Templates and Other Resources

This is a page for anyone who is interested in looking for anything for their pages
If you have any templates or resources you want to share, feel free to post it here =)

Just think of these as guidance, nobody is going to come after you if you don't completely use it or edit it to your own use.


To use the templates, you can either click on the link and Copy/Paste, or you can add {{subst:(templatename)}} save the page and then edit again.
Either way's probably fine.

Content Page Templates


Template:Team (Also could be used for Large Groups)


Other Templates

(I just thought is might be a good to add them here for people who might not know where they are)


Category:Image wiki templates

Category:General wiki templates

Category:Category templates

Other Resources

Bases: Link

Bases from Papio: Link


Things that might be helpful for drawing or for practice

(They're on dA, sorry to anyone who can't get onto that site for some reason)

Drawing Sonic style heads/ears/tails: Link

Sonic style in General: link

Sonic style Detail parts: link