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Shad the Hedge-Fox is a young teen attending Enui Highschool alongside many of his close acquaintances.



Shad is a mostly closed off individual who prefers writing and drawing to talking with others. When he’s in crowded or noisy spaces it can get too much for him and cause him to lash out at others, making him unpopular with many. While irritated he is also easily offended, slightly irrational and unfiltered, leading to him breaking off many friendships. Nike and Blue, luckily, have known him since he was young and still care for him. Once he’s in a better state, he’s usually very apologetic and guilt-ridden. You will often find him either alone in his room or in the art block at Enui High painting or doodling idly.



Shad is a Red-furred, lanky hedge-fox with a rather bushy tail. He has his quills tied up into two pony tails at the back of his head and long bangs that remain rather unkempt. He usually wears a grey shirt with a blue circle in the centre, and blue socks and gloves with grey accents.


Unlike some of his peers, Shad does not have many abilities. He has very little training in hand to hand combat and isn’t very talented in any physical activities. He has telekinesis powers passed down from his mother, although is not skilled with them at all, and he sees them more as a burden than a cool party trick due to his lack of control over them.


Blue the Bluebird

Shad sees Blue as a sort of younger brother figure, being one of his longest lasting friends. They don’t often see each other during school hours, due to being in different grades entirely, but they do walk to and from school together often and would be considered inseparable by most

Nike the Tenrec

Shad and Nike should by no means get along, and usually they don’t. The only thing stopping them from being mortal enemies is Blue’s willpower and optimistic outlook they both agree is adorable. When the bluebird is absent, however, they don’t hesitate to get into very heated debates about the most trivial things.

Bomb the Shrew

Shad doesn’t get to interact with Bomb much, but when he does he rather enjoys it, despite all of their differences. Bomb is a big fan of his art and will always make a point to compliment Shad’s art, and is one of the few who will actively try not to be too noisy around him.

Manic the Hedgehog

From his consistent air drumming to his flashy neon green fur, there’s not one thing Shad doesn’t despise about this 90s nightmare. He’s tried time and time again to get over this one sided rivalry, but every time he does Manic’s too busy grooving to obscure bands no one has ever heard of.


  • Shad often sketches something out to display his feelings, if he’s struggling to find the words.
  • Shad was my first ever OC and he’s gone through MANY changes. Notably he started as an edgy sonic recolour.
  • His birthday is February 14th, the same day as Valentine’s day.
  • Shad is trans, FtM.
  • He sometimes likes to watch bad movies with Nike and Blue to laugh at them. It’s one of the few times he and Nike can genuinely bond on something.