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Sonia "Anastasia" The Wolf is a young girl that plays loads of video games.

Sonia "Anastasia" The Wolf's usual appearance

Full name: Sonia "Anastasia" The Wolf

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Fur color: Purple

Homeland: Green Hill Island

Relatives: Thomas The Wolf (father), Alice The Wolf (mother) Jane The Wolf (sister)

Hero/Villan: Hero

Likes: Video Games, Anime, pie, her friends

Dislikes: Evil, Shadow The Hedgehog, blood.

Friends: Onyx

The Fox, Oliver The Echid-cat

Clothes: A green t-shirt, a light blue t-shirt on top the green one, red sleeves, shorts, green socks, blue shoes, sometimes a fake halo and fake angel wings.

Team: Team Wild Tail

Team position: Fly

Power: Flying with her fake wings