After apparently developing a sense of remorse for his past indiscretions, the game's antagonist, Dr. Eggman, opens an amusement park in space, made up of several planet-sized attractions. Suspicious, Sonic the Hedgehog and his sidekick, Miles "Tails" Prower,Red the hedgehog,Honey the cat,and Surge and Niole help also.. investigate. They meet Yacker, who comes from a species of aliens known as Wisps. After managing to communicate with him, they learn that the other Wisps have been kidnapped by Dr. Eggman, who plans to harness their energy for his nefarious schemes. Allying with the Wisps and using their special powers, Sonic soon learns that Dr. Eggman is transforming the Wisps into "Nega-Wisps" and using them as fuel for a mind control cannon. He visits multiple planets, liberating the Wisps and shutting down the generators that link them to the amusement park. When Dr. Eggman tries to fire the mind control cannon onto Sonic's world, a piece of wreckage, created by an earlier boss fight, causes a malfunction. As the place prepares to explode, Sonic sends Tails back down the space elevator while he faces off against Dr. Eggman as he uses the Nega-Wisps for his final contraption. The contraption uses all the Wisps that Sonic has met against him, but as the machine gets weaker, the wisps are able to escape and help Sonic. With the help of the Wisps, Sonic defeats Dr. Eggman and returns safely to his world, where Yacker thanks them and bids them goodbye.[8][9] In the DS version, they learn that the Mother Wisp had been infected by the negative energy and is transformed into the Nega-Mother Wisp, which Sonic and corp.defeats as super Forms..Hope You Enjoy!!!

The story

We start off with two twins, Sonic and Red running side by side at top speeds, apparently having a race of some sort.