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Rosie the Echidna - 2016 Design
“Rosie the Echidna" (Character Profile)
Mini Summary

“Rosie the Echidna is a young, Mobian echidna from the Hidden Emerald Dimension, whose life revolves around a deep passion for martial arts. She loves to participate in many hand-to-hand sparring matches with fellow warriors as a way to train and, more importantly, build long-lasting friendships.”

Comments from the Staff

“Rosie's profile is probably one of the most well-written and detailed pages I've seen in a while. Each section's description being fleshed-out with detail really brings her to life, from her believable personality and underdog backstory to her abilities and moves list creating a fully realized character. The focus on her life as a martial artist is also fun and unique, and I would love to see more of her in action.” ~Xoph

Update (04/15/18) -Several appearance changes will be executed this month. Along with another clean up of the mainpage. Have a good day, folks~!
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