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  • very first fan character..he went from a horrible shadow recolour to a...thing to a armadillo (which eventually became Kal the armadillo) to an awesome sonic edit. Fan characters can come a long way... He was created in late 2007*


Shad grew up in a village somewhere in the hidden land. It was a village where some familes were part of a group of bounty hunters. Shad family was part of that group. At the age of 11 shad training to use his powers right begun. He finished his training at 16. He was givin his first mission: To bring back a traitor to the bounty hunters, Electro the chameleon. Shad found electro and attemped to beat him. The reson he lost was because Kal Zaiku and Skyward were there to support Electro.

Powers and abilities

Shad isn't the physical fighter but luckily he has psychic powers on his side. He can move objects like rocks or logs. If the object is to heavy he can't lift it. If it is to heavy he can't use his powers and it hurts him. He also can take control of another hedgehog but it drains alot of his power to permanently, so he never uses it unless he really needs to. He also has some weird teleport thing (its sorta like teleporting). He can shoot a beam into the ground or a wall then does it again in another place. When he jumps through the portal he pops out of the other portal. ( I recently bought portal at

the time and I LOVED IT) He can hover off the ground for short periods of time. If he uses up all of his psycic energy he cant use it till it recharges. (Electric shocks can recharge it, thats why electro needed help when fighting him)

Aditional imformation

Shad realy dosen't like his name, by that i mean he REALY REALY REALY hates it his name. He likes people to call him Night.

Age: 16

D.O.B: December

Colours: Black body and quills. Cyan tips on the quills. (He stays somewhat true the original recolour)


Drak Shad (Dark Shad)

When Shad has enough stress and rage he triggers this form.

When he is in this form he can't control his rage and hurts anything he can. His psycic powers turn into dark power and he can absorb darkness.