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Hey everyone, opening up this page again (for what seems like the umpteenth time with me forgetting it exists every time...) I recently got both a new tablet and computer and I'm looking to get back into the swing of things in terms of art. So, if you've got any requests, I've updated the rules and such and I am officially back in business in terms of taking requests.

Hope to hear from you soon! ~4DK 4/25/2022


  • I take and finish requests in the order I get them first come, first serve.
  • I prefer you leave me a link to your character's page or at least a picture, but if they don't have one yet, give me a picture or a brief 25 word or less description of their appearance, personality, abilities, etc.
  • I'm on discord at 40DagreezKelvin#1691. You'll have a much better chance of getting my attention there than on here as discord notifies me immediately whereas email does not.
    • If you just leave a comment here, there's a chance I might not see it until later.
  • I have a full-time job right now, so I will be cutting the available slots down from 5 to 3. If you put in a request while my 3 slots are full, I may not even read it until one of them opens up, so just keep that in mind. Also, my goal is to have each piece done and out the door in 4 days or less. It may not happen every time but that's my goal, I will stay in contact with everyone in the case of delays/setbacks so don't feel the need to check up on the status UNLESS you don't hear from me in 5 days.

Things you CAN request:

  • Specific poses/activities/expressions/scenarios (lovestruck, walking in the rain, sunbathing, fired up expression, dancing, battle-ready pose.)
  • An art trade (if you'd like to draw me something I always accept trades, just let me know).
  • A collab with one of my characters, doing various things like sparring, shopping, eating, etc. (You can find them on my user page)
  • Characters from other games, cartoons, or anime (I'm trying to diversify my abilities, and this is new for me, so I will decide whether or not to do these based on what that specific request is.)
  • The Daily Special - I will do something experimental, such as trying a new art-style, brushes, or even program. I will try and do something different every day. With it being spontaneous, there's no telling how it may turn out.

Things you CANNOT request:

  • Anything that violates wiki rules and guidelines (anything violent/gory, overtly sexual, obscene, and/or offensive.)
  • Another user's character without their permission.
  • More than 3 characters in a single piece.
  • Non-Sonic OCs (I only do this every now and then as I'm not the best at human characters)
  • And as always, I reserve the right to deny a request. This almost never happens, but if it does, I will do my best to find a middle ground for something else instead.

Anyways, it's good to be back!

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