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"This is stupid, you're stupid!"~Kid Grief on Jared's lame ideas.

Rougeganta being confronted by Knuckles. (Who is supposed to be like SUperman, or Batman. )

Rougeganta is an alternative Sonic Official character version of Rouge the Bat. This character was created on Deviantart and is a mix between Rouge and the DC supervillainess Giganta from the Justice League Unlimited Series. While this character isn't canon to any of Jaredthefox92's main Sonic fan series, such as Flawed Deties, Dimensional Wars, and Chaos Mobians, it still is a role playable character that is often seen on DA.


Just imagine her as Rouge.

Main Information:

Name: Rougeganta

Species: Meta Mobian version of Rouge the Bat

Age:  Adult

Residence:  Metropolis or someplace on Mobius

Occupation: Super villain jewel theif

Position: Supervillain

Ethnicity: Unkown


Rougeganta's appearance is basically a cross mix between Rouge, and Giganta. While Rouge retains her normal phsysical features such as eyes and hair color, she also wears Giganta's dress and earings similar to hers.

The original picture of Rougeganta commissioned by LittleYellowKitsune to Ilovefallingcows.


Rougeganta retains momst of her personality within the Sonic comics, as well as the videogames. However, instead of being a spy for GUN, or just a simple jewel theif, she is now a supervillain and preforms super-crime.


While Rougeganta retains all of Rouge's abilities, she is also now gifted with the power to increase her size and propotionatly her strength and durability. When giant size her might increases tend fold and she can even level buildings with enough force. She also becomes immune to most projecticles as well.

One interesting aspect about this combination is now Rouge can fly while giant size and thus she could obtain flight with power.

Rougeganta self-maginfirying to become a giant.


Basic Stats (1 is weak, 10 is very strong. Total can't be greater than 40.)

Agility BPStar.pngBPStar.pngBPStar.pngBPStar.pngBPStar.png 5
Speed BPStar.pngBPStar.png 2
Strength BPStar.pngBPStar.pngBPStar.pngBPStar.pngBPStar.pngBPStar.pngBPStar.pngBPStar.png 8
Defence BPStar.pngBPStar.pngBPStar.pngBPStar.pngBPStar.pngBPStar.pngBPStar.png 7
Evasiveness BPStar.pngBPStar.png 2
Dexterity BPStar.pngBPStar.pngBPStar.pngBPStar.pngBPStar.png 5
Intelligence BPStar.pngBPStar.pngBPStar.pngBPStar.pngBPStar.png 5
Skill BPStar.pngBPStar.pngBPStar.pngBPStar.png 4
Total BPStar.pngBPStar.pngBPStar.pngBPStar.pngBPStar.pngBPStar.pngBPStar.pngBPStar.pngBPStar.pngBPStar.png 38


  • Dispite being a crossover idea, Rougeganta has had some popularity on Deviantart.
  • Jared was bored when he wrote this.
  • Yes, Jared is obsessed with the Justice League Animated version of Giganta, but he wasn't the first one to come up with the concept of Rouge being a giantess, (in fact just look it up all over Deviantart.)