About Sukura the Mongoose

Sukura the Mongoose

Name: Sukura

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Fur: Milkshake Pink

Hair: Black

Attire: Black and Pink hairband, pink and black tank top, black and pink Trousers/skirt, green gloves

Alignment: Good

Likes: Singing voice, Music, Swimming pool, Sleepovers, Colours Black and Pink, Cooking with Pucca, Chibiusa and Miku

Dislikes: Amy stealing away Sonic

Love interest: Sonic the hedgehog

Best Friends: Anju, Jade

First Appearance: Episode 01

Ability type: Super speed, Singing talent

Sukura's Friends

Sonic the Hedgehog (Love-interest)

Miles Tails Power (Good friend)

Amy Rose (Arch-Rival and friend)

Cream the Rabbit (Close friend)

Knuckles the Echidna (Friend)

Pucca the Rabbit (Close friend as Cousins)

Chibiusa the Rabbit (Great friend)

Miku the Raccoon (Good friend)

Haru the Neko Angel Cat (Good Friend)

Jade the Fox (Best friend)

Anju the Hedgehog (Best friend)

Alexis the Squirrel/Chipmunk (Rival and Friend)

Ruby the Cat (Arch-Rival and Friend)

Shugo the Flying Squirrell (Friend)

Speedy the Hedgehog (Friend)

Flyer the Fox (Friend)

Tornado the Fox

Hikaru the Armadillo (Friend)

Ace the Hedgehog (Friend)

Sukura's Worst Enemy

Dr. Eggman

Rouge the Bat

Shadow the Hedgehog

Sukura's Rival

Amy Rose

Ruby the Cat

Alexis the Squirell/Chipmink