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Surge is not impressed.

Surge gets mad easily.

Surge and D.E.R.E.K.

About Surge

Surge is a lion who lives in Mobius. He is part of S.P.O.M.(Secret Protecters of Mobius). He is an excellent computer hacker. He likes meeting new people and dating girls. He also knows a lot of people worldwide from his odd jobs given by S.P.O.M.. He has now harnessed new hologram powers and is able to create weapons from virtually nowhere. Surge sometimes has a tendency to have a bad temper but Nicole often helps him with this.


Not much is known about Surge's past.We only know 2 things.

One:Surge was born October 8th,

Two:Surge was drafted into S.P.O.M. when he was thirteen.

All other information has been classified.

Background Info

Surge was first seen when Mobius was attacked by a group dubbed the N.S.S. He was given the mssion to make an alliance between S.P.O.M. and the Knothole Freedom Fighters and join the Freedom Fighters as well.

The Northern Star Squad(N.S.S.)

The N.S.S. is a group of star destroyers who set their sights on Mobius. Surge helped the Freedom Fighters drive them away for the time being.









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Surge and NICOLE(revised)

Surge and NICOLE's relationship started when they first met. Surge thought NICOLE was attractive and clearly showed it in a mission against the N.S.S. NICOLE was about to be hurt by Aquarius and Surge went ballistic. He knocked Aquarius clear out of the area they were in. He then helped NICOLE up. Later that night, Surge attended a party in Castle Acorn(Sally's birthday.) About halfway through the party, Surge went outside on the balcony to get some air. NICOLE followed him. NICOLE asked Surge why he overreacted in the fight and if there was anything she could do to repay him. He told her he thought she was beautiful and asked if he could go on a date with her. NICOLE agreed. Their relationship only grew from there.


Real name: Sergio Montrero



Surge talking about S.P.O.M.: "Ever been in a situation where everything seems hopeless and then, by a seemingly impossible miracle, you're fine? That's us."

Likes: Girls, Computers, Fighting

Dislikes: Jerks, Being beaten, Computer viruses

Love interest: NICOLE, Beta (seperate story), Alyssa

Personality: Likeable, Loveable, Sophisticated, Serious When Needed, Laid Back, Funloving, Hotheaded (sometimes) Meeting Surge for the first times gives you a feeling that he is a very serious person, although this contradicts his real personality.

Known Associates: Tibleam, Michelle Wolf, Becky Hedgehog, Flinzy Tigress, Flare Hedgehog, NICOLE, Nega Robecca, Aquafrost Tigress, Balthamos, Pet Yee, Bruce Bat, Coal Bat, Drennie Greyhound, Evangeline, Krystal Lynx, Volt Rabbit(team thunder's speed)Static Bat(team thunder's flight), Lantis The Fox, Liz The Cat. Janelle, Burst.

Alignment:Mainly good

Attire: White studded coat, black sweatshirt, white loose pants, black energy gloves, black boots, small glasses

Fur: Yellow

Hair: Orange

Surge's virtual guns are similar to guns in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. Their ammo content is similar to Julie-Su's gun however, and fire energy blasts.

Theme Song:


Waterflame - Radioactive

Surge's theme song

Chaos Emeralds?: He only needs one to access his power: Catacalysmic Surge, in which one arm transforms into a Vulcan minigun and his other into a grenade launcher, his eyes also change from white to black.

Skill:Power and Speed, mainly Power

Team:Team Thunder

Surge Belongs to [ doggybag2355.(but can be taken by Archie Comics)

Mobious Arts

Since Surge is 20 years old, he serves as a substitute teacher every now and then. He usually helps Lantis when she has problems.

Big Kit-10

One day while Surge was visiting Anti-Beta he noticed her cat, Kit-10. He asked Anti Beta if he could have one so she cloned him one with the same personality as Kit-10. However something went wrong with the cloning process and the new Kit-10 was about the same size as Surge. Surge didn't mind and took Big Kit-10 home and now he is Surge's and Beta's pet.


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