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Cquote1.png I've made my fair share of mistakes before, and I sorta still am, but the only thing that matters is that I learn from them and become better in the future as a result, and I know that you can do the same thing as well. Oh, and, sorry for leaving you behind earlier, though. Cquote2.png
Sid talking to one of his friends

Sid the Hero
Sid the Hero
First appearance Sonic Overload
Appearances *Sonic Overload
Biographical Overview
Name Sidney Noah Franklin
Nicknames *Sid Kid(by Sonic)
  • Mister Sid(by Cream)
  • Insidious Pest(by Eggman)
  • Joey the Hybrid
Age 13-18
Birthday November 21, 2006
Birthplace Station Square
Physical description
Species Formerly Human, Currently Hybrid
Gender Male
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Fur/feather/scale colour Brown
Eye colour Black (formerly brown)
Attire *Gray Shorts
  • Green Shoes with white straps
  • Black curvy lines with widows peak around each shoe
  • Yellow dots on the top side corners of each shoe
  • White cuffs with gold rings around them
Alignment and character traits
Alignment Neutral Good
Favourite food Pepperoni and Sausage Pizza
Likes Food

Helping Others His Family and Friends Sonic and his friends Adventure (formerly) Drawing Music

Dislikes Ominous

Making others miserable Dr. Eggman Making mistakes Boredom (formerly) Feeling useless Eggs

Relatives *Rana Franklin
  • Laurel Franklin(mother, deceased)
  • Stephen Franklin(father, deceased)
  • Sandra Franklin(grandmother)
  • Jack Franklin(grandfather)
Friends *Clover
Neutral *
Rivals *
Enemies *Ominous
Skills and powers *Ergokinesis
  • Enhanced speed
  • Enhanced acrobatic skills and reflexes
  • Enhanced strength
  • Enhanced durability
  • Enhanced jump
  • Flight
  • Enhanced stamina
  • Enhanced will
  • Hand-to-hand combat skills
  • Grinding
  • Harnessing chaos energy
    • Super transformation
    • Dark Super transformation
Theme I'm Ready To Go


​Early Life

Sid was once a normal human who was born on November 11, 2006 in Station Square of the United Federation. Before their deaths, His mother Laurel worked as a part-time waitress at the Easy Eats’ Diner while his father Stephen was a freelance artist.

Due to the many dangers in various parts of Station Square and the rest of the world, they wanted to keep their child safe and happy out of love, to the point of becoming overprotective and giving him a relatively sheltered and isolated life where the only other places he could go to are school, the doctor, a few restaurants, and visits to close relatives like his grandparents. All in the same city.

However, his social skills were stunted, making him too dependent on them and others when he had to leave them and having a fear of being rejected. He also had trouble making friends because of this upbringing.

Meeting Alex

During his first-grade years, he was a bit of a target for bullying due to his own insecurities that they preyed on. Luckily, he was defended by another kid named Alex, who sort of told them off in a tough manner. Before he could thank him, Alex simply walked away, wanting nothing to do with him, much to his disappointment.

However, he noticed that the boy dropped his pencil from his pocket before he walked off. After meeting him again during a school assignment, he gave him back his pencil that he was missing. This genuine act of kindness opened Alex up a little as he gave him a smile, to which Sid smiled back, even though he was afraid that Alex would get mad. This was the first time he could genuinely bond with someone around his age. Despite still lacking social skills, he felt a warm sensation in his chest that he’d never felt before.

During the summer, his family was driving for a visit to the doctor’s office when the engine broke down for some reason. While Stephen was going out to check and see what was wrong, Sid soon spotted the boy that saved him from the bullies and smiled after he gave him his pencil. Alex spotted him back. Sid thought that he would be uncomfortable with him staring at him, but he then got a thumbs up by the boy, much to his surprise. He gave a thumbs up back, cementing the start of a genuine friendship between the two.

Meeting Clover

In second grade of age 8, Sid was busy doing his assignment when he spotted a young girl who was being picked on by sexist bullies, making her feel very uncomfortable.

Seeing this as a great opportunity to make another friend after remembering what Alex did for him, he did the same thing for that girl. After standing up for her and calling out the bullies for their comments towards her, they sort of backed off.

He asked if she wanted to be friends with him, but was turned down due to her wanting some time to herself, leaving him saddened. During snack time, he sat by himself when he realized his parents gave him broccoli in his lunch box, one of the only foods he wouldn’t eat due to its taste. That was until someone else decided to sit with him and tell him to add cheese on it to make it better. That someone else was the girl he helped.

It kinda worked, despite still not tasting great. After thanking her, she returned the favor and thanked him back. After asking for each other’s names, they began to bond together, giving Sid another friend that he made by himself. This gave him another warm feeling inside.

The Birth of the Dynamic Trio

During another summer, Sid and Clover were seen playing together when they were both spotted by Alex. He decided to have the two greet each other, but Alex was very distant and untrusting of her. This made both of them confused and her feelings hurt. He tried to ask why, but he wouldn’t answer.

He guessed that Alex must’ve been jealous of her. Not wanting either friend to feel left out like he was, he decided to create a bond for both of them. He tried showing Alex’s interests like films and action to her, but she wasn’t interested, making his distrust for her a bit stronger. Then he tried showing him her interests like soccer and reading to him, but he wasn’t interested either, making her feelings a bit more hurt.

Sid tried to get Alex to reason with Clover, but he had a hard time sharing his feelings. After seeing Clover cry from having her feelings hurt, Sid tried to comfort her. That was until both she and Sid called him out about his behavior when they both were bullied, making Alex’s conscience grow until he reluctantly admitted that he was bullied, too, and apologized for his horrible behavior towards her and Sid.

Both Sid and Clover understood, seeing as they all have something in common. Despite not fully forgiving Alex, it does start an even bigger bond between Sid and the others, thus forming the dynamic trio they are today.

Rana's Birth

After 9 years of age, his mother gave birth to a baby girl named Rana, whom he saw as a miracle. He was so excited to play with her and be friends with her the same way he became friends with Clover and Alex.

Unfortunately, that wouldn’t be the case. As Sid decided to play with her, he would accidentally cause her to wake up and cry, getting him in trouble with his parents. He would try to make it up to her by apologizing, but she would constantly cry every time he tried.

Now thinking that she doesn’t love him nor want to be near him, he became heartbroken. After giving back one of her toys to her and apologizing, he decided to leave her alone forever. That was until Laurel had a hard time getting her to stop crying and asked Sid if he could at least try to calm her down.

Once he found her favorite toy frog and gave it to her, she stopped crying and coddled it. He gave her back to Laurel, who thanked him. He still wanted to leave her alone, probably thinking she still doesn’t like him until she suddenly crawled over to him, sleeping into his arms as a possible thank you.

A shocked and pleasantly surprised Sid watched her sleep before giving a warm smile and another feeling inside.

Becoming a Sonic Fan

At age 10, Sid felt bored, but couldn’t articulate why. He had friends, toys, drawing tools, and a little sister to be with when needed, but he didn’t feel like that was enough for some reason. This caused him to have trouble paying attention to the point of acting impulsive and getting him in trouble, but he still doesn’t know why.

That was until he saw a blue streak pass by while his parents were driving to his grandparents’ house. That blue streak came from none other than Sonic the Hedgehog as he plowed down robots, helped others out, and dashed into the distance once he’s done, along with his friends. This fascinated Sid, who wanted to know more about Sonic out of curiosity, much to his parents’ dismay.

Sid talked to his two friends about Sonic while playing video games, something else they all share together, at Clover's House. They told him that he's a free-spirited and heroic hedgehog who loves adventure and helping others, which intrigued him.

After playing a few Sonic games with him, he started to see more about who Sonic is and what he could do. Very soon, his intrigue peaked and he began to find out why he was so bored. He's been sheltered and isolated from the outside world for most of his entire life and wants to be more like Sonic, someone who was free and always there to help others when needed, much to his family's dismay once they found out about this.

Hybrid Transformation

At the age of 13, he became a bit obsessed with wanting to be just like his new hero, Sonic, to the point where he starts monologuing by himself, much to his now 4-year-old sister's annoyance. Sure, he learned to be more optimistic, but he became immature and wanted to prove to his family that the outside world isn't as dangerous as they thought.

The next day, during his sixth-grade years, he and his class had witnessed an assault in Station Square from Eggman and his new brainwashed partner, Ominous.

The school started evacuating to the safe zone, but Sid spotted a Flicky with its foot stuck in the rubble. A glowing, white energy ball was heading straight toward the poor creature. Not wanting the creature to get hit by it, he quickly freed its foot, but got hit with the beam instead. Much to his surprise, he transformed into the hybrid he was today.

Joining Sonic and his Friends

Seeing his home in danger, Sid decided to go check and see if his family was okay. When he got there, he saw that his parents were killed and that his sister was crying because of that.

Angered, he wanted to know who did this. That turned out to be a brainwashed Ominous who reluctantly said that he was going to do the same to his other loved ones in 78 hours if he didn't defeat him in time.

In order to stop that from happening, he had to go by himself, inadvertently leaving his sister behind in order to keep her safe. While going, he realized that he had powers, including flight, but had difficulty controlling them due to never having them before.

That’s when he met his hero, Sonic the Hedgehog, and his friends. At first, they went off on the wrong foot due to his immature behavior, but proving that he can take things seriously when needed, they started to warm up to him while still being annoyed by him.

During the journey, Sid thought to himself about his actions and circumstances regarding his family and friends. So much so that he felt genuine guilt for leaving them behind, but also emotionally conflicted on trying to save the rest of them from the same demise that his parents fell into. He also developed internal grief over his and Rana’s loss of said parents and blames himself for his immaturity being an indirect cause of it.

Regardless, after saving the day with Sonic and his friends, he decided that he had enough adventure for one day and decided to go back to his more normal life after everything that’s happened, which Sonic agreed.

Moving in with his Grandparents

After the events of Sonic Overload, both Sid and Rana moved in with their grandparents, Sandra and Bob. Sandra worked as a brilliant and kind, yet haughty inventor while Bob worked as a sports coach who wanted to protect his family.

Unfortunately, after hearing their daughter and son-in-law’s fate, they all were stricken with grief and had a hard time coping. Rana, on the other hand, was angry at Sid for leaving her behind to find a safe place during the assault, which he didn’t blame her for.

After a few weeks, they still had a hard time dealing with their grief, but in different ways. Sid was in denial and guilt for his indirect and direct actions and loss. Rana was so depressed that she refused to come out of her new room. Sandra tried to bargain out of the situation by building something to bring them back to life, but her stress made it difficult. And Bob was angry at himself for not being there to save them.

Luckily, with the help of Clover and Alex, they were starting to cope with and accept their grief properly while still not completely over it.

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