"Seth" is a demon from Hell. He is known for haunting practicly everyone who "intrudes" his home. He travels from planet to planet, he travels through time and calls different areas his "home" and if anyone goes near it, he will haunt them until he decides to ho to another timeline or planet to haunt and possess people. He sometimes randomly does it and can be summonded by a special chant.



Name: He has no name, but calls himself Seth when people communicate with him.

Age: Ageless

Alingment: Pure evil

Birthplace: None

Species: Demon/phantom


Ghosts by Michael Jackson

Trvial Stuff:

In the theme, the "you"'s in it reffer to Seth, the "my" and "I" Reffer to anyone who he haunts. It also describes his hauntings.

He is the same as Tani - A demon. But Tani is different type of Demon which specilizes in living as a human (or any species) and haunting people that way. Though Tani likes to live like a normal seedrian - who occasionaly haunts Tanya. Tani can turn into Seth's form (With enough negative energy from the black orb of hers) and haunt people.

Communicating with the living:

Sometimes Seth might communitcate with physics along with the family/groups/person he haunts. He will only do this with a medium/physic around. Most of the time there will be a sheet with all the letters of the alphabet and numbers up to 10. As well as Yes and No. The way it works is that they have a object in the shap of a teardrop/arrow. The physic/medium will hold it with both hands and ask questions, Seth will move it to the letters and numbers he wants. Another person will write down his answers

"Sending him to Hell"

Like any Demon, Seth can be sent to hell with a series of chants. There are many ways to do this. Stella the Seedrian, who was victim to his hauntings had her own way as she was a physic (Which Seth likes to target). Stellas way was she began to communicate with Seth. Seth didn't haunt but answered the questions she asked by a campfire. Stella, with her physic abilities, could hear Seth and sometimes see him sitting oppisite her. She then said, "Can you go now? I dont want you in my life anymore!" Seth refused in a more negative and loud voice then ever. She sprinkled salt around the fire and campfire. She lit candles and chanted a secret code from her unknown book. She could hear Seth shouting "Stop!" "No!" "I'll kill you!". But nothing could stop Stella and she sent him back to the underworld.