"People are like fire. Fire can both take life and make way for new life. Its both good and evil. Likewise, good people can do bad, and bad people can be good. Don't get caught up in labeling yourself good or bad, just keep fighting your fight. " ~ His view on morality.

Rusty the Porcupine
Rusty's Current Look (2021)


Kelvin Copper Rusty the Porcupine




Pyrokinetic and Emberman Abilities; Psychic Powers (limited to telepathy with his twin due to being mindwiped at a young age.)


Electri City, Substantia

Fighting Style

Burst Style

Love Life

Monica the Raccoon (owned by Juniona)


Not being powerless anymore, sweet/sour candies, 'people watching', annoying Recon, roasting people (figuratively and literally)


His curse, people annoying him, being short, not knowing what to do


Sakura Mitsutsuki - Spyair


Lawful Neutral


Rusty is short even for Mobian standards standing at 3'1. His spines are tied in dreadlocks similar to that of echidnas and are tipped in yellow highlights that look like flames with four spines hanging down and the rest up in a ponytail. His hair changes regularly as he wears it in three different styles: half up and half down, a long braid, or all just hanging down. His eyes are lavender purple and seem to always be flickering in annoyance.

He wears a white shirt shirt with a black skull on it and an open yellow jacket with a black stripe running horizontally through it as well as green shoes with yellow markets, purple accents, and gray soles. He dons a pair of gray fingerless gloves, however the left one has armor pieces on it

  • Early Appearance: At the start of New Beginnings, he wore a simple yellow shirt with long sleeves with Sonic-like green shoes.
  • Emberman Fusion: During the first half of NB when fused with Esmerelda, his appearance changed drastically. His fur became a burnt copper color, his eyes became an eerie green, and he became slightly taller. His quills also gained white streaks at the tips.
  • Current Outfit: During the later half of NB, he sports a new yellow jacket with a black stripe on the arms and around the waist. He wears green sneakers with white accents and soles.
  • DotE Outfit: During the events of Dawn of the Equinox, he updates his outfit to be more battle focused. He replaces his signature jacket with a similar vest, and dons a black long sleeved shift with yellow stripes underneath and finally puts on a pair of pants. He also gets some new shoes and changes the pin used to hold his ponytail.


Kelvin Coper "Rusty" the Porcupine is an orange-furred anthropomorphic porcupine. Born vertically-challenged and without any powers or special abilities, his feeling of weakness and inability to stand out were strong from a young age, crippling his social abilities and academic performance which were already unimpressive compared to his twin sister Aynoa (honor roll student, captain of the cheer squad, loved by nearly everyone at their high school), Being a short and scrawny, redheaded, walking ball of temper tantrums and violent outbursts, he already had three strikes against him in the eyes of everyone else in school. He was seen as a 'troubled student' who was shunned or avoided by the good kids and bullied by the bad ones. His mother, Lynnea, tried to be his biggest supporter and push him in the right direction, but even she unintentionally favored her star-child Aynoa.

Despite being twins in mannerisms, age, and stature, the two couldn't have been any more different and unfortunately, Rusty drew the short end of the deal in terms of popularity, looks, and basically every other positive trait Aynoa had. The only thing that tied them together, was a telepathic bond that the two shared. They had no idea how it worked or why they had it, but it was just something that they were always able to do.

These differences, as well as Aynoa's tendency to ignore her brother to avoid losing her social status at school caused a rift to form between the siblings. Aynoa rose to the top of her class while Rusty delved deeper into depression. By the time they had reached Jr. High, he finally decided that his life was only going to get worse from here and his family would be better off without the air of negativity that followed him around. He was going to take his own life.

He had made up his mind one day and was sat on the school bell tower after school, waiting for everyone to leave so no one would have to witness his cowardly escape. He laughed bitterly at this, even in his final moments all he could think about was the mockery his name would be stained with. Now that he thought about it, would this come back to hurt his Aynoa? He may have envied her all his life, but he didn't want her to be associated as the 'jumper's sister.' Having second thoughts, he stepped back from the ledge to recollect his thoughts when a voice blurted out from behind him, "Hey!" The sudden jolt caused him to jump, twisting around and stumbling back off the roof to what was sure to be his death. What he didn't realize was that it was at this moment that his life would truly begin.

New Beginnings Timeline: Rusty's Story

Unsure of if he was about to see golden gates or a burning wasteland in the afterlife, Rusty opened his eyes and was greeted by neither. He was back on the roof, and was staring into the face of an eerie, purple phantom-like creature with glowing yellow eyes and mouth. "What the hell? D-did you save me?" He asked. The figure cackled, "Of course, you've got too much potential to just throw it all away," before dashing away. Confused and intrigued, Rusty chased the figure until the sun had begin to set over the horizon, finding it had stopped on a hill overlooking the city. The figure introduced itself as Zornelle, the wandering spirit of a powerful mage doomed to fade away without a vessel to house her soul.. She told Rusty that she sensed great potential in him despite his insistence that he was as ordinary as they come and she offered him access to her magic and training to become a powerful warrior in exchange for giving her another chance at life. He is reluctant at first, but it doesn't take much for her to convince him and they shake on the deal.

The next day at school, life goes on as it normally would. Rusty is running late to class and runs into his usual set of bullies outside his locker. But things don't go the way they normally do. With the help of Zornelle's enhanced strength, Rusty finds himself walking away from the encounter leaving the three older boys bloodied and whimpering instead of the other way around. He notes that while it felt good, it was more violent that he wanted, but Zornelle quickly convincing him that they deserved it. The following weeks went about the same way with Rusty seemingly becoming a much more improved version of himself with each passing day. He was stronger and faster, more confident, and had a slew of sick new fire powers a la Zornelle. As he walked by Aynoa in the hallways in between classes, he noticed that he was actually taller, looking at the tips of her ears rather than her eyes. This was undoubtedly the best thing that could have ever happened to him. Zornelle convinces him to aim higher than schoolyard bullies and to try his hand at fighting off some thugs in the more seedy parts of town. High of his new lifestyle, he quickly agrees and they dedicate the next few nights to paying the local lowlifes a beatdown. His overconfidence began to grow and his desire to get back at everyone that had wronged him grew with it. Rusty quickly became the person he used to fear and became the school's symbol of 'don't mess with me or else.'

It was about this time he was approached by Aynoa, concerned about his sudden change in attitude. Rusty wrote her off as jealous that finally someone was as noticed as she was and told her to get used to it because things weren't changing anytime soon. This angers Aynoa and sparks begin to fly in the biggest fight the two ever had. Amidst the yelling and biting, Aynoa tells him that nothing changed, he was still unliked by everyone but now a few were afraid of him. He was still the loser he always was. Annoyed, Rusty realized that she was right, nothing had changed. If he wanted to make something of himself, he would have to go farther than the confines of his crummy school and dull neighborhood. Having access to his memories thanks to them being fused, Zornelle suggests he become a mercenary like his father, taking the hardest jobs and scoring fame and fortune as a result. Unlike before, it takes no convincing from Z as Rusty has already made up his mind and departs that night to become a globe trotting merc. Remembering her father's demise and knowing that losing another in the same way would destroy her mother, Aynoa decides to bring him back at any cost, leaving behind her easy life to brave the dangerous world and bring her brother home safely.

Zornelle's Revelation:

Mere days after leaving his home, Zornelle reveals her true plans to Rusty. She was not a mages spirit, by actually that of an Emberman, a fire demon hailing from a race long before banished to the underworlds depths. Rusty remembers learning in a history class that Emberman were banished because they would brainwash people into running into flames and feasting on the life energy that escaped in the ashes. Zornelle tells him that it was true that he was heading for the flames, but not in the way that he thought. Zornelle was actually once a Mobian like him, a hare named Estelle, but she died in a house fire as a child from playing with matches. An Emberman had come to feast on her spirit, but was intrigued by her draw to the flames. The Emberman, Adwrath, instead chose to adopt her, placing her spirit in the body of his recently deceased daughter Zornelle. Estelle/Zornelle had no interest in living the life of the battle-hungry Emberman and instead chose to dance through life and mess with humans thanks to her unique ability to travel to the overworld due to having a Mobian spirit. But Adawrath loved her regardless, just pleased to see his "daughter" happy again after she died young. However, Agon, her step-brother was disgusted seeing his sister who was once hailed as a fine warrior, reduced to a spinless child with no honor for her people or duty. He tricked her into using her portals to bring them both into the overworld, claiming that he had found her original parents and that they wanted to meet her. Emberman are immortal, but only within their home world. And with them being outside of Emberman eyes and her only safe haven, Agon killed her again. Her spirit managed to escape, but he promised to learn to recreate her portal magic to come back and finish the job. And he had stuck true to that wish and was currently hot on her tail.

Being a spirit, Zornelle had no way to fight him, but she quickly learned that she was able to possess physical bodies and use them to fight back. She had been searching for a suitable vessel for years and had finally settled on her perfect choice. He had tons of untapped potential and his telepathic tie to his sister offered Z the ability to jump between him and Aynoa, effectively giving her two for the price of one. Rusty tried to reject her and turn home, but Zornelle informed him that he was too weak willed and she was too closely fused with him in order to do anything about it. She completely takes control of his body and takes him on a globe trotting adventure to train to become strong enough to fight Agon.

During their time as a mercenary, Rusty/Zornelle joined SKULL, a mercenary group that took any job, no matter what. Lawful, heinous, easy, hard, it didn't matter to a SKULL merc. Its at this point that Rusty sees a lot in the real world and gains his convoluted sense of morality, beginning to question what it means to be good/evil. One job he took was to take down a hero in a nearby town. While he was known for his heroic deeds, he was a glory hog and only would fight if there was some sort of payment involved: usually money or the affection of a beautiful girl. Rusty pondered this while punching the guy into the dirt, how many good deeds does it take to 'offset' a bad one? Is that even possible? Do they just cancel each other out?

Shortly after his stay with Skull, Aynoa finally catches up with him and despite growing stronger herself, Rusty easily overpowers her and Zornelle uses their psychic link to take control of her as well. The twins make a name for themselves, taking down stronger and stronger foes with each job until Zornelle deems them strong enough to fight Agon. In route to find him, the twins run into a pair of powerful travelers, combat prodigies from their respective clans. Princess Heather the Lynx from the royal Lycato family, and Recon the Wolf, recently banished Wvelven warrior who was at the top of his academy before being booted from the Wvelven. Zornelle deems them a worthy final challenge before fighting Agon and the two teams do battle. Unfortunately, even with their superior chemistry and powerful abilities, they grossly underestimated the daughter of the most powerful figure in the Lyycato kingdom and a warrior from the most battle hardened clan on the planet. They are defeated, Heather sensing that the two were possessed and using her magic to purge them. Zornelle was fiercely ripped from Rusty's body, separating the two for good and leaving half of her powers inside Rusty in the process.

Afterwards, the five of them catch up on each other's stories and Rusty tells Heather why Zornelle was bonded with him in the first place. While she agrees that what she did was wrong, Heather pities the lonely spirit girl and decides to use her give Esmerelda a body of her own so that she could defend herself if Agon attacked her again. She sculpted a 'doll' in the image of herself and the twins and uses her magic to attach the soul to it and giving it a new name and identity: Esmerelda. Unsatisfied with her amateurish work, Esmerelda quickly abandons them, leaving the two groups to go their separate ways. Rusty and Aynoa use their trip home to have a heart to heart and come to terms with each others place in their lives. They apologize for not sticking up for each other and abandoning each other in times of need, promising to remain at each other's side until their last days. During this time, they also train together and show off the techniques and abilities they picked up during their journey. Aynoa had built special gear that channeled and enhanced her bodies natural electricity, and she picked up some tricks from a gang of graffiti artists and parkour enthusiasts. Rusty now had access to Esmerelda's fire magic and was a pyrokinesis user, able to ignite himself and channel fire to attack.

New Beginnings

They reunite with their mother, both agreeing to not speak of what happened during their adventure. However, Lynnea reads their minds using her psychokinesis and regretfully learns that her children seem to be following in her footsteps. The twins are surprised, believing their mom to be powerless like they were, and she finally explains everything to them that she'd been hiding over the years. In her past life she was a mercenary-assassin and not their father like she had said before. Her ruthlessness and abilities made her an ideal merc and she was extremely successfully and feared in her line of work. One day, she was instructed to eliminate Jasper, a scientist working under a powerful scientific research facility whose aim was to study the Emberman and learn how to harness their powers. She confronts Jasper and attempts to kill him when he releases Esmerelda (who had been captured at some point during her time as a spirit). Esmerelda possesses her, and takes Jasper and escapes the research facility. Lynnea, under possession of Esmerelda, reports back to her superiors and reports Jasper eliminated and his research destroyed.

The duo goes back to Lynnea's line of work, Lynnea's field performance improved with Esmerelda's abilities. In their spare time, they would train for the fight against Esmerelda's step brother who vowed to kill her, as well as bring Jasper books and artifacts from their missions for him to keep himself entertained while in hiding. Esmerelda and Jasper had grown a tight connection with each other, Jasper being a kind and curious soul who was eager to learn about everything, helping Esmerelda come to terms with her spirit body and abilities. Some where in the time that they spent together, Lynna fell in love with Jasper. Whether this was due to Esmerelda's thoughts mixing with her own or her own growing fondness for him, she found herself longing to return to him after long missions. They would spend hours listening to Jasper ramble on about his research and discoveries, and even take him adventuring under the cover of night so that Lynnea's employers didn't discover his existence. Eventually, Lynnea and Esmerelda track down Agone, Esmerelda's step brother and a fierce battle ensues. Armed with their extensive training and Jasper's knowledge of Emberman, they put up a good fight, but Agone proves far too powerful quickly overwhelms Lynnea, beating her to near death. Lynnea quickly realizes how unmatched they were and attempts to retreat, but Esmerelda refuses and prevents her from doing so.

Jasper, who had come along for support couldn't stand by and watch the woman he'd grown to love so dearly be killed and used his knowledge of the Emberman to forcibly separate the two, taking Lynnea's near lifeless body and fleeing, leaving Esmerelda's spirit defenseless against Agone's torment. Jasper and Lynnea fled back to safety, Lynnea deciding to give up her occupation as an assassin and the to settled down and started a happy life together. Two years into their relationship, Lynnea revealed that she was pregnant with twins. Their happiness ended nearly as quickly as it began as Lynnea's employers from her past life as an assassin caught wind that both Jasper and their AWOL merc were still alive, and a team of elite assassins were sent to take care of them. Jasper was killed during his commute to work and Lynnea was attacked and brutally injured while in the hospital during a checkup regarding her expectancy. Lynnea found herself on the run again, this time fleeing her husbands killers and having to raise two newborn children on her own.

To erase any evidence of that life for good and not have to be reminded of the trauma she went through, Lynnea would mind wipe her children and erase their memories every time their psychic surfaced until it was so recessed within their minds that they wouldn't be able to access them again and reveal their heritage to anyone. Unfortunately, this constant mindwiping led to Rusty and Aynoa being stricken with severe ADHD. Rusty would struggle through school and dealing with his emotions and Aynoa would struggle with hyperactivity and impulsiveness as well as short term memory syndrome. This also explained their lingering psychic link and vertically challenged nature.

Rusty and Aynoa were exposed to a lot of heavy family history and baggage, and though they had villainized Esmerelda and began to question their mother's choices at first, they eventually come to the conclusion that both girls were victims of harsh lives and were both severely damaged from it. The twins make it their mission to rescue their mother and Esmerelda from their past lives once and for all, by whatever means necessary.


His personality is what you get when you mix Edward Elric + Katsuki Bakugo + Ryuko Matoi. He's brash, stubborn, and moody, often making choices not very befitting of a hero. But beneath that exterior lies a emotionally complex individual whose extremely gifted and passionate but struggles with constant inner turmoil. A misunderstood hero struggling to find his place in the world and answering the age old question of morality. He is headstrong and bold, though retaining his temper and the moral confusion he gained during his time as a mercenary. He often struggles with good and evil and has a hard time deciding if what he's doing is right, even after already making that choice.

His defining trait is definitely his temper, as he is very easily set off by the smallest things. People touching his hair without permission, being called short, things that shouldn't cause him to want to nuke everything in a 3 mile radius but does. His anger is also his deadly sin, being a major setback for him and causing him to hold grudges and make poor decisions with lasting consequences due to not being able to think clearly when angry. While his anger is a powerful weapon that can allow him to push past his physical and mental limits, it just as easily can push him down the wrong path and makes him prone to lashing out at friend and foe alike and holding grudges.

On the flip side, his best virtue is loyalty and fierce devotion to what he believes in. He may have trouble determining what he may believe in, but when he does, he sticks to it through thick and thin, pushing himself longer and harder than the rest through sheer anger and determination to his beliefs.

Social Status:

He is a bit of an outcast during social interactions, but he is very good at reading and understanding people. He picks up on lies easily, and can be quite empathetic due to how well he reads people's emotions. Though he has a very 'tough love' way of talking to people about their feelings, you'd be surprised how often he gets through to people.


Lynnea the Porcupine: Rusty's mother, a proud business woman who sadly finds herself in the office and at corporate meetings more than with her kids. Initially, she is seen as gentle and soft spoken, but fiercely loyal to her job and supporting her family as a single mother. After Rusty learns their history, he uncovers her fiery passion and ruthlessness in her craft as a mercenary.

Jasper the Porcupine: Rusty's dad. He died when the twins where young so they don't remember too much about him, but Lynnea told them that he was a mercenary who took the dangerous jobs against her wishes because they paid so much better. He died in an accident while on an mission and he she hated him for throwing away his life over foolish adventures instead of taking a normal job that guaranteed his safety. Due to the lack of memories of him and only knowing what his mother told him, he resents his father for not being around to help him through life but also admires his desire for something more than the mundane and ordinary. After Rusty learns their history, he learns that his dad was just a meek simple man who got caught up in things much bigger than he was. Still, he was a good man through and through.

Aynoa the Porcupine: His twin sister, though the birthdate is practically the only thing they have in common besides being short. After their sibling bonding during New Beginnings Timeline, they become very close and quickly synchronize with each other. They share a natural link with each other, being accurately being able to judge the other's emotions, thoughts, and location. Their bond is so strong, that they are able to send vibrations into each other's ears in order to communicate, though they later learn all this is a lingering ability of their dormant psychic powers. Even without the link, the two share such good chemistry that they know each other's habits and mannerisms perfectly and can mirror them in perfect sync without even thinking about it (flipping their hair, angrily tapping their foot, playing with their zippers.)

Team Havok: Many jokingly describe this team as sharing a single brain cell, despite all three members being a genius or very gifted in certain areas: Recon's technical prowess and extensive knowledge on combat and biomechanics and engineering, Jay's photographic memory, and Rusty's ability to catch on to slight patterns and changes in peoples moods, mannerisms, and fighting styles. They are extremely different people and often clash or stumble over each other, but their mission to right the wrongs of their pasts bring them back together each time. Recon is the older brother of the group, while the role of middle and youngest depends on which of the other two are being more stupid at the given moment.

Rusty and Monica on a Valentines Day date

Monica the Raccoon: The two meet towards the end of the NB Timeline, though their relationship truly began to flourish during Dawn of the Equinox. On the surface, the two are polar opposites, but actually share many similar traits and work well off their differences. Monica is very calm and easily grounds his temperamental and hyperactive nature, while Rusty is known to be one of the few that can get her out of her social shell and try new and scary things.

NOTE: Moni is a character owned by Juniona, and we paired the two FC's together when we first joined the wiki years ago. For more information about Monica, go check out her page!


In his possessed or "fused" state, Rusty had access to Esmerelda's black fire magic, a power that bordered between regular pyromancy and black magic. He can turn his body into black fire, shoot flames from his hands, and stretch his limbs similar to the Werehog and minions of Dark Gaia. These powers are driven by Emberman's strong negative emotions such as hate/envy/revenge, so in this form Rusty is even more prone to rage then normal.

Heather breaks Esmerelda's curse by ripping Esmerelda's Chi from Rusty's body. This split Esmerelda's power in two, giving Rusty the fire half of her abilities while leaving her with the dark magic half. In this form, Rusty has the basic fire-user abilities (creating/manipulating fire, explosions, smoke). Due to his inability to control it yet, his body gives off so much heat that it increases the air within a 10 ft radius to 160 degrees. The jacket/vest he wears is specially built by Aynoa to help control this.

Due to his time spent with Esmerelda, he can tap into 'purple fire' through intense anger, a weakened form of Esmerelda's 'black fire'. While using purple fire, he becomes significantly faster and stronger and is invulnerable to fire-based attacks. This fire is purple/black and is said to be so hot that it can actually engulf regular fire. Its more magic based than elemental based, meaning that it’s much more taxing on him, at the cost of being much more versatile and powerful.

Fighting Style

Rusty has two styles: equipped and unequipped where he uses his knife. When unequipped, he has the traditional fire user move set and his fighting style and techniques mimic that of Bakugo and Yang Xiao Long, very focused on mobility and momentum rather than just explosive power. His fighting style is Burst Style, a combat style heavily focused on high impact hits through high mobility and usage of one’s inertia and momentum to dance around the battlefield. Burst Style's strength lies in the beginning and end of its dashes as this is where the primary striking power and speed come from (unlike the Zig Zap variant that Aynoa uses where the power is focused mid-dash). Rusty also incorporates his claws into attacks, igniting his hands to pack a bit more punch into his slashes.

When unequipped, he uses his knife as the primary form of attack. His Burst Style allows him to dash in an out making quick gashes in the opponents defense. He's also much more agile with it out, being able to spin as a means of offense and defense. He can spin to strike with more range and power, or to dodge an incoming attack. This knife is made of Embered Metal, an underworldly metal which cannot melt and is harder than Frost Iron, the strongest natural metal on the planet. This means that its good for countering and breaking longer blades at the cost of him losing the range game. Rusty also has found a way to use his curse (see Weaknesses section) as a method of attack. The blade is cursed to always return to him, he will retrieve it no matter where he throws it or if he's disarmed. This turns the blade into a Mjollnir styled projectile that always comes back to him. Unfortunately, having the blade out agitates his black fire more than normal which slowly consumes him.


  1. Blade Spin - his most signature and versatile move, he does a rapid spin attack and slashes at his foe either using his claws or his knife. It has both offensive and defensive applications, twisting his body to dodge an attack and using the momentum form that motion to counter with a strong slash.
    1. Burning Top - a tornado variant where he does a handstand and spins like a top, kicking the foe with fire-enhanced kicks.
  2. Inferno Barrage - he focuses a fireball in his hand and races towards the foe with it, detonating it on contact with anything.
  3. Firestar - he concentrates his flames in an aura around himself, rapidly increasing the temperature of the air around him and burning the foe, Then he launches himself at them with a vicious headbutt, using his flames to propel himself at high speed.
  4. Ignition Drop - a leaping knee strike followed by an elbow drop. When he hits the foe, or the ground, it causes a pillar of fire to rise up.
  5. Crooked Claw/Wing/Scythe/etc - he envelopes his hands in black fire and shapes them into massive clawed hands/bat wings/blades/etc. This ability is similar to his 'fusions' ability to stretch and grow limbs like the Dark Gaia Minions.
  6. Soul Chain - Using his curse ability, he can engulf his knife chain with black fire and capture the foe with it, dragging them towards himself to counter his short range.
  7. Demon Breath - looks like he's breathing fire, but he's actually just focusing a large fireball in front of his face and screaming into it to spray fire like a flamethrower.


  • He's young, rash, temperamental, stubborn, and difficult to get along with. His stubbornness is a major setback as he will sometimes push himself towards meeting a goal, typically already higher than he should be reaching, and will focus on that to the point where he neglects his friends and family, as well as his own health and safety.
  • Unlike other pyro-users, Rusty is only resistant and not completely invulnerable to fire since his fire abilities aren't natural. He doesn't burn easily, but still takes heavy damage from 3rd degree burns and close range explosions.
    • While is resilient against most others' psychic attacks thanks to his mom's genes, he is very weak against Esmerelda's control due to the link she shares with him.
  • Rusty's Curse: Towards the end of his adventure battling against Agon, Rusty finds himself in the afterlife after being killed in an explosion during the C4 Rally when he and Esmerelda sacrificed themselves to save Aynoa. Due to Ezzy's conplicated nature, the universe didn't know where she was supposed to go in the afterlife and she was destined to remain stuck in limbo until she faded from existence.
    • Due to his own plethora of good and evil deeds while a mercenary and having his soul essentially tied to hers, Rusty almost encountered the same fate if it hadn't been for intervention by Esmerelda's mother, Zealea. She promised to help the two out but only they became Emberman and joined her army. Rusty agrees and is gifted a blade to cut the Chain of Fate, allowing the two to escape. However, he doesn't follow up on the deal and instead goes back to the living to rejoin his friends and their cause.
    • Because he was unfaithful, Zealea plants a curse on the knife. It steadily amplifies the corruptive magic left over from Esmerelda, turning him into a ticking time bomb that will eventually convert him into an Emberman, allowing Zealea to drag him back to the underworld. Any time he tries to gets rid of the knife, it always returns to his pocket meaning that he has no choice but to endure the curse.



Another interesting fact about the twins' ears is that they can cause a tingling sensation in each other's ears. They can feel the sensation no matter the distance. They have learned Morse code in order to talk between themselves without having to say anything.

  • The twins later learn that this ability is a lingering power left over from their psychic mother. Being a government assassin and spy, she had to wipe her children's memories of her job as well as those of their own powers in order to prevent the secret from ever getting out. While she has yet to confirm it to them, this means that the twins would have grown up to be psychic users instead of pyro and lightning wielders.
  • Rusty is the second and last of the NB6 to have canonically died, the other being Esmerelda whose died three times in total.
  • Like all of my main 6 characters, Rusty takes inspiration from several different characters: the primary ones being Edward Elric (FMAB), Katsuki Bakugo (BNHA) and Ryuko Matoi (Kill la Kill). Some others include Black Star (Soul Eater), Meliodas (7DS), and Renji Abarai (Bleach).
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