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Republic Of Arlaen's Military
Rpeublic Of Arlaen Army.svg
"Nessuna pietà, uccidili tutti."
Vital statistics
Main Headquarters La trincea di ferro
Year Of Formation December 2nd,3154
Active Personnel 432,122
Reserve Personnel 7,212

The Republic Of Arlaen's Army is a group created by LambdaZamanLayfia, it's a group that defends the Republic Of Arlaen.

Military History

Notable Military Units

Partisans "Partigano"

Arlaen National Militia "Milizia nazionale"

1st Infantry Division "Il forte":

5th Infantry Regiment "Guardia storica":

Example of the 5th Infantry Regiment's Uniform from 3154 - 3226

Military patch of the 5th Infantry Regiment

The first military unit to be created by The Republic Of Arlaen. It has had 7,925 casualties in it's 83 years of service

10th Infantry Division

23rd Infantry Division "Guerriero tradizionale":

33rd Infantry Regiment "Ultimo atto":

73rd Infantry Division "Alleati immortali":

476th Parachute Infantry Regiment "Guerrieri del cielo":

Example of the 476th Parachute Infantry Regiment's Uniform from 3221 - 3226

The Military patch of the 476th Parachute Infantry Regiment

The most recent Regiment created by The Republic of Arlaen with only 5 years of combat service resulting in 122 casualties.

Other Non-Main Military Units

E.T.S. (Soldati estremamente talentuosi)

The E.T.S are the special forces of Arlaen, started from units of the 33rd Infantry Regiment who were considered "Advanced in their skill beyond that of the average soldier".

N.P.S. (National Protection Service)

A.R.N.C.G. (Arlaen Republic National Coast Guard)