings turned black and her cat claws grew long and as sharp as wolverines.She puches a hole in the wall and dissappeared...

"What the HELL was that?" Red asked.

"Kitty definitely has some CLAWS!!" Sonic exclaimed.

"Shut up" Red snapped. "Honey has finally got it."

Tails sadly said "What" and Sonic said;

"A long time ago before Red and Honey went out, she told me there was going to be a day were she would turn into a dark angel, steal the Chaos Emeralds and try to cast the dark realms shadow on the world."

"She what!? You mean she was planning this?" Red asked angrily.

"No, not exactly... It's a phase that happens to all Mobian cat angels" Tails explained.

"I- c-can't br--" Red's vision was getting blurry, and he fainted...

When Red awoke he was surrounded by Manic, Sonia, Sonic, Tails, Blake, Hannah, Dynasty and Misty.

"Ugh, my head" Red said as he sat up on the couch.

"Well, you always were the one who faints under pressure..." Sonia pointed out.

"As i was saying" Tails said, "Honey is a dark angel yada yada ya, and well, we have to stop her..."

Just then, Honey'd burst through the door with the aura emerald in her hand. "Heya guys" She said happily.

"Heya?? What the hell, you just deystroyed the radiation chamber and stole MY dark aura Emerald and you say hey???" Tails stared in disbelief as she lunged ontop of Red.

"Listen you little twerp, all you guys are gonna give me the emeralds so I can destroy this city and turn into darkness, got it??" She screamed standing in front of Red. He gulped deeply and was about to agree with her when he noticed something strange; Honey's left side wing was white.

"Okay, I really don't know what's happening right now. All I know is that I'm really really scared" Blake said.