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Simon Shanwon, a friendly 15 years old fox. He doesn't have any powers, but has a great knowledge of math.

Simon is at 10th grade, and the top student in his secondary school. Since he helps his schoolmates when they have difficulties with their work, they never bully him. Their parents are both proud of his excellent performance in his school. His mother even wanted his sister, Tiffany to be as same as him at first, but she stopped forcing her own daughter to get the same grade as him after a advice from his father.


Simon is just a normal red fox with white fur around his muzzle, his hands, feet, and the tip of his tail, also on his front body. He also has five locks of hair on his forehead, and looks a bit fluffy on his head. He also wears a light green t-shirt with white sleeves, a pair of black gloves and socks, a pair of black and white shoes with two yellow straps.

His Casual Outfit Art by Domestic_Maid on Twitter

Here's him without clothes. Art by SonicTheEdgehog on deviantART

His residence

Simon lives in a house in a small town with his parents and his young sister. His parents started living there the day before he was born.

School life

Simon is the top student in both his primary and secondary school. He likes to help his schoolmates when they have really difficulties with their work, so they never bully him. Therefore, he is also one of the prefects in both his primary and secondary school. He's also the champion of his school's spelling bee.

His dream job is to be a math teacher in his secondary school, not only because he is good at math, but also want to help his school in return.


He's good at Math, swimming, photographing, writing stories with his father and more


Simon is a clever fox with a kind heart. He likes to help people when they needed, such as his family, neighbors and his schoolmates and teachers.

Simon knows what is good and wrong, so does his sister Tiffany. Therefore, they both never misbehave. Although he cares about his grade, he cares about his family more so he is always happy to spend time with his family instead of studying all day long.


Kingston Shanwon

Simon is one of the two young cousin of Kingston, he is the closest one too. They always happy to see each other as they got a very close bond with each other. They like spending times together, so his parents took him to Kingston’s house until he turned 12. He now goes to Kingston’s by himself in his free time.

While spending time together, they play video games together, run around the grass outside, talking about their life and more. When he spends overnight together, he likes cuddling with Kingston while sleeping together. He also likes swimming in the lake on Kingston's backyard.

When Simon was 10, he started to take Kingston's little habit of not wearing anything on, but only while he was in Kingston's house.

Tiffany "Tiff" Shanwon

Tiffany is Simon's young sister, they always like spending time together. They both like sharing with each other, they never fight or argue with each other in their entire life.

Simon and his old cousin Kingston were gaming in the old fox's house (Art by Amandaxter)




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