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Ryan in his current form as a Red Panda

Ryan the Red Panda is an anthromorphic Red Panda who was naturally an Indigo Fox and is one of the close friends of Doug the Hedgehog and the flight member of "Team Stardust."

File:Ryan the Fox.png

Ryan when he was a fox (With the original 3 bangs)

He is also known for being quite short despite being 14.

About Ryan the Red Panda

Name: Ryan

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Species: Red Panda (Naturally Fox)

Fur: Red (Was Indigo as a fox)

Attire: Golden or Dark Yellow colored Jacket, Blue gloves with rings that have an emerald (not Chaos Emerald) on them, and his Flare Shoes (Shoes that he can use to fly).

Facial Features: Two small Bangs (Originally was three)

Hometown: Unknown, is a traveller.

Sexual Orientation: Straight.

Alignment: Good

Likes: His friends, flying, being silly

Dislikes: Bad guys and bad guys who try or do chicken out of fights.

Relatives: Deceased Parents

Friends: Doug the Hedgehog, Justin the Armadillo, Several others.

Love Interests: None in particular.

Ability type: Flight

Abilities: Flight which was granted with his Flare Shoes. "Red Glowing Fists" (An Ability that was created due to the gems on his wrists, it can neutralize Transformations but it weakens Ryan greatly, it can also increase his strength in his fists temporarily)


Super Ryan

File:Super Ryan.png

Ryan while he's Super Ryan

Ryan's First and only Transformation. Ryan's changes are that his fur turns Orange, his eyes get darker and the his bangs spike upward. Ryan can now shoot blasts of red energy due to his gems power getting stronger. And he can also fly without his shoes and gets a power boost.


  • Ryan originally had 3 bangs but was changed to 2 to make some distinction.
  • Ryan was originally going to be named Daniel.