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"Madeline the Hedgehog" (Character Profile)
Mini Summary

Madeline the Hedgehog is a anthropomorphic Mobian hedgehog who is an orphan raised under the care of a town in Crystal Town after her grandfather abandons her on the citizen doorstep near her house when she was a infant. After turning 14 years old and almost 15 witch is less then a few weeks, Madeline receives a sword called the Sword of Legends and she is about to reach the age of bravery and go on adventures with her chao companion Rickey. However, Madeline plans to become the ultimate hero. Madeline the Hedgehog is a fan character created by Disco the HedgeFox (Known as sonicgalaxy27 on YouTube)”

Comments from the Staff

“Madeline is an utterly adorable little lady with big islander princess vibes. Her design is simple and straight to the point with conveying her more down-to-earth nature. That isn't to say that there isn't some room for improvement. There are some inconsistencies in her history that need polishing, like the years passing. There's also that horrendous cliffhanger of an ending that would be nice to see resolved.

The setting for Madeline's sea turtle hometown is extremely interesting and I'd love to learn more about the town's conception, how it coexists with the turtle, where these demons derive from, ect. It would also be nice to learn more about this statue hero and how they relate to Madeline's drive to become a hero.

Overall though this is a neat lidl' corner of the wikia. She's not too strong and has a pretty good head on her shoulders. Looking forward to how she continues to grow in the years to come.”


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