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Regnum Aligerum is a Kingdom ruled by King Romolus,Queen Regina,and Prince Legatarius. © of Jet Set Ronnoc.


Regnum Aligerum was originally a large lake that connected to almost every river in Mobius. A small group of people found their way there with the help of an Angelhog. Together the Mobians and the Angelhog built a kingdom. A Demonhog was nearing the kingdom,sent to attack the ruler,but instead turned on her Demon master. The demonhog actually married the angelhog. They later had two kids.


  • Romolus the Angelhog
  • Regina the Demonhog
  • Legatarius the Angelhog


  • Shekinah the Devilhog (Insane,cannot control her powers,has sudden fits of rage)


  • Regnum Aligerum is Latin for "Kingdom of the Winged Creatures".
  • Lily came up with the Kingdom's name.