" Tt, whether I choose my path, I'm not someone who would leave someone behind."

- Sephiroth's top quote

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Sephiroth is voiced by Stuart Allen

Breif Bio

Sephiroth was born on a village from the other side of the Lee Kingdom (where Lunar's former home was) He had a happy life, a family, his brother Tyson, his friends, it was all he could have than anything else. However, when he got to the age of eleven, his home was attacked and his parents were among the people killed in the attack, his nine-year-old brother, Tyson was forced by Sephiroth to flee, leaving his older brother behind. Sephiroth then encounters the hostile figure and tries to attack him with his magic energy, but it was no match against the enemy, the figure than placed a curse upon the child, turning him from his hedgehog self, to a chinnese dragon for the rest of his life. He was left alone in tears before his dead parents, he was blaming himself for not being able to save them from their death. Sephiroth, then decided to leave his home, and leave to another island, Bygone Island. Sirphiroth spend of his four years in surviving in the wilderness, and even watching mobians from afar. But everyday, he felt alone that all he wanted was a friend. His wish came true when he got injured by his leg falling from a tree, and the one who came to help was Lunar Maria Star the wolf, she healed him, and both shared a friendly bond ever since.

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Powers and Abilities

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