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"This was my first wiki I joined and MY god it's amazing. I've been inspired to design characters and actually try hard on art and character creation whether it was fanbased or original! - Love this wiki forever, and you just wasted your time reading this quote test ~ c:"

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"Sonic and the Mayhem Master" (Fan RPG game project)
Mini Summary

“A unique fan rpg being made by Trinitoid with an interesting take on established Sonic characters in a completely different setting and genre than traditional Sonic content: going the way of a mystery sort.”

Comments from the Staff

“The artstyle alone for this project is engaging, with distinct characters and a lovely cartoonish style. While not a complete project, there are demo versions of the game to experience, and I encourage people to lend their feedback as well as any monetary and other support they can. It's not often that someone from a SFC community actually follows through on making a Sonic fan game." ~Trisell

Update (04/15/18) -Several appearance changes will be executed this month. Along with another clean up of the mainpage. Have a good day, folks~!
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